Top Ten Reasons to Hate School Lunch

School lunch was never fresh and healthy to eat. Students waste more food at school than in school becuase of the quality. Here is the reasons why school lunches is terrible!

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1 They buy packaged food instead of ingredients to cook.

Well, you can't blame them for not having the time to cook for 3,000 kids every day. I don't love school lunches, but we should be thankful that they feed us anyway. - Garythesnail

They just use frozen dry burgers st my school

2 It was never healthy

It's just rubber chicken nuggets

That is so true

While I agree with Garythesnail about the cooking thing, our school doesn't even try to be healthy. Our main meal we get is cheese-filled breadsticks. Some people get these every day, and I think these should be discontinued as people only eat the breadsticks considering the side carrots bounce. - pandagirl

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! SLPS MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHERS EXCEPT PE TEACHER, you are not concerned about a student's BMI. Give healthier lunches if you don't give recess. Make it good, to.

3 Cafeteria workers are too lazy to cook

Too lazy to cook for thousands of kids? Each DAY? If you've got such a big problem, bring a lunchbox. Their jobs are harder than you think. - Garythesnail

Tye school lunch may not be good,but I disagree with this. - cosmo

4 It can make you sick

One of my friends said her "cousin" found a gnat in her salad. And another friend said she found a toenail in her food, but the lunch lady said it was a pear. Also, my close friend's siblings threw up from the pizza they serve. Finally, some of my friends think there are worms in the applesauce, but it's just cinnamon. - Powerfulgirl10

I'll agree with this one, because many things they serve leave me in the bathroom for half of 7th period. - Garythesnail

One time someone in my class threw up and got really sick because of the school pizza. I bring my lunch more then half of the time though.

Back in elementary school, I got meatloaf. That night, I threw up. - Officialpen

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5 It has no flavor in it

The mashed potatoes they serve at my school are half flavorless and also dry on some parts. - Powerfulgirl10

6 You need to pay to get better food

At my school, we usually don't have to pay for anything we eat. - Powerfulgirl10

7 It's very disgusting

Here in Finland, the chicken is so flavourless, that you can't if it is chicken or soft wood. And the sauce is as thick as glue plus the potatoes might have some black stuff inside.

I remember once seeing some blood on s burger...

Exactly. Everyone at my school like the pizza, which is waaay to cheesy and waaay too salty. Then they made fun of me for getting a hot dog...Stupid classmates. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

8 Vegetables and fruit don't taste very fresh

I used to like the school's tangerines, but now they taste too juicy and sweet. They are also more orange than the sun because they're fake. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

All the fruits in my lunch is dry and brown. - Catacorn

And neither does there milk - NESSquid

Its always canned junk and not good and fresh fruits and veggie'sc - RevolNiartRuasonid

9 You can throw up easily
10 It's not enough food

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11 They force you to finish it

One of my friends from first to third grade said at another school, se had to be forced to eat all of the food they serve. I mean, kids get FULL, you can't force them to fill up their bellies. - Powerfulgirl10

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12 The food is fake
13 Potatoes are rubber
14 Tastes like mcdonald's food, but worse
15 Pink Slime
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