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1 Overrated

Rosalina never desrved to be in smash or 3D world. If anything, Nintendo wasted their time adding her. I don't mind her appearance in spin-offs like Mario Kart, but on the idea of main games she needs to stay in super Mario galaxy. If anything, she's just a taller, emo-haired, Peach. She's taking the spotlight away from practically every other character. Her fanbase is more weird people who draw sexy pictures of her. She especially has made Daisy look like crap. Rosalina has nothing unique about her. At least Peach and Daisy have individual personalities. Peach is the princess who enjoys baking. Daisy is a tomboy who likes sports. Rosalina is A... Person... Who... Watches star-people-things? Rosalina is as original as pink gold peach and metal Mario. Nintendo shouldn't use her anymore.

Have you seen the hate that she receives? She is more likely one of the most despised characters in the Mario universe other than Birdo... Other than those who liked galaxy and actually paid attention to who she was ever stuck with her as a character, not a lot of people like her simply because she is new and is putting her foot down and standing proud as a character.

Seriously? Peach is WAY more overrated than Rosalina (and Daisy). IGN gave Princess Peach an 8/10 score, Princess Daisy a bad 4/10 score and Rosalina a 7/10 score

According to Wikipedia, both Peach & Rosalina met up with mainly positive reception. Princess Daisy got a mixed reception. But I strongly love Rosalina & strongly hate Peach. I can't believe people are trying to say that Princess Peach is underrated because Princess Daisy and Rosalina are the underrated ones.

I've never been so annoyed by a character that doesn't necessarily even have an obnoxious personality in my life. She looks as much like Peach as Luigi does Mario, and she's not even related to Peach. From what I've seen people seem to enjoy her more than Peach herself nowadays cause 'OhHHH she never gets kidnapped! wo ROsalina is such a badass woman who don't need no saving. such a feminist icon right there. Peach is such a weakling '. Nice job shoving in the extreme mary su version of Peach/Peach lookalike into every game to even out Mario and Luigi, Nintendo. Real great job.

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2 Her Annoying Fan Girls


Rosa is not a tomboy or a girly girl, she is just a woman. Like, sure, she wears blue, a commonly boyish color, but nothing truly defines her as a manly woman. So she raises Baby universes and paints her nails purple. Big whoop. So girly.

We are only rubbing her in your face because you keep hating on her and bringing princess Daisy and Peach into the picture. Like "Oh doesn't deserve to be existing or in smash, she stole Daisy's spot, Oh she is stealing everything."

Well apparently you're noticing her. that's kind of the purpose. She was put in the games to be noticed.

So what? In 3D World, she was unlockable after saving Sprixies. She doesn't need to always be in Mario's business. And it WAS Bowser's fault. She didn't need to save them. All Mario has done was put her into his dilemmas. Then he goes to space. Huh. Who lives in space again? ONCE AGAIN, Mario and friends bring her into the gaming franchise. They want her here.

They protect Rosalina with their very lives, even more than their family. Guys, she's NOT REAL

This should be the only reasons for this list!

The only Good and Vaild reason to hate on a Good Character - ToadF1

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3 She Has a Generic Design Based on Peach Instead of Her Own

Not at all, Toadette has a Generic Design based on Toad (Who is also Generic), Daisy also has a Generic Design based on Peach (Who is also Generic) and Birdo also has a Generic Design based on Yoshi (Who is also Generic Too) - ToadF1

This! She should have kept her Cinderella design she was going to have, but no, she needs to look just like Peach.

4 Boring

I'm gonna say this right now. Yes, I'm a bit ticked off by her the fact that she is kind of taking Daisy's place in certain games, yes, I'm kind of annoyed by her fan base, but I still think she is a great character! She is my 3rd favorite In the Mario franchise, and I'm beginning to see some development in Rosalina. She is mysterious, wise, somewhat emo, and a bit sassy in my eyes. Not to mention she has a backstory that also makes her interesting! She is more interesting than Peach ( I like peach, just not as much as Daisy and Rosalina) I admit, she does annoy me at times, and I do like Daisy more, but Rosalina will always have a place in my heart, so I have very mixed feelings with this list.

This was painful voting for anything to comment but she is not anything like this she is not boring, is underrated, is pretty, not girly, is smart, did contribute to Mario kart, no one wants to murder her, she is awesome, she is not a peach clone either. No offense but this is one of the worst lists I've ever seen - simpsondude

Respect opinions there's worse lists like most hated countries - VideoGamefan5

If you Rosalina fans think this list is bad, you should see the 'top ten reasons to hate princesses Peach and Daisy". It was probably created by all of you.

She doesn't do anything of interest that the others don't already do. She's like a blander Peach.

Yeah she just let Mario to use her observatory and made possible the access to the final level... - DaisyandRosalina

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5 Rosalina Is Replacing Other Mario Characters

Well, just because she appears more than some characters (Which is false because she hasn't really appeared in as much as a lotta characters, like Boo, Who is clearly not hated for being everywhere and being "Unimportant") But it doesn't mean she can replace Characters. Daisy has been in a lot of sports games, but people don't really buy sports games so people don't realize how she has been put out. She has also been in Mario Parties. Anybody remember Rogueport? Hmm? Super Paper Mario. Nobody remembers them because Nobody really played them. It's a chance of publicity and popularity. As a huge fan, I have found that all characters have hidden gems in them, whether It be story, personality or design, something that makes them unforgettable. I don't think that Rosalina is just gonna replace everyone from the past like Vivian and Flurrie or maybe even Birdo or Lakitu or Toadette.

No. Daisy, Waluigi, Birdo, etc... were never that important to the Mario series as a whole and even if Rosalina didn't exist it's doubtful they'll appear in the games you wanted them to appear anyway cause Nintendo could add as many or as few characters in Kart/Party/Sports games as they wanted and could've added them in if they cared to, but they didn't. And Rosalina is just ONE character she CAN NOT REPLACE FIVE + CAUSE SHE'S ONLY ONE PERSON NOT FIVE PLUS

I need to be able to give you 100 likes, because this comment sums up all my feelings to these people. - DCfnaf

Stupid Peach fan - yunafreya648

No she ain't? Pauline even Came Back in the new Mario Oddesey for Nintendo Switch - ToadF1

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6 She's a Mary Sue

The biggest Mary Sue in the mario games.

She really is - WendyIsQueen

How? - ToadF1


7 They Added a Baby Version of Her Instead of Giving Another Character a Chance

There's many and I mean many other Mario characters they should have put into Mario Kart 8 instead of adding a Baby version of this washed up Peach clone. Seriously? What a slap in the face her Baby version didn't even exist unlike Baby Peach etc. Seriously they could have added E. Gadd, Diddy, Birdo, Pauline, Captain Syrup. Anyone else would have been better than Baby Rosalina! That's why I dislike Rosalina so much, she gets so much favoritism that others don't.

I hate her because she is stealing Candy Kong's chance to be in Mario Kart 8. Lynch the witch and get rid of her! Let Candy have her chance!

Another Good and Valid reason to hate on a Good Character - ToadF1

Baby Rosalina killed Rosalina's backstory

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8 Nintendo Is Putting Her In Too Many Games

I'm starting to get mad at her now. Since after 3D World, now she has been appearing over everything now. I don't hate her. How many games Rosalina has been appearing in a row? Now she has been appearing in Mario Tennis Ultra Smash finally with her dress and Peach and Daisy's sports dress is better than her Sports dress. I'm clearly done playing Nintendo now. I still don't hate her but now I'm playing Sega and Bandai Namco now. She ruined the whole Nintendo games now! Cut her and Ultra Smash will be better! - bugger

I think it's Nice that she has been put into all of the games. She is becoming a great part of the franchise. But she is following suit of Daisy and is in Mario parties and sports, LIKE DAISY. So Daisy hasn't been in any of the Mario game franchises (Platform wise). Big WHOOP. Maybe she doesn't want to adventure. Maybe Nintendo just hasn't exactly found what makes her special.

(Mario is neutral. Luigi jumps high. Peach floats. Rosalina has a Galaxy wand. Toad of all things is Strong and runs FAST. Daisy... Eh... Plays sports and likes flowers. How will they put that into a platformer? )

This is a reason I actually agree with! Nintendo has ruined Rosalina's quiet personality! Now she is yelling and smiling and kinda ditching luma when she goes of with Mario and the others! Really you cannot blame Rosalina, you can blame stinking Nintendo!

She doesn't need to be in most of the games she's in, and a chunk of them are bad anyway

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9 Ugly

She's way prettier than you jerk - MorganChambz

Can we be real here? Not all women are gonna look like peach, smell like peach, dress like peach. People have to get unique identities. She just happens to make her own. And she isn't ugly at all. Now the Shadow Sisters from 1000 year door...

Rosalina is pretty! and NO she is not a peach clone! Rosalina and Peach were created by THE SAME ARTIST! No wonder do the look alike! Rosalina has a different hair colour, her hair is much shorter than Peach's and their dresses are completely different! If anybody,Pink Gold Peach is a Peach clone, not Rosalina!

She is not ugly. she is very beautiful,ya idjit.

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10 No Personality

She may seem bland and emotionless, but she is caring deep down. She helped save Peach (Which was unnecessary to begin with if you think about it. Blame Bowser or Peach, but they brought her here.) Sure, she fodders off Lumas in Smash, but Lumas are willing to give their lives up for her and those she cares about. (Play the game. It's like their life purpose other than to become universes. Seriously.)

Plus she is really calm, collected, motherly, (Insert Samus and her Metroid here. OH. SPACE MAMA COMIN THROUGH THIS POST.) And has some really nice nails. Yeah, THEIR PURPLE. Oh? Did I point something out here? Princess peach and daisy always cover their hands with gloves. At least she isn't afraid to show off some skin.

Her personality seems to be just all over the place. In SMG and SMG2 she was caring, sweet, serious and motherly (like peach) but in all the other games she's sassy and upbeat.

In SMG and SMG2 she shows no emotions apart from being a little happy or a little worried. The rest of the time she's just serious.

How? - ToadF1

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11 Girly

Girly? Uhh. Okay? She is a girl after all. And if we are talking GIRLY Peach is the most feminized characters to be hit as Girly. Pink, Blonde, smells nice, has a game based on her emotions (Women usually stereotyped this way) and she attacks in Smash with her butt, heels, plucks turnips, and her Smash is her using her girlishness to PUT PEOPLE TO SLEEP AND EAT FRUITS. She even plucks turnips, uses the magic of hearts to do her up attack and hits people with rainbows in Smash 4. Cute.

Rosalina is a tomboy, but a little girly. Still, she's the best female gaming character ever. Princess Peach is bull.

Rosalina is not a tomboy or girly she just has a very distinctive personality if anything she is scene but this isn't even a reason to pick at her she stole Daisy's spot that's y I'm here

This is why I don't like lists like this. Once again, Daisy DIDN'T HAVE THE SPOTLIGHT BEFORE ROSALINA. She was a damsel in distress for one game and she appeared in spinoffs. Rosalina doesn't change anything! She just came as a new character and now she is a staple, just like Daisy. Nintendo doesn't want to do anything with Daisy. Sorry bout it... - DCfnaf

And...? - DaisyandRosalina

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12 Stupid

Have you even played any games with her in it? - MeaganSaysHI

Whaddaya mean stupid? Rosalina is extremely intelligent. You got to pay more attention.

Mmm, this is a very lackluster idea to think a lot of characters are brain dead or rarely ever speak. "Cough cough Mario." She can read at least and speaks fluent languages. I think she is pretty intelligent...

No, she even Knows what 19 � - 7 is... - ToadF1

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13 Makes You Want to Murder Her

Stop bringing Peach into everything! This is about Rosalina!

You can't! Rosalina is immortal! And besides, say that about Princess Peach.

I agree with this reason. If she was not immoral, then I would want to kill her right when I saw her.

She's Immortal, so no - ToadF1

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14 Contributed Absolutely Nothing to the Mario Kart Franchise

So what did Daisy contribute exactly? Oh yeah...THE SAME THING. They have these characters because people either like them or they are main staple characters. - DCfnaf

What does Mario Kart have to do with anything? It's a spinoff, with NO plot besides racing!

Is nothing more but a lamer fat Peach. Yawn

Mario kart 7? - DaisyandRosalina

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15 She's a Skank

What? - ToadF1

16 Just Plain Sucks

Okay, okay, before we get into Peach hate Let's be real here. Peach, One of the most noticeable Nintendo characters, DOES get stolen a lot, Has some dark credibility, and may have a lot of feministic qualities, but that doesn't make her a bad character. It is in her personality.

Let's talk about daisy. A fierce, strong willed country girl from Sarassaland, who only needed to be saved ONCE and from then on appears in athletic Mario games as a female representative. She is really quirky with a lot of sass. (Sarassa-sass) She has an okay fan base like peach, and is often called an underrated or appreciated character. But just because she isn't in smash doesn't mean Rosalina had anything to do with this. Maybe they could think of a moveset for her and dismissed the idea of putting her in. But we have / had (For future tense) Smash ballot, so who knows.

Rosalina, the girl that has a topic of her own. The girl who made the Salt of Starbits, Is not sucky whatsoever. She has a ...more

No she never got kidnapped and helped Mario to get to where he needed to go and helped all those Lumas and made an awesome home/ship.

"Princess Peach just plainly sucks! She's tall! And she lets herself get kidnapped! What?! And in SMG, Rosalina is useful and Mario's Gandalf! "

Stupid as Rosalina haters. She has healing in RPG that I'm sure you can't get nowhere without that and Peach's glide I bet was useful in 3D world and she gives you 1ups, info, and other items sometimes while shes kidnapped I bet you couldn't even pull that off

Princess Peach just plainly sucks! She's tall! And she lets herself get kidnapped! What?! And in SMG, Rosalina is useful and Mario's Gandalf!

Peach - yunafreya648

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17 Is Used for Hentai Appeal

That's all females in any media. Even daisy has some 'hentai appeal' don't kid yourself.

You guys should see the sticker on an app that's new. It has her looking all seductive.

The problem is that the sticker is canon

Because of the Fanart that Has Rosalina with Bigger Breasts and when she has Sports Clothes or a Biker Suit - ToadF1

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18 She Appears in Everything

Bowser, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad...they all appear in everything and no one complains about them. - DCfnaf

This. No one even actually liked Mario Galaxy, let alone her.

No one cared about her, forcing her into things will make people hate her

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Peach, Bowser, The Koopalings, Bowser Jr. and Kamek appears in Everything and you seem to like that!? - ToadF1

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19 Peach Clone

Guys they don't even have the same facial shape look at pics with Rosa and Peach made by Nintendo. Just cause it's not as obvious difference between Daisy and Peach doesn't mean it doesn't count. Peach's is a bit wider while Rosalina has a more pointed chin. They all (Daisy, Peach, and Rosalina), have different lip color, hair color (Rosalina & Peach's hair have obvious different shade), dress color but Rosalina is the only one with a different style, Rosalina only one who has different eyelash color and it's longer and a bit wider than Peach's, all have different body types, only Rosalina has a different eye shade color the other two have the same, Rosalina wears no gloves the other two have white gloves though different sizes, all have different crowns and earrings, all have different hair sizes and bangs and hair style, all different height.

All these differences says a lot more, A LOT MORE than Bleach characters so s t f you

This argument is so invalid it makes me cringe at you guys. DO YOU EVEN PLAY Nintendo GAMES?


Peach: The basics; Gets stolen a lot, wears a lot of pink, a lot of her personality is based off of feminine views, has toads working for her and is a princess, (Toadstool) And has a love interest. Basics.

Rosalina: The Basics; Mother Died when she was young, Young mother, lives in SPACE, CONTROLS GALAXIES, HAS HER OWN LITTLE SPECIES (Lumas), didn't NEED TO BE RESCUED, Need I say more? Clearly the only thing they have in common is that they rule something.

(Who run the world? Girls.)

Daisy is not a Peach clone. Sure, she has the same style dress, but that's as far as it goes.
Rosalina is a Peach clone in nearly every way. - CatCode

KNEW IT! You probably are some fan of Daisy. ALL THREE WERE MADE BY THE SAME ARTIST! Why wouldn't they look similar. Luigi looks like Mario, and no one complains about him. - DCfnaf

What? How? - ToadF1

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20 Has No Faults

Disagree with this reason if you want, but Rosalina has no real faults. Our faults are what makes us special, and she has none. To me personally, Rosalina isn't hated, but she isn't loved either.

Mario, Pauline, Yoshi, Toad, Peach...yeah no one has faults. Plus wouldn't this be a good thing? - DCfnaf

Most of the Mario characters have no faults. What's Mario? Yoshi's? Peach's? Daisy's (besides she's a bratty chili's poser)? Bowser (besides he's the villain)? Pauline's?

Rosalina just acts like a angel, but I see her as a villain.

So what? You seem to care about Faults? - ToadF1

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