Top 10 Reasons to Hate Robin from Teen Titans Go!

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61 He is jealous of his team

Jealous because they're not a bunch of jackasses.

Evidence´╝Ühey don't neglect my memory,fleshy guy, don't know some episode but he said that he want superpower like the rest and he want a combination power with cyborg

He is the only human on his team and a normal guy.
The one episode raven gave him super powers he solved the worlds problems causing
the team to disband. Raven comes to into the hospital saying I told you so.
In reality though Starfire raven even cyborg and BB could solve the worlds problems
but choose not to because they know unlike robin they would be out of a job.

62 He's creepy

If only the mental asylum had received our calls...

He always came out looking like jeepers creepers he scare s me

63 He's a sociopath

Even Starfire said they should call a doctor.

Again, Mental Asylums anywhere, please take this psycho away...please.

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64 He's a perfectionist

If things don't go his way, he always has to force everyone around him to follow his rules. Seriously, "Rules of Robin"? I'd rather eat dirt than to read his stupid rule book, let alone follow his rules. He is just wasted space in the world.

I don't really like perfectionists. They expect everything to be perfect and they can be really rude/mean when someone makes a mistake. Yup, definitely Robin - MLPFan

Pearl from Steven Universe is a perfectionist, but she isn't anywhere near as bad as Robin.

65 He's unkind

He is not like his caring, serious and heroic counterpart.

66 He will do anything for love

Have you seen how pathetic he is over Star fire it's so annoying although I feel sad for him cause all he needs is love so he can become a better person.

Love would not help at all you would need a trank dart

I don't think even Love will change the way he is.

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67 He's spoiled

If I were his parents, I would have committed suicide rather than raise him anymore than age 5.

This is just mean how is he spoiled

68 He whines like Caillou

Timothy 1:7

for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. Robin just need to have self-control, that's all!

Too bad mommy and daddy aren't here to spank his ass to oblivion.

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69 He is Like Gokudo
70 He almost never learns his lesson.

In the league of legs he almost kills Raven and never says sorry I hate him he is the worst

We can make an exception for "The Left Leg", but in "Puppets, Whaaat? " he still tries to make his friends look sorry for what they did.

At the end of "Real Magic", Raven learns her lesson, while we have no proof that Robin has learnt his.

71 He Teaches Kids To Throw Tantrums V 1 Comment
72 He acts like a bratty character from an anime, Gokudo
73 He's scary
74 He's a moron
75 He threatens to kill people
76 He sang about girls before hitting puberty
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