Top 10 Reasons to Hate Robin from Teen Titans Go!

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21 He always beats up Starfire for no reason

He hit her in the breakfast club parody of breakfast club for no reason.

If Robin liked Starfire so much why would he be beating her up

In Staff Meeting, he acts like an ultimate jerk. - TwilightKitsune

Robin is generally very harsh with his teammates but he is noticeably less harsh with Starfire. This contributes to Star being the second luckiest Titan after Silkie as she is usually the one mutilating her teammates. But I really hate TTG Robin. I want to beat him to death!

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22 He was crazy in Yearbook Madness

He went crazy just because he wants to get more pictures so what robin someone needs to hit him in the head

He was even worse when the titans went to school...

Hit him in the head with a brick.

Everyone In The Show Is Crazy

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23 He acts like Timmy Tantrum from the original Teen Titans

It looked like Timmy Tantrum grew up into a Teen Titans Go Robin and all it's left is his tantrums.

Haha, yeah!

24 He's an anti-hero

Don't get me wrong, I love Anti-heroes! But Robin, he Isn't. He should be an antagonist - MLPFan

In arms race with legs he could have killed raven

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25 He killed 10 people
26 He can sometimes be sexually inappropriate

He is always trying to get starfire on a date with him, but she's too good for him

27 He's going mental
28 He's stupid

He is stupid beyond belief and he needs to get his ass kicked in the worst ways possible! I hate this version of Robin with a burning passion! Drop dead Robin!

Robin, you are THE definition of idiot! And that's a fact! :(

This caused me to literally hate my life because of Robin.

Britches you are the stupid ones

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29 CN ruined and destroyed robin's original character

This is what happens when CN hires Doctor Frankenstein to turn our beloved shows from our childhood, into monsters

They ruin robin he used to a great leader who took missions suruoisly CN rather need to go hell or never come here in first place and Robin even care about starfish and tell raven how much he loves her but turned him into a control freak and selfish and greedy

Robins character wasn't like this in the old one he nice and caring but they changed him from that to a jerk

They created Robin into a monster!

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30 He acts like a brat

He's a toddler in the body of a disgusting teenager.

He makes Angelica seem - angelic!

I swear robin will throw a bare on stuff if he doesn't get his what so greey

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31 He is gross
32 He's a pedophile

Raping Starfire.

33 He's delusional

He tends to talk to himself a lot and he has a highly irrational fear of everything and everybody (including his fellow titans). He's truly pathetic.

He thinks his friends are the enemy's I mean look in a mirror!

He needs to be put on a straight jacket

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34 He's a major hypocrite

The Robin from the original Teen Titans was true to his beliefs and morals. He never cheated or lied and he never abused his teammates and he always put the safety and needs of others first before himself... A TRUE superhero. But the Robin in Teen Titans Go! Is the complete opposite--vicious, arrogant, insane, selfish, violent, contradicting himself in terms of morals, sadistic and a dirty cheater! A SUPREME hypocrite!

Especially in "Some Of Their Parts", when he doesn't follow his OWN rules about the crystal.

Especially in the episode serious business, as he doesn't follow his OWN ' RULES ABOUT THE BATHROOM! (laughs sarcastically) your'e ' impatinet they can take their time and you can't your own urine! You heel!

35 He's ungrateful

The Robin from the original Teen Titans would sincerely and deeply appreciate what his teammates would do for him. This twisted version of Robin does not! He makes fun of them and shows no appreciation for their efforts! I'd walk out on him in a second if I was on his team and he treated me like trash!

This version of Robin doesn't appreciate what his teammates do for him, especially when they put their lives on the line to protect his sorry hide! I'd walk out on this jerk in a heartbeat if I was one of his teammates and he treated me like garbage!

This version of Robin doesn't appreciate his teammates like the Robin in the original Teen Titans did. THAT Robin never asked his friends to do anything HE himself wouldn't do.. He had more class and decency than this twisted piece of trash on Teen Titans Go!

36 He's a disappointment to Batman

I agree.. He is a HUGE disappointment to the Dark Knight. He's also too scared to face Batman.

If Batman saw what his devoted crime fighting buddy turned into ' he would drag him to the Bat cave and spank him!

He's not just a disappointment to Batman, but humankind itself.

Screw the "Batman slaps Robin" meme,
TTG Robin deserves the "Jason Todd" treatment by the hands of the Joker.

37 He hates people like Speedy and Kid flash when they are better than him

Robin is jealous of Speedy and Kid Flash because he knows that they are simply more talented than he will EVER be! That's why he attacked Speedy the way he did in the "Date" and the truly despicable way he dealt with Kid Flash in the "Multiple Trick Pony" when he bashed him in the knee all because Robin couldn't accept losing to him in a race! Robin is such a hateful person in this show and he should get treated the same he treats crap!

In that episode where kid flash was almost the leader of the teen titans, I was glad but then Robin was the leader again

Robin, those are your friends. RESPECT THEM!

Romans 12:21

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Always Remember Robin, When you feel jealous
Talk about it
And we'll figure something out

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38 He's not serious

Robin is really silly and too dislikable. Too bossy, too arrogant, and probably the worthless character in the show.

Robin is ruined. TTG robin is the weakest, emotional, psycho in the series. They made him look like a fool.

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39 He's insane

I'm nuts baby I'm mad, the craziest friend that you've ever had, you think I'm psycho, you think I'm gone, get the psychiatrist, something is wrong! Over the bend, entirely bonkers, you like me best when I'm off my rocker, I'll tell you a secret: I'm not alarmed, so what if I'm crazy; the best people are. All the best people are crazy

For crying out loud, he broke kid flash's leg just to win a race, and kidnapped speedy to be with starfire! Yep, that's true insanity...

Have you even seen the episode "Yearbook Madness"? He's officially lost it.

Just watch arms race with legs and you will thank he is more insane then the joker

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40 He is obsessed with Starfire

He teaches young kids that it's okay to be creepy to girls if you like them. He thinks it's perfectly okay to convince the others (when they lost their memories, thus resulting to Starfire to speak only in her native language and clearly no one could understand her) that they're in a relationship without her consent.

I like the mutual crush relationship they had in the original Teen Titans. Not Robin being overly obsessed and Starfire not being attracted to him at all!

In fact, he's obsessed with her so much, that he doesn't even give a crap about the rest of the team. - EpicJake

There is nothing wrong with loving someone ass hole. Duck u

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