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1 Gross Jokes

They aren't even funny it's enough to make me throw up. Toilet jokes aren't funny at all

Sponge bob and Rugrats did have dirty jokes here and there but at least they didn't take them too far. - Connor360

I literally puked from one. - BubbleBear01

I thinks its annoying and disgusting

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2 Bad Characters

Very annoying and very bad characters. I never watched the actual show - only the commercials because I think it will ruin my brain. - funnyuser

It seems to me, that the characters have been loosely based upon those from regular show (Sanjay & Craig /Mordecai & rigby, Tyson/death, noodman/Benson, etc) & none of them have any charm or time I should imagine that none of them, apart from the title characters will be remembered at all.

Especially Hector. He once said "I eat boogers". That is gross. - EpicJake

Most of the characters are uninteresting and forgettable, Sanjay is a poor choice as a main character, with no likeable or redeeming features, the snake is saved by the excellent Chris hardwick and the Tyson character was interesting, but underused.
Noodman, sanjays parents and the dicksons were a total waste of space.

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3 Really Disgusting

Perhaps if it didn't try to lift as much of regular show, as it did & was shown on adult swim with all it's disgusting nonsense, then it might have stood a chance, but as a children's program? , chance!

Yes! It Is Very Disgusting. It's Even More Disgusting Than Breadwinners.

Funny way

Really gross. Nickelodeon, what have you done to us? 😩 - BubbleBear01

4 Annoying

Oh my god Laugh Quake made me cover my ears. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

Lets not forget, SCREAM DAY! I'd murder these 2 if they were real, I'm SO GLAD THE SHOW IS CANCELLED!

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6 Idiotic Jokes

Just like the "gross jokes" one.

"That's not a potato, that's my poop! " Wow, that was so bad, it made me wanna throw up.

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7 It's Inappropriate

Sanjay and Craig is the most stupidest,irritating,dumbest,annoying show I've ever seen in my life think god it got cancelled!

8 It's Stupid

Stupid stupid stupid!

9 It Inspired Breadwinners

Both are stupid.

10 It's Disturbing

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11 The Episode Heightmare Ripped Off the Episode of SpongeBob Called Roller Crowds

The creators of SpongeBob should sue them

12 Sanjay and Craig are supposed to be friends, but are terrible at being friends because they're always fighting and trying to one-up each other.
13 A Rip-off of Regular Show

It appears to have been heavily inspired by regular show & a few other cartoon series, the similarities are endless: from endless 80's references, chicken wings, arcade games and whatnot...Sanjay and Craig seem to be an alteration of Mordecai and rigby but has others have said: the charisma between the two sets of characters is totally different.

I watch Regular Show and when I realized this was a rip-off, I stopped at an episode to realize how stupid I was for watching this. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

Exactly, even a big ripoff of Regular Show and Adventure Time. - 05yusuf09

Extremely influenced by regular show and possibly Bob's burgers as well...l should image that when regular show & adventure time was getting all the viewings, nicktoons hastily produced this nonsense, but with added grossness and completely bombed big time!
There appears to be little chemistry between Sanjay & Craig, whereas Mordecai & rigby have it by the bucket one post that said the character Tyson was loosely based upon death & I think that was a valid point.

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14 Unrealistic

So you are telling me that spongebob is realistic - MrMonkey

I'm sorry, is this a cartoon? It's not suppose to be real.

15 They Hate Cats


So? Cats suck. - AlphaQ

16 It's Mean-spirited
17 It Got Robot and Monster Cancelled

GASP! Hey Robin! Can you get the TTG crew to kill Sanjay and Craig

Is this true?
Bring back Robot and Monster. I love that!
I mean, Sanjay and Craig is alright.

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18 It's Ugly
19 It's Boring V 1 Comment
20 Terrible Theme Song V 1 Comment
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