Top Ten Reasons to Hate Rosalina


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1 Overrated

Rosalina never desrved to be in smash or 3D world. If anything, Nintendo wasted their time adding her. I don't mind her appearance in spin-offs like Mario Kart, but on the idea of main games she needs to stay in super Mario galaxy. If anything, she's just a taller, emo-haired, Peach. She's taking the spotlight away from practically every other character. Her fanbase is more weird people who draw sexy pictures of her. She especially has made Daisy look like crap. Rosalina has nothing unique about her. At least Peach and Daisy have individual personalities. Peach is the princess who enjoys baking. Daisy is a tomboy who likes sports. Rosalina is A... Person... Who... Watches star-people-things? Rosalina is as original as pink gold peach and metal Mario. Nintendo shouldn't use her anymore.

Have you seen the hate that she receives? She is more likely one of the most despised characters in the Mario universe other than Birdo... Other than those who liked galaxy and actually paid attention to who she was ever stuck with her as a character, not a lot of people like her simply because she is new and is putting her foot down and standing proud as a character.

Seriously? Peach is WAY more overrated than Rosalina (and Daisy). IGN gave Princess Peach an 8/10 score, Princess Daisy a bad 4/10 score and Rosalina a 7/10 score

According to Wikipedia, both Peach & Rosalina met up with mainly positive reception. Princess Daisy got a mixed reception. But I strongly love Rosalina & strongly hate Peach. I can't believe people are trying to say that Princess Peach is underrated because Princess Daisy and Rosalina are the underrated ones.

Right, so basically a site where Peach is placed right above Rosalina makes Peach "overrated"? Okay, and you're basing this off one source. - Qryzx

Overrated? Please, the fanbase is just crap, even I don't want to join it and my username is literally named after her, but I think she's the most hated character in the world just because fans asked her to come into more games. It's they're own faults that Rosalina has come out of her own shell and got into game slike Mario Tennis and Mario Kart 8. Peach and Daisy have annoying fanbases and fans too, but no ones complaining. - RosalinaX

2 She Has a Generic Design Based on Peach Instead of Her Own

At least she was original. Disney copied her to use it in the Frozen movies.

So her original design looked nothing like Peach? If anything, the dress she was going to wear looks exactly like Peach's and Daisy's but is blue. In my opinion, she looks nothing like Peach. - RosalinaX

Rosalina is not a palette swap of Peach and she is not a clone of Peach. - Videogamesgal

If you look at the dress designs, Daisy's dress and Peach's dress look exactly the same apart from the colour. Rosalina's dress looks nothing like the other too.

3 Rosalina Is Replacing Other Mario Characters

She is not. Ugh. I hate this conversation, but saying things like she's replacing Daisy and Waluigi are just dumb reasons. It's Nintendo's decision to put certain characters into games based on their popularity or other things, and I might recall that a lot of people asked Nintendo to bring her back and add her to newer games after Super Mario Galaxy. I can't believe you people are complaining that Rosalina is stealing the spotlight when they add Cat Peach. Pink Gold Peach, Metal Mario, and a ton of other filler characters to the Mario games. - RosalinaX

Well, just because she appears more than some characters (Which is false because she hasn't really appeared in as much as a lotta characters, like Boo, Who is clearly not hated for being everywhere and being "Unimportant") But it doesn't mean she can replace Characters. Daisy has been in a lot of sports games, but people don't really buy sports games so people don't realize how she has been put out. She has also been in Mario Parties. Anybody remember Rogueport? Hmm? Super Paper Mario. Nobody remembers them because Nobody really played them. It's a chance of publicity and popularity. As a huge fan, I have found that all characters have hidden gems in them, whether It be story, personality or design, something that makes them unforgettable. I don't think that Rosalina is just gonna replace everyone from the past like Vivian and Flurrie or maybe even Birdo or Lakitu or Toadette.

No. Daisy, Waluigi, Birdo, etc... were never that important to the Mario series as a whole and even if Rosalina didn't exist it's doubtful they'll appear in the games you wanted them to appear anyway cause Nintendo could add as many or as few characters in Kart/Party/Sports games as they wanted and could've added them in if they cared to, but they didn't. And Rosalina is just ONE character she CAN NOT REPLACE FIVE + CAUSE SHE'S ONLY ONE PERSON NOT FIVE PLUS

I need to be able to give you 100 likes, because this comment sums up all my feelings to these people. - DCfnaf

In all honesty, Rosalina single handedly STOPPED Waluigi or Daisy from being in any non spin-off Mario games. If she wasn't there, Daisy and Waluigi would have been in 3 games- EACH. They'd also have a game of their own each!

4 She's a Mary Sue

I love how the main argument of the triggered Rosalina fangirls is that everyone who doesn't like her is obsessed with Daisy. I'm not going to preach for Daisy, but she and Peach are far more characterized and interesting in comparison to Rosalina. As nice as it would be to have Daisy and Waluigi in more games, it's not Rosalina's fault - Nintendo doesn't necessarily have to stick to an individual number of playable characters in their games, so adding one or two extra characters isn't difficult at all.

Rosalina is a classic example of a Mary Sue (which I would be fine with if she stayed in Galaxy). I have absolutely no problems with any of the other characters. Rosalina just isn't a significant part of the Mario universe - she has no relationships with any of the characters, besides Mario who is, at maximum, a friend. The other characters either don't know her at all or are only acquaintances. Whilst Peach has a critical role in the overall story of the franchise, Rosalina ...more

I'm going to try not to hate on people who believe in this, but I RESPECTFULLY disagree. She does have a lot of downsides to her character, such as being quiet and shy, keeping to herself most of the time, and not playing as bigger role in the Mario Franchise. Plus, as you people have already demonstrated, there's a lot of people who hate her for dumb reasons. And she's not invincible, she just doesn't get involved with fights and that kind of stuff (and no, Smash Bros doesn't count because it's non-canon.) - RosalinaX

Rosalina is undoubtedly the biggest Mary Sue out of all the 3 princesses. To start off, she has no flaws whatsoever. Peach, for example, gets kidnapped a lot (which is her role in the game, the damsel in distress) and Daisy can be a bit annoying (like 'Hi I'm Daisy! '). Second of all, her backstory is absurd and unrealistic. Of course, this is Mario, it's not supposed to be realistic. But seriously? Rosalina used to be human, but now she can.. float..? And she just happened to have a ship that just so happened to crash into her yard (without exploding). And the Luma just so happened to stay alive even after the spaceship crashed. Rosalina's mother also died (which is a some sort a cliche used when writing characters). Mary Sue-ish, right? Hate me all you want, but I've proved my point.

Rosalina is just a quiet person not a Mary Sue like peach * cough cough *.

5 Her Annoying Fan Girls

When it comes to Rosalina, I prefer to stay neutral. However, I can say that Rosalina has a terrible fanbase and hatebase. Sure, you can like Rosalina, but you don't have to rub her in my face like she's a god. I mean it's okay to express your liking for a character, but I don't need to hear it every second of the day. Another thing that annoys me is the fact that just because someone dislikes Rosalina, the fans automatically assume he/she is a Daisy fan. I like Daisy, but not because she's underrated, or because Rosalina "replaced" her. There's this one person on this list (not naming names), but I'm pretty sure they're a fan of Rosalina, and yet they keep commenting and responding to comments, saying that the people who dislike Rosalina are Daisy fans (This list clearly says "Top Ten Reasons To Hate Rosalina", and if you're a fan, why are you here? You're wasting your time).Another thing that gets on my nerves is the fact that the fans feel like it's a necessity to ship Rosalina ...more


Rosa is not a tomboy or a girly girl, she is just a woman. Like, sure, she wears blue, a commonly boyish color, but nothing truly defines her as a manly woman. So she raises Baby universes and paints her nails purple. Big whoop. So girly.

We are only rubbing her in your face because you keep hating on her and bringing princess Daisy and Peach into the picture. Like "Oh doesn't deserve to be existing or in smash, she stole Daisy's spot, Oh she is stealing everything."

Well apparently you're noticing her. that's kind of the purpose. She was put in the games to be noticed.

So what? In 3D World, she was unlockable after saving Sprixies. She doesn't need to always be in Mario's business. And it WAS Bowser's fault. She didn't need to save them. All Mario has done was put her into his dilemmas. Then he goes to space. Huh. Who lives in space again? ONCE AGAIN, Mario and friends bring her into the gaming franchise. They want her here.

They protect Rosalina with their very lives, even more than their family. Guys, she's NOT REAL

OH Daisy fans why do I hate them so much? Oh yeah "ROSA THIS ROSALINA THAT" every negative comment and list involving Rosalina and lists and comments praising Daisy? And you guys want me or are forcing me to support Daisy and hate the other female characters?

6 Boring

In 2007, she was perfect and mysterious but now she is just boring.

I'm gonna say this right now. Yes, I'm a bit ticked off by her the fact that she is kind of taking Daisy's place in certain games, yes, I'm kind of annoyed by her fan base, but I still think she is a great character! She is my 3rd favorite In the Mario franchise, and I'm beginning to see some development in Rosalina. She is mysterious, wise, somewhat emo, and a bit sassy in my eyes. Not to mention she has a backstory that also makes her interesting! She is more interesting than Peach ( I like peach, just not as much as Daisy and Rosalina) I admit, she does annoy me at times, and I do like Daisy more, but Rosalina will always have a place in my heart, so I have very mixed feelings with this list.

This was painful voting for anything to comment but she is not anything like this she is not boring, is underrated, is pretty, not girly, is smart, did contribute to Mario kart, no one wants to murder her, she is awesome, she is not a peach clone either. No offense but this is one of the worst lists I've ever seen - simpsondude

Respect opinions there's worse lists like most hated countries - VideoGamefan5

'This was painful voting for anything to comment but she is not anything like this she is not boring, is underrated, is pretty, not girly, is smart, did contribute to Mario kart, no one wants to murder her, she is awesome, she is not a peach clone either. No offense but this is one of the worst lists I've ever seen'

Then don't whine about how she is better than everyone else rosalina fans! It only annoys people more. I used to like her but all your constant talking about her has put me off and made her seem more overrated

7 They Added a Baby Version of Her Instead of Giving Another Character a Chance

And your not complaining about Baby Peach, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Daisy, and Baby Wario, right? - RosalinaX

Well, baby Mario, Luigi and Peach have an important role in other games for instance, Mario and Luigi Partners in Time and in Yoshi’s Island DS, as for Wario who also appears in that game. I do agree that there are a lot of them but at least there is an excuse. Baby Rosalina is just there, for no reason. No hate by the way just saying.

There's many and I mean many other Mario characters they should have put into Mario Kart 8 instead of adding a Baby version of this washed up Peach clone. Seriously? What a slap in the face her Baby version didn't even exist unlike Baby Peach etc. Seriously they could have added E. Gadd, Diddy, Birdo, Pauline, Captain Syrup. Anyone else would have been better than Baby Rosalina! That's why I dislike Rosalina so much, she gets so much favoritism that others don't.

True, but that's Mario Kart. - Qryzx

8 Nintendo Is Putting Her In Too Many Games

"Too Many Games" As in the 2017 event? Yeah, I heard of it from Connerthewaffle. - Qryzx

I'm starting to get mad at her now. Since after 3D World, now she has been appearing over everything now. I don't hate her. How many games Rosalina has been appearing in a row? Now she has been appearing in Mario Tennis Ultra Smash finally with her dress and Peach and Daisy's sports dress is better than her Sports dress. I'm clearly done playing Nintendo now. I still don't hate her but now I'm playing Sega and Bandai Namco now. She ruined the whole Nintendo games now! Cut her and Ultra Smash will be better!

Wow! Just because Nintendo has put her in more Mario games now, doesn't mean she's overrated or anything! Rosalina has only been in a couple of Mario games and everyone's like, "Wah! She overrated"! 1! 11 come on, this is reason I hate the Mario Fandom, too many 9 year olds who cry about everything. I bet 20 dollars that Cappy is going to be hated next!

I think it's Nice that she has been put into all of the games. She is becoming a great part of the franchise. But she is following suit of Daisy and is in Mario parties and sports, LIKE DAISY. So Daisy hasn't been in any of the Mario game franchises (Platform wise). Big WHOOP. Maybe she doesn't want to adventure. Maybe Nintendo just hasn't exactly found what makes her special.

(Mario is neutral. Luigi jumps high. Peach floats. Rosalina has a Galaxy wand. Toad of all things is Strong and runs FAST. Daisy... Eh... Plays sports and likes flowers. How will they put that into a platformer? )

9 Ugly

She's way prettier than you jerk - MorganChambz

Can we be real here? Not all women are gonna look like peach, smell like peach, dress like peach. People have to get unique identities. She just happens to make her own. And she isn't ugly at all. Now the Shadow Sisters from 1000 year door...

Rosalina is pretty! and NO she is not a peach clone! Rosalina and Peach were created by THE SAME ARTIST! No wonder do the look alike! Rosalina has a different hair colour, her hair is much shorter than Peach's and their dresses are completely different! If anybody,Pink Gold Peach is a Peach clone, not Rosalina!

Haha your guy wants her more than you huh?

But really you guys are really petty if you hate people because they look unattractive

10 No Personality

Rosalina used to have a personality. She was shy and mysterious as well as calm in the Mario Galaxy series, her personality was stripped in the spinoff games, though. Now she just runs around in a cat suit. - Qryzx

She may seem bland and emotionless, but she is caring deep down. She helped save Peach (Which was unnecessary to begin with if you think about it. Blame Bowser or Peach, but they brought her here.) Sure, she fodders off Lumas in Smash, but Lumas are willing to give their lives up for her and those she cares about. (Play the game. It's like their life purpose other than to become universes. Seriously.)

Plus she is really calm, collected, motherly, (Insert Samus and her Metroid here. OH. SPACE MAMA COMIN THROUGH THIS POST.) And has some really nice nails. Yeah, THEIR PURPLE. Oh? Did I point something out here? Princess peach and daisy always cover their hands with gloves. At least she isn't afraid to show off some skin.

Her personality seems to be just all over the place. In SMG and SMG2 she was caring, sweet, serious and motherly (like peach) but in all the other games she's sassy and upbeat.

In SMG and SMG2 she shows no emotions apart from being a little happy or a little worried. The rest of the time she's just serious.

The Contenders

11 Girly

Girly? Uhh. Okay? She is a girl after all. And if we are talking GIRLY Peach is the most feminized characters to be hit as Girly. Pink, Blonde, smells nice, has a game based on her emotions (Women usually stereotyped this way) and she attacks in Smash with her butt, heels, plucks turnips, and her Smash is her using her girlishness to PUT PEOPLE TO SLEEP AND EAT FRUITS. She even plucks turnips, uses the magic of hearts to do her up attack and hits people with rainbows in Smash 4. Cute.

€� Princess Peach is much more girly than Rosalina (look at one of the comments of this reason for info), also being girly isn't bad. - Qryzx

Rosalina is a tomboy, but a little girly. Still, she's the best female gaming character ever. Princess Peach is bull.

Rosalina is not a tomboy or girly she just has a very distinctive personality if anything she is scene but this isn't even a reason to pick at her she stole Daisy's spot that's y I'm here

This is why I don't like lists like this. Once again, Daisy DIDN'T HAVE THE SPOTLIGHT BEFORE ROSALINA. She was a damsel in distress for one game and she appeared in spinoffs. Rosalina doesn't change anything! She just came as a new character and now she is a staple, just like Daisy. Nintendo doesn't want to do anything with Daisy. Sorry bout it... - DCfnaf

12 Stupid

Rosalina is overconfident on Sound Stage and is a bit of a show-off. But she is nice, friendly, and part of the team.

No. She reads to the Lumas. I'm pretty sure she memorized some info.
Also, she's a CELESTIAL BEING that knows about the universe. How could she teach that if she was "stupid"? - Qryzx

Have you even played any games with her in it? - MeaganSaysHI

Whaddaya mean stupid? Rosalina is extremely intelligent. You got to pay more attention.

13 Makes You Want to Murder Her

Lol no. I want to murder whoever put this reason on here.

"Stop bringing Peach into everything! This is about Rosalina! "
"You can't! Rosalina is immortal! And besides, say that to Peach."
"This reason is bull crap. Say this about Peach, not Rosalina! She's gone through a lot! "

-"stop bringing peach into everything" Well, you're bringing Peach into this on your own, & not the poster.
-"you can't, rosalina is immortal" Do you have proof she's immortal? & You sound like a game theorist.
-"she's gone through a lot and you wanna kill her? Grow 'UP'." Puh-lease. You're saying people can grow down? - Qryzx

Stop bringing Peach into everything! This is about Rosalina!

You can't! Rosalina is immortal! And besides, say that about Princess Peach.

14 Contributed Absolutely Nothing to the Mario Kart Franchise

Does this really add to the character? - Videogamesgal

So what did Daisy contribute exactly? Oh yeah...THE SAME THING. They have these characters because people either like them or they are main staple characters. - DCfnaf

What does Mario Kart have to do with anything? It's a spinoff, with NO plot besides racing!

How is Mario Kart relevant? Not even Mario contributes much. They're not supposed to contribute much. Mario has: Appeared in all series of Mario Kart, made a bunch of circuits and a stadium (I only like the MK8 stadium).
Rosalina has: Appeared in only three series of Mario Kart (MKWII MK7 MK8), and owns just one track from MK7.

If you meant 'Mario Bros. Franchise' then that would make more sense. - Qryzx

15 She's a Skank
16 Just Plain Sucks

Yeah rosalina sucks

Okay, okay, before we get into Peach hate Let's be real here. Peach, One of the most noticeable Nintendo characters, DOES get stolen a lot, Has some dark credibility, and may have a lot of feministic qualities, but that doesn't make her a bad character. It is in her personality.

Let's talk about daisy. A fierce, strong willed country girl from Sarassaland, who only needed to be saved ONCE and from then on appears in athletic Mario games as a female representative. She is really quirky with a lot of sass. (Sarassa-sass) She has an okay fan base like peach, and is often called an underrated or appreciated character. But just because she isn't in smash doesn't mean Rosalina had anything to do with this. Maybe they could think of a moveset for her and dismissed the idea of putting her in. But we have / had (For future tense) Smash ballot, so who knows.

Rosalina, the girl that has a topic of her own. The girl who made the Salt of Starbits, Is not sucky whatsoever. She has a ...more

Bowser is the one who decided to bring Peach into space, knock Mario off, and find Rosalina. Why is Peach the one you give the most blame? - Qryzx

No she never got kidnapped and helped Mario to get to where he needed to go and helped all those Lumas and made an awesome home/ship.

"Princess Peach just plainly sucks! She's tall! And she lets herself get kidnapped! What?! And in SMG, Rosalina is useful and Mario's Gandalf! "

Stupid as Rosalina haters. She has healing in RPG that I'm sure you can't get nowhere without that and Peach's glide I bet was useful in 3D world and she gives you 1ups, info, and other items sometimes while shes kidnapped I bet you couldn't even pull that off

Princess Peach just plainly sucks! She's tall! And she lets herself get kidnapped! What?! And in SMG, Rosalina is useful and Mario's Gandalf!

17 Is Used for Hentai Appeal

That's all females in any media. Even daisy has some 'hentai appeal' don't kid yourself.

You guys should see the sticker on an app that's new. It has her looking all seductive.

The problem is that the sticker is canon


18 Peach Clone

Seriously? They're near polar opposites. Different design, different life, different personality, different abilities, different residents, etc.

Even their voices are completely different. - Qryzx

Guys they don't even have the same facial shape look at pics with Rosa and Peach made by Nintendo. Just cause it's not as obvious difference between Daisy and Peach doesn't mean it doesn't count. Peach's is a bit wider while Rosalina has a more pointed chin. They all (Daisy, Peach, and Rosalina), have different lip color, hair color (Rosalina & Peach's hair have obvious different shade), dress color but Rosalina is the only one with a different style, Rosalina only one who has different eyelash color and it's longer and a bit wider than Peach's, all have different body types, only Rosalina has a different eye shade color the other two have the same, Rosalina wears no gloves the other two have white gloves though different sizes, all have different crowns and earrings, all have different hair sizes and bangs and hair style, all different height.

All these differences says a lot more, A LOT MORE than Bleach characters so s t f you

This argument is so invalid it makes me cringe at you guys. DO YOU EVEN PLAY Nintendo GAMES?


Peach: The basics; Gets stolen a lot, wears a lot of pink, a lot of her personality is based off of feminine views, has toads working for her and is a princess, (Toadstool) And has a love interest. Basics.

Rosalina: The Basics; Mother Died when she was young, Young mother, lives in SPACE, CONTROLS GALAXIES, HAS HER OWN LITTLE SPECIES (Lumas), didn't NEED TO BE RESCUED, Need I say more? Clearly the only thing they have in common is that they rule something.

(Who run the world? Girls.)

Daisy is not a Peach clone. Sure, she has the same style dress, but that's as far as it goes.
Rosalina is a Peach clone in nearly every way. - CatCode

KNEW IT! You probably are some fan of Daisy. ALL THREE WERE MADE BY THE SAME ARTIST! Why wouldn't they look similar. Luigi looks like Mario, and no one complains about him. - DCfnaf

19 Has No Faults

Many characters of the Mario series have no faults, except for one factor of their lives. Peach just lets Bowser kidnap her like they're playing pretend, so I assume she is showing... Support? And Luigi is scared of ghosts, Toad is generally cowardly (unless it's Yellow or Blue Toad), Wendy is a jerk, etcetera. - Qryzx

Ummm... Nobody is perfect. Just because the character have some interesting features to her personality and her appearance on this one doesn't necessarily means that she don't have faults. You're actually telling a lie. Characters have faults. Characters can't be 100% perfect. They can be appreciated by fans, but they can be hated by some of the people. Rosalina have faults, and that didn't makes her a Mary-Sue, which is by far the imbecilic reason to give it out. - yamionthetrap

Disagree with this reason if you want, but Rosalina has no real faults. Our faults are what makes us special, and she has none. To me personally, Rosalina isn't hated, but she isn't loved either.

Mario, Pauline, Yoshi, Toad, Peach...yeah no one has faults. Plus wouldn't this be a good thing? - DCfnaf

Most of the Mario characters have no faults. What's Mario? Yoshi's? Peach's? Daisy's (besides she's a bratty chili's poser)? Bowser (besides he's the villain)? Pauline's?

20 Wears a Dress Instead of Jeans

Well, she's kinda meant to look like a classical princess. Also, what if Rosalina simply likes wearing a dress? Dresses like hers look a hell of a lot more mysterious than a pair of jeans.

Well, at least it is mature makes her look real intelligent & like a true goddess.

All princesses of the Mario franchise wear dresses! Peach, Daisy (Palutena is a godess and Samus is a warrior not a princess.) It is kind of a thing in the franchise of Mario to put girls in dresses if they have bodies. (TOADETTE please) (Vivian and goombella didn't have bodies but had distinctive features.) (Koopa girls have shells and Flurrie was a cloud) (Wendy has a shell as well) (Zelda, wears a dress as a princess too, but sheik, who is a WARRIOR like samus, doesn't wear a dress.)

There is no princess in fiction who doesn't wear a dress at least once. - Villainnumberone

Rosalina is nit a princess, everyone thinks she is! But she is NOT! She is just a boring girl from soace who thinks she's better than everyone!

21 She Appears in Everything

This. No one even actually liked Mario Galaxy, let alone her.

No one cared about her, forcing her into things will make people hate her

Bowser, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad...they all appear in everything and no one complains about them. - DCfnaf

Toadette - yunafreya648

22 She Cried with Her Hands Over Her Face as a Child

And Daisy doesn't throw a fit after she loses in Mario Party games, right? - RosalinaX

Really are we Sabine crying is bad iT apeared for a couple seconds so shut up

She still shouldn't have cried with her hands over her face! I hate crying! I didn't cry that much when I was younger! People should be like me! They shouldn't get upset easily! They should be responsible for their feelings and calm! - Pinkarray

23 Not a Tomboy

People think that she's a tomboy and that Daisy isn't just because Daisy wears a dress. So does Rosalina! Plus, raising a Luma like your own child isn't tomboyish at all! If anything, that's super girly! She isn't a tomboy just because she doesn't have a boyfriend. But Daisy and Luigi isn't even 100% canon! And at least Daisy is in the sports games. Rosalina isn't even in them, and if she is, then she doesn't even play the sports! Also, people say that Daisy is a tomboy because she wears a crown, but so does Rosalina! It's because they're princesses! Independent =/= tomboy. Crown =/= girly. Rosalina is NOT a tomboy!

I think people are starting to like Princess Peach for being a useless girly girl according to the "Top 10 Best Mario Characters" and "Top 10 Worst Mario Bros. Characters" lists.

So what? Do people like tomboys now? That's why I'm not a tomboy no more. - MeaganSaysHI

Um... If someone tells me they love the tomboy character from the Mario games, I'd think their talking about daisy. The only reason that people say daisy isn't a tomboy is because she wears a poofy dress with ruffles. Um, hello! She's a princess! Her people probably expect that. Ug...

24 People Think She's Hot

I agree. She is not at all hot OR PRETTY! All my friends says so too!

Because she IS hot!

Peach - yunafreya648

She is hot

25 Not Fun to Fight Against in Super Smash Brother 4

Let's see, can destroy a lot of characters with her down B, (Ness and Lucas are top contenders for this) Up air kills at 40, can camp you out with Luma and when they are gone she just runs away, for 13 seconds! So, not fun to fight, is a complete shutdown to characters with projectiles (other contenders include Pac-Man Mega Man, Toon Link (needs bombs for combos) and any other projectiles for that matter). Yes everyone has a move to deal with Luma, but it is very annoying.

26 Her Backstory is Absurd, Unrealistic, and Makes Her a Mary Sue
27 Has Barely Been to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics

So she's bad for not being in the olympics, but is bad for appearing in everything? A contradicting list if I do say so myself. - DCfnaf

Why the f should that matter?

You are a stupid reason - Brandy


28 Very Lanky

So we're supposed to hate Waluigi for being tall? What... - Qryzx

So she is tall? Umm, she isn't supposed to be goomba sized. And the Mario Universe has many different body shapes and sizes. Plus she has a pretty neutral body proportion to Peach and Daisy. Oh my.

Peach is the worst character ever not Rosalina!

Rosalina is the worst character ever!

29 Hangs With Other Female Characters

Why is that a problem? - Qryzx

I wish Rosalina hung out with more male crossover characters.

Do you see her hanging with anyone but her Space babies? Does anyone? Hmmm...

So she never hangs out with Mario or Luigi okaaay

30 She Uses Her Lumas to Do Her Work In Super Smash Bros

And Peach doesn't use her toads either, right?
At least Rosalina is actually friends with the Lumas. They probably owe her a favor to fight in Super Smash Bros. ✨ - RosalinaX

I don't hate Rosalina, but I hate the fact that she just uses her own CHILDREN as weapons without minding if one of them dies. And some people call her brave.

How do you know she doesn't mind if her children die? Where is your evidence? Also, Luma probably CHOSE to fight. How do you know she WANTS to use her children? - DCfnaf

Not to mention she just stands there on her observatory in SMG. And let's not forget, there are lumas out in the galaxy in DANGEROUS situations. Also, there are some inside and out of her observatory that are STARVING HUNGRY and crave thousands of star bits! (food).

That was made by the developers as a new way to create galaxies/planets. Not a way to show Rosalina being a bad parent. - DCfnaf

It's better than using Toads as shields - yunafreya648

At least Princess Peach doesn't keep Toads on the field all the time if available. - Qryzx

31 Everyone Thinks She is a Princess

Duh! She's just adopts Lumas. Sure, she might be immortal, but she is NOT in authority to suddenly appear in ever single super Mario game! Why, she's not even pretty, not smart, lazy, and is dumb.

Peach and Daisy can be described by all the things you just wrote. Rosalina is actually the smartest of the three and is actually not lazy, she is protective! If you hate someone because of their looks, that's pathetic. - DCfnaf

She really is a princess. her mother is princess peach,and her father is luigi. watch the game theorists. - Villainnumberone

32 Daisy is hotter
33 She doesn't wear gloves

Both Peach and Daisy wear gloves but she doesn't. Why?

34 Does Not Rival Inky

Who the fudge is Inky?

35 Is Not On Archie Comics


36 Did Not Encounter the Your Favorite Martian Band
37 Barely Has a Brother

There is not much I hate about Rosalina, but I will deal with this crappy list anyways.

Neither Peach or Daisy have a brother but their liked. Oh gosh. Call a doctor I just laid my logic on the haters.

So, having a brother makes you suddenly likable? - MeaganSaysHI

I hate rosalina for every reason on this list, and countless more.

38 Rosalina Appears in Less Games Than Princess Peach

Whoa whoa whoa, sure, Peach appears in more games, but that makes sense because she's like the third main character in Super Mario. Rosalina was made so she can help Mario in Galaxy, but she's not supposed to be becoming in more and more games! Nintendo is making Rosalina in more games so that she can just get more popular, but really, she is way too overrated. Now, lets talk about Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina:

Let's start with Rosalina: Rosalina is ugly, and is now taking over the Super Mario universe. She barley has any personality, and she is dumb. Plus, in Smash Bros, it seems like her little Luma is doing all the work. And she makes Mario get the power stars, when she can do it herself, because she acts like she's a goddess everyone has to like. She makes all the characters seen dumb, while Rosalina still stays popular. And Rosalina is not a princess, why does everyone think that she is? She is just a dumb mother of the lumas, and sure, she might have authority, but she has ...more

Each item here contradicts one another. You hate Peach for appearing in lots of games, but now it's okay? Really? - Qryzx

Seriously, Rosalina is much better than Peach.

Wait, She appears in too many games, but appears in games less than peach... She also has TECHNICALLY APPEARED in less games than Daisy, so... Stop hating please.

39 Rosalina Doesn't Fit In With the Other Mario Characters

She actually does considering Mario anatomy and style of design to be honest.

Sure, she likes to wear a nice long dress and lives in space and raises universes.

She has her own story and was the only Mario princess to not be a damsel in distress.

The only reason she needed Mario's help is because Bowser stole her power star. Why did he do that? TO GET PEACH'S KINGDOM.

She is unique and diverse. She stands out. I don't want another basic princess who needs help. Maybe Nintendo wanted a change. Maybe she is a foot down to societies views on women.

That's... What's so great about her character. Why can't there be more than anti-clones (wario & waluigi) and people from the same family (... Basically everyone)? It's fine that she is different and it's a frikkn a breath a fresh air for once. I'm tired of everyone being related to each other, and after wario the anti clones sucked

'She should go to stupid SEGA'

Saga stupid? At least they knew that giving unique personality to main characters in Sonic is ok, and each character they had had their own unique personality. Rosalina is too good for a Mario character, I think SEGA could treat her nice if they tried.

3D World shows Rosalina and Peach together. Also, you could say PAULINE fits nowhere as well. Rosalina and Pauline everybody! - DCfnaf

40 She Appeared Out of Nowhere

You could argue that Waluigi "appeared out of nowhere". - Qryzx

So did Lucas in the mother series. Literally, that is his Gimmick.

She lived in space and was passing by. She has a back story to WHY she was in space so, No, she kind of didn't.

She just poofed into Mario games


41 Doesn't Save Herself

Wasn't her job to. Bowser stole Her ship source, The Power Star, to take over Peach's Castle. Huh. Really. She was passing by and OH LOOK here comes Bowser. And! Oh look! Mario needs to get it back because it was his fault she can't go searching for her mother. Hmmm. Oh wait! There's more! She helps send Mario to go beat Bowser to restore peace and save Peach! She ends up saving A lot more than herself. So in the end she is the savior in the game. Huh.

Uh, Rosa has a FULL TIME JOB babysitting millions of lumas. She's not going to be irresponsible & neglectful to them. Also, her leaving would leave them open to Bowser & his minions attack. At least wither her there, she can take better control of the situation till Mario returns.


IS it her fault for Mario's rival to steal her Power star? No. Is it her fault Peach was stolen AGAIN? No. She has responsibilities that apparently Peach and Daisy don't take care of.
Peach rules Mushroom kingdom, Yet she rarely does anything Royalty wise. Daisy rules Sarassaland, but she is too busy playing sports to do anything with her kingdom.

It was her job, and she was too lazy so she just asked Mario to, huh? Stupid Rosalina!

Lies. She had to watch over the observatory. You Daisy fans find the dumbest excuses to hate a character, - DCfnaf

42 Barely Ever Smiles In SMG 1 and 2

Honestly, I prefer funny and hyper characters like Daisy and Waluigi. It's all down to personality- people with common personality (this is not an insult!) tend to like the popular characters like Rosalina, Luigi, Yoshi eg. People with less common personality tend to like the more underrated characters that are less popular.

(Everyone's a special snowflake in their own way)

Not everyone needs to be hyped up on toads and flowers. She lived in space with Lumas most of her life and her mom died when she was young. I wouldn't be smiling either. It isn't a laughing matter. And Princess Peach of ALL people was taken by Bowser who had the audacity to steal her power star. Umm, yeah, take your plumber butt down to each galaxy and undo the wrongings of your people. I didn't need this in the first place. I was just floating by in the cosmos when all of a sudden your rival just walks into my ship. Nice job Mario.

I like her better in the spin-offs where she isn't so sad :(

Well duh serious stuff is happening she's not going to be an emotional wreck if she was, then I'm sure Bowser would've won and the universe be doomed

43 She is a Cheater in Mario Party 10

Every time I play a stage against her in Mario Party 10 I always get tripped up by her because she lands on a steal space and spins the roulette to steal my mini stars. But the worst part is when she wins the stage and I get really pissed off. However I always find to abuse her by shooting paintballs at her or squishing her. In fact one time when I was playing on the Chaos Castle stage I was going to land on the steal space so I can take half of her mini stars just to rub it in fat face. Her blue eyes. Half of them.

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