Top 10 Reasons to Hate the School Grades

The Top Ten Reasons to Hate the School Grades

1 They cause stress

There certainly is a lot to stress about. There is a very fine line between the grades which you can achieve, and you can make a near miss simply by missing one tiny detail, which most people think nothing of in real-life applications. The consequences are all carried forward, affecting the subjects you can take next stage, the universities you go to, the degree you come out with, your attraction to employers. Realistically, you'll never do this perfectly, so one can worry constantly about what opportunities they'll lose if they forget one tiny aspect. Grading systems say nothing about true ability, but they can cause many people who are more than qualified for what they aspire to do miss out completely. - PositronWildhawk

Exactly. I got a C once in math and my mom said "You have to improve your grade! Or else you won't be able to do the things you want blah blah blah! " I may not, but you don't have to stress me about it. I try my best to get good grades but the lessons are sometimes really hard. Some of the things in math aren't even really needed, like division, I don't think I'll ever have to divide anything but FOOD in my life. And what's the point of cursive when you may not even use it?

You can't apply yourself in a class if you're constantly stressed out. Sadly, this is the case for me. - 4Noobs

Even though I'm pretty much an A/B student, keeping grades up is still hell on Earth, and I also find it quite sad that so much pressure and misery is put on people over a few letters on a piece of paper that say nothing about the qualities that will get you far in the workplace. Passion? Teamwork? Willingness to help others? They sadly don't play a part in grades whatsoever. - Entranced98

2 They take the point of school away

In elementary school, it was about learning. And when you reach middle school, it becomes about passing and stressing yourself out. And in high school, if you mess up, your future is destroyed. And the pressure from our parents and teachers to do better is not making the situation any better.

Exactly! We are supposed to be learning things we will use as an adult one day! But now we just memorize pointless facts for a test that doesn't determine intelligence! And in high school, these grades will determine your future. And grades also give a reason for parents to shame you over them! Please abolish this unfair grading system forever! Thank you!

Grades don't determine intelligence! School is supposed to be for learning useful things. But now it's all about memorizing pointless facts for a stupid test that doesn't determine intelligence. And grades give parents a reason to torture their kids.

The worst advice I ever got was: "Focus on learning, and the grades will follow." The grades did not follow.
If you want good grades, you have to study for good grades; if you want to learn, you have to study to learn. Although there is some overlap between them, these two things are very very different.
Actual understanding, which is supposed to be the point of school, unfortunately always loses to grades.

3 Your parents torture you over them

Sucks for u I'm american if I get a d I'm happy#NoRacism - JayJayPlayzzz

I'm Asian and once I got a B on a math test (90%) and my mom thinks that it's "just OK"

I hate having high expectations Asian parents :(

4 They are not fair

Who ever gets an outstanding effort but a C. RIP.

I was recently graded a zero on an assignment THAT WAS NEVER EVEN ASSIGNED! And the assignment was supposed to be worth 1 point. Now my overall grade is at 40%. WHAT. THE. HECK! >:(

Yeah I should totally get a D for missing something on a half day - 445956

Usually depends on the circumstances - it's especially ridiculous when grades are knocked down thanks to pretty insignificant things, like missing one lesson for a dentist's appointment or turning in just one little homework assignment a day late.

Sometimes even the work in class can be unfair. One time my Biology class took a big test just before grades came out, and a few of the questions were on material we hadn't covered in class, yet we were still expected to answer them. Nearly everybody got awful grades (and probably a nagging from their parents) thanks to that - luckily my grade wasn't too bad, but it was still horrifying to think that we were essentially being set up to fail the term. - Entranced98

5 They make people cheat

If u don't have good grades then the only wsy is cheating

6 They are a false way of determining intelligence

so true

Writing a few letters on a dead peice of wood does not make you smart. YES. Can you believe it? It's so fascinating! - TwilightKitsune

Me: *trades with a person next to me with science quizzes to check and grade, nothing but colored pencils.
Friend: *Hmmm, she got it all wrong. *crosses out all numbers of the test*
Me: *realizes that I got a 0/5, and put the paper upside down." - HelloWhyImHere

7 They turned school into a hellhole

That's what I was thinking. School is both a jail and a hellhole. - HelloWhyImHere

8 Some parents think bad grades are the end of the world

I am Asian.

Me: mom I got an 89% on my math test
Mom: 89? That's a B! You're not studying enough!

9 They determine your future

Teachers think that if you get straight Ds or Fs, you will work at McDonalds

Asian grading scale:

A=ok you need to work harder still
B=bad needs lots of improvement
C=this is very bad
D=absolutely horrible
E=u dishonor the family
F=get out of the house and find a new family!

10 They were created by a selfish tutor named William Farish in an effort to increase his salary

Well fudge you, William Farish - TwilightKitsune

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11 They destroy confidence

It’s destroying my mental health

My period 5 class gave me a D when I did all my work but just because I did terrible on one assignment, and I literally tried, and it was posted in the gradebook like, 7 times, and I got a Z for all of them. It ended up as a D. I also have an E in period 6 when I have done all my work properly and for no apparent reason, I have an E. And yes, my school thinks that they should change F's to E's to sound less harsh but it still stresses us out. This won't make me want to get my grades up, neither will it get my hopes up of getting my grades up. Screw the school system. - 445956

12 People put too much of an emphasis on them
13 Asian parents are strict about them

Asian Kid: I got 99% on my test
Asian parent: where’s the other 1%?

14 Teachers shame you over them
15 They make you feel stupid

I agree.

fr though - JayJayPlayzzz

16 One bad grade and everything goes to hell

Asian parent: Your report card came!
Kid; uh oh
Asian parent: Let's see, you got the A, A, B, A----- B?! B IS FOR B****!

17 They judge your progress

True. It judges your personality, socialism, and how smart you are! Don’t let grades make who you are!

18 They increase by a subtle amount, and decrease by a huge amount
19 If you’re Asian then the grades will really have an impact on your family

Asians view grades as this:

100%= A

Any grade that’s a 99% or below= F

20 Good grades really stress out Asian kids

Asian kid: oh no I got a 85 on the test
American friend/teacher: that’s good
Asian kid: but my parents will be so disappointed in me for getting a B!

21 Asian parents view them differently than American parents

For example a B+ is a good grade to American parents but it’s viewed as a bad grade to Asian parents

22 You don’t even care about the grades you get in elementary and middle school once you become an adult
23 Some colleges demand perfect grades before they accept you into their schools
24 They determine your next school year

If the grade is bad enough you’ll be held back

25 They determine your summer

You need to take summer school if grades are bad enough

26 Parents shame you over them

Especially Asian parents

27 1 bad grade will affect your reputation

For example if you're Asian and you get all As and 1 B on your report card your parents will yell at you over that 1 B

28 The grading system is unfair

Why is a 91 a B? It should be an A-!

29 The modified ones are stupid and dumb

Some classes have either “pass” or “fail” instead of letter grades. For example in a particular class if you get an 80 or above you will pass and anything below that is a fail, so of you get a 79 in the class you will fail it and you might need to retake it even though it’s the equivalent of a “C” grade!

30 Some teachers have high expectations over them

For example you know how Asian parents don’t like any grade lower than 100? Well in high school my special ed teacher got upset and angry at the whole class because they “failed” a kindergarten worksheet (they got only 1 or 2 wrong and I was the only one that got a perfect grade cause it was too easy for me). My teacher isn’t Asian by the way...

31 The teachers give you a zero even if the work is partially completed

Once I got a zero on my homework because I forgot to attach 1 file to it. So unfair!

32 Some parents think that a D is an F
33 Asian parents think that any grade lower than an A is an F
34 E is a grade

E is one of the worst grades ever. It’s considered an F+!

35 It affects your mental health
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