Top 10 Reasons to Hate Robin from Teen Titans Go!

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41 He's bossy

He's bossy to his teammates and foes in a episode where the titan s was reading their book and that jerk just burn them alive for no reason the robin from the old teen titans would never hurt his teammates he would let them do what they want to do this dumb version of robin will kill his friends if he have to I hope speedy kills him cause he is so mean

42 He shakes his butt too much

Nobody wants to see your flat ass.

Here are all the episodes he does in.

Multiple Trick Pony
Mr. Butt
Operation Tin Man
Some of their Parts

He Also Shaked His Butt At The Episode

I LOVE THIS PART: BOOTY! Scoot that booty, now scooty that booty scooty! Scoot that booty, do the booty scooty. Scoot, scoot, scoot that booty! Scoot, scoot, scoot that booty! BOOTY!

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43 He want's to be great at everything

No really he thought in hey don't neglect he said he is number one

Well, he can't, especially since he sucks at everything.

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44 He's a know it all

What A Way To Ruin Robin Is To Make Him Know Absolutely Everything About Everything In The Show He Seems To Know About "A 50ft Tall Cow To Milk To Save People After Eating A Pepper From Another Dimension" That Is Madness This Is Pure Agony

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45 He's a control freak

He always has to have it done his way! And turns into a complete psychopath when something isn't done the way he wants it! He is so irritating I can't even! Ugh!

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46 He's crazy

In the summer island adventure special, he tried to literally, and I am not joking about this called a predator to hunt his team down and rip the skulls out of them, he even had him tried to kill him

47 He stabbed a 6 year old boy when he was a teenager

He mist die - BorisRule

48 He shot 13 people, killing six of them V 1 Comment
49 He's greedy

He is a dirty greedy retarded little ball. He should be burned. Cyborg beast boy always get hit. THAT BASTARD!

I hope he dies. I just hope Robin dies!

50 He's dating Starfire

He either acts like a prevent or a kidnapper because he wants Starfire all to himself starfire pound him many times him and in one episode he looks at her ass and he will beat up anyone who talk or look at starfire just like he did speedy in the date episode

Robin needs to be in jail for life

They r both the stupidest idiots in the world so they work well, I think.

A Guy like you, Robin.

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51 He likes to whine and cry

In the Episode Entitled Staff Meeting, Robin's Staff Broke.
1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
Remember Robin... It's okay to feel sad sometimes
Little by little you'll feel better again!

For really stupid things

Robin is a whiny baby! This is why he acts like a TODDLER! He is just a moron! WHY WOULD THE STUPID WRITERS RUIN HIM LIKE THIS?! WHY?! WHY?!

Like Caillou

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52 He's racist

I don't remember that

I don't see how

He called cyborg a n****r

Is that true?

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53 He's arrogant

That's not a good reason besides robin was supposed to be like that that's his character

54 He is no friend to anybody

In 'Robin Backwards' both the Teen Titans and the Bizarro Teen Titans didn't want him on their side.

If Teen Titans Go! were to be a serious show like "Degrassi", He'd probably be the first person to commit suicide, and nobody would care.

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55 He is so mean to beast boy

In school episode Robin beats up beast boy with a chair. He is being sent to detention. The witnesses Cyborg Raven Starfire we're also sent to detention. Even Beast Boy being sent to detention too because he was Robin's victim. That is unfair at all. Beast Boy was innocent. - BorisRule

Out of everyone on the team, he seems to be on Beast Boy the most. Odd enough, since Cyborg and Starfire are always hanging out.

R,Robin crane kicked Beast Boy in "hey you,don't neglect me I'm your memory" seriously screw robin, I hope Celestia and Luna banish Robin to the moon.

He always underminds bb just like in " some of their parts" when he uses bb as a human shield and he says bb isn't good ata anything when really, bb is brave and will do almost anything for his team, plus beastie is the cutest out of the bunch so that makes robin even meaner

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56 He is a fool

Robin doesn't even do nice things all he does now is cry and boss people around this show is a joke and they made robin look bad

There's a place in Hell for people like him.

Robin doesn't even care anymore all he does is bullying b
And boss

57 He's mean

He like to do mean things to his own teammates

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58 Tries to change people

And don't forget Hey you, don't neglect my memory he tried to change his team, he can't change his team like some crybaby.

He tried to make his team a bummer in episode "lets get serious'

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59 He can't say anything without yelling

Quick Robin, say one sentence without yelling or raising your whiny voice.

Robin why you yelling you always do it

60 He is jealous of his team

Jealous because they're not a bunch of jackasses.

Evidence´╝Ühey don't neglect my memory,fleshy guy, don't know some episode but he said that he want superpower like the rest and he want a combination power with cyborg

He is the only human on his team and a normal guy.
The one episode raven gave him super powers he solved the worlds problems causing
the team to disband. Raven comes to into the hospital saying I told you so.
In reality though Starfire raven even cyborg and BB could solve the worlds problems
but choose not to because they know unlike robin they would be out of a job.

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