Reasons to Hate Sanjay and Craig


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1 Gross Jokes

Sponge bob and Rugrats did have dirty jokes here and there but at least they didn't take them too far. - Connor360

They aren't even funny it's enough to make me throw up. Toilet jokes aren't funny at all

I literally puked from one. - BubbleBear01

I thinks its annoying and disgusting

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2 Bad Characters

Very annoying and very bad characters. I never watched the actual show - only the commercials because I think it will ruin my brain. - funnyuser

Especially Hector. He once said "I eat boogers". That is gross. - EpicJake

The characters are really hideous and ugly!

Really? I really like all the characters. Except nudeman. he is real creepy

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3 Annoying

Oh my god Laugh Quake made me cover my ears. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

4 Idiotic Jokes

Just like the "gross jokes" one.

"That's not a potato, that's my poop! " Wow, that was so bad, it made me wanna throw up.

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6 Really Disgusting

Yes! It Is Very Disgusting. It's Even More Disgusting Than Breadwinners.

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7 It inspired Breadwinners V 1 Comment
8 They Hate Cats V 1 Comment
9 It Got Robot and Monster Cancelled

GASP! Hey Robin! Can you get the TTG crew to kill Sanjay and Craig

Is this true?
Bring back Robot and Monster. I love that!
I mean, Sanjay and Craig is alright.

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10 The episode Heightmare ripped off the episode of SpongeBob called Roller Crowds

The creators of SpongeBob should sue them

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11 Unrealistic

So you are telling me that spongebob is realistic - MrMonkey

12 It's Stupid
13 It's Inappropriate

Sanjay and Craig is the most stupidest,irritating,dumbest,annoying show I've ever seen in my life think god it got cancelled!

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15 A Rip-off of Regular Show

I watch Regular Show and when I realized this was a rip-off, I stopped at an episode to realize how stupid I was for watching this. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

Exactly, even a big ripoff of Regular Show and Adventure Time. - 05yusuf09

16 Terrible Theme Song V 1 Comment
17 Butt Transplants V 3 Comments
18 Sanjay was "pregnant with a baby fart"
19 Rips Off Bob's Burgers

Actually the character designer also designs characters for bob's burgers

20 It Gives Snakes a Bad Name
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