Reasons to Hate Rule 63

Uh! I cannot stand Rule 63! Rule 34 is so much better!

The Top Ten

1 It's Weird

Dude you're a hypocrite. You already made a pornographic blog post series.

Not as weird as obsessing over Luigi, Alaskan Airlines, and Sunny Leone.

I HATE seeing Pikachu as a girl - TinyToonsGirl45

2 It Has Gender Swiping

Dude. Any character has an opposite-gender variant of it - Neonco31

3 It's Gross

Grossest porn ever! - Linnea

4 It's Dirty

Dirtier than you think! - Linnea

5 It's Unrealistic

The most unrealistic type of porn ever! Luigi is a guy not a girl! This just ruined my childhood! - Linnea

6 It Ruins People's Childhood

I shouldn't have researched it! It's killing my childhood. - Linnea

7 It's Fake
8 People Who Make it Have Dirty Minds

Dirtier than my mine! I like Rule 34 and Sunny Leone better than Rule 63. - Linnea

9 It's a Rip Off of Rule 34

They both sucks - TinyToonsGirl45

10 It's Painful to Look At

Most painful porn to look at is Rule 63. - Linnea

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