Awful Animation #5) Unbarfable (Sanjay and Craig)

Puga Yup. This is really what Nickelodeon has come to. Two hyper idiots trying to make a kid who has never barfed barf for the first time in his life. Congratulations Nickelodeon. This is arguably the most infamous episode so far of Sanjay and Craig. Let's begin.
The episode starts with Sanjay, Craig and their friend eating er... Tongue tacos. Apparently they're trying to see how can eat a taco(with a tongue inside it) and go the longest without barfing. The three eat their tacos and Sanjay is first to barf. Craig thinks he is going to win now but HE barfs. Now the two are just barfing repeatedly all over the place. Our generation, people. When the barfing stops, something is revealed. Guess what happened. Just guess, you'll never get it. Their friend didn't barf. One of the worst things about this show is that the humour is awful. It is either gonna be a lazy piece of toilet humour or a predictable twist. A show that RELIES on toilet humour should know how to it. Nickelodeon used to be great at toilet humour. Ever see Ren and Stimpy? But now it relies on predictable toilet humour that makes ME want to barf. Anyway, Sanjay and Craig are DETERMINED to make their friend barf they try bets, sauce and horror movies but nothing works. This is called FILLER. If these wasted four minutes were squished into a one minute montage then the writers may have been able to focus more on plot and maybe even turn the episode around. Eventually, Sanjay and Craig lose a bet and have to do whatever their friend says for two years. So they go to his house and find his dad eating food off the floor. He then gets hugged by grandma and basically gets absorbed into her wrinkles. Sanjay and Craig figure he doesn't barf because he is USED to all this gross stuff. The boys try one more trick and than a wild ending appears. Guess what happens. Just guess. That's right, he barfs. The End. This show basically has a fail around every corner. The humour is lazy and predictable, the animation hurts your eyes, the middle of the episode is lousy filler and the ending sucks.
Annoyance 4/10 Awful Audio 0/10 Boringness 6/10 Confusion 0/10 Disturbance 4/10 Envious Ending 7/10 Flanderization 1/10 Gaping Plot Holes 0/10 Ludacris Low Budget 3/10 Mauling Morals 4/10
Total: 29/100
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I have no words... - Garythesnail

I miss the old Nick, back in the days of Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Ren and Stimpy, and Seasons 1-4 SpongeBob. - Garythesnail

Sorry but the old Nick isn't coming back. You just have to deal with it. Like I have to get over the fact that Jetix isn't coming back. - visitor

And don't forget Catdog - OhioStateBuckeyes

Season 5 of spongebob was decent - visitor

Seasons 1-3 I mean. typo. - Garythesnail

Does anyone sensibly like this show? - visitor

This show isn't actually bad, unlike most people I acutally still think nick since 2000 is great, except rocket monkeys, which is 1000000X times worse than any nick show, even combined! Don't flame me for this - visitor

Funnily enough,this was the first episode of Sanjay and Craig I've seen - DapperPickle

And the only - DapperPickle

This show is trying to make kids dumb enough to agree to join the Illuminati which is Nickelodeon. - Skullkid755

Well, they succeeded in making the audience barf. - RoseWeasley