Top Ten Reasons to Hate Sarah from Ed, Edd, N Eddy

The Top Ten

1 She treats Ed like a slave

Too bad in the end of: Sir Ed a lot is the best its where sarah gets locked out

Treating Her Own Brother That Way!
How Cruel!

2 She's a Brat
3 She used her boxing lessons to inflict pain on the Eds in Every Which Way But Ed
4 She's a Horrible Sister
5 She Enjoyed Eddy's Brother's Beating on Eddy in the Big Picture Show
6 She thought Ed stole her stupid doll in The Ed-Touchables
7 She's a Snitch
8 She protects Jimmy

Jimmy is just a stupid whinny crybaby

Jimmy Gets Tortured Every Day And I Feel Sorry For Jimmy
Sarah Is The One Who Should Get Tortured

9 She tortured the Eds in 3 Squares and an Ed
10 She yelled at the Eds that they stink in Over Your Ed

The Contenders

11 She hates Eddy the most

Nah is actually Kevin that hates Eddy the most but yeah Sarah does hate Eddy too

12 She's Terrible to Ed

This should have been WAY higher on this list.

13 She's short

Height doesn't have anything to hate her. Her selfishness is more to hate

14 She is annoying
15 She got Pissed at Ed for leaving his sock in her room
16 She's Sadistic
17 She has a fish face
18 She wears the same Pink shirt

Everyone on the show wears the same thing so this doesn't count.

19 She hangs out with Jimmy
20 Her room is pink
21 She ordered the Eds to get out of the pool in Pop Goes The Ed
22 She's Irritating
23 She's Loud
24 She's Not Likable
25 She's Ugly
26 She locked the Eds out of Ed's house in Knock Knock Who's Ed
27 She's Scary
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