Top 10 Reasons to Hate Rock/Metal Fans

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1 They attack pop fans

I don't attack anyone for liking pop music, even if I don't like it.

A bit hypocritical pop fans do the same damn thing but worse. We don't attack pop fans we criticize them their is a difference. Plus it's like if you're at school now or something and you like Rock or Metal music everyone looks at you like you're crazy. Just god... Pop fans attack RockMetal fans. We don't attack Pop fans am I making myself clear?

Well, "attack" is a strong word here. A lot of us respect the fact that some people like pop. I respect my sister's music taste (she likes pop) although sometimes, we don't exactly get along. - Metalhead1997

They always attack pop fans then claim the pop fans attack them because pop is short for popular. Pop has another definition its also soda.

2 They always say rock/metal is the best when there are better music genres than rock or metal

Just because we personally think they're the best doesn't mean we don't like other genres as well. It's just a favourite. - IronSabbathPriest

Wow, the most opinion based clause that I've seen for a while! - PositronWildhawk

Not true at all I like Rock and all but I still like Punk and Alternative. Also since when do we put RockMetal in a popularity music genre contest? Never! I'll admit Classical beats all genres. But still I don't claim Rock's better then all genres.

The genres are some of the best, but not THE best. That's the elitist attitude some of us have. - Metalhead1997

3 They think that they are above the world

Are you serious? I don't think I'm above the world cause I like Rock music god this list is worse then my controversial "Top 10 reasons why Metal Fans are worse then Pop fans list" which I regret making by the way. Every reason on here is just moronic and I think I've found the worst of the bunch!

I find it funny that you can't differentiate four reasons from 10 reasons. Is this why you dropped out? Well, you can't find enough reasons. Ha ha ha ha...

Is this guy crazy? - Jordansalesguy2392

Uh, actually no. We don't. - MontyPython

4 They bully people who don't like rock/metal

I might disagree with people that don't like Rock/Metal music but I don't bully them. 'Cause I know everyone has a different music taste. Whoever made this list has some grudge towards Rock fans and Metal heads.

We don't bully them.. What makes you think that? We may question them but we don't call them fat and ugly. - MontyPython

Only the elitists do this. - Metalhead1997

Why would we it is their music opinion

5 "Born in the wrong generation" kids

This list is stupid. I love rock and I'm not one of those cry baby nostalgiatards that cry over our new generation. - LightningStrike

I feel like this ALL THE TIME. And I WAS born in the wrong generation. However, that has nothing to do why I hate pop. - Metalhead1997

6 They're mostly teenagers

I'm 29 and I've been listening to metal and rock for about 15 years so no not every one is teenagers

So? Just because their are some Rock/Metal teens doesn't mean that need to be attacked for not liking the same top 40 Taylor Swift trash.

Pop fans are mostly teenagers too. - Elina

So What's your point

7 They're picky

No I'd say whoever made this damn list is picky...

They're picky? What does that even mean? - Metalhead1997

8 Bully fans of pop bands

No fans of girl bands, boy bands and even girl/boy don't bully fans of rock/metal, you are in denial.

9 They throw tantrums over the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducting non-rock artists over rock artists
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