Reasons to Hate the Scratcher 456mnb


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1 He only speaks Portuguese

racist - lynxa


Because pooplup here is offending pll who cannot speak english
because pooplup wants people who only speak portugeise to get mad at pooplup
because pooplup wants everyone to speak english
because pooplup cannot speak english
because pooplup can only speak portugeise I'm ok with everyone else only speaking it but not u u offended your own language aaa
because pooplup wants to become a cyndaquil/cubchoo/basculin basculin cannot even evolve lolololoolololololol hahaahaha and YOU pooplup you are a basculin now loolololloolloolol hahaahah what a loser lol

2 He's annoying
3 He annoys other Scratchers by inviting them to his studios
4 He remixed Alika87's Add Yourself and added nothing
5 His avatar is a Pikachu

And you don't have an avatar - lynxa

Well u pooplup your profile is a cyndaquil haha people don't like u because u spread hate

Yeah, and…What's wrong with that, P00P?!?!

6 He's sexist
7 He is LGBT

Homophobic and you hate gays ad LGBT people and transgender. I am reporting you - lynxa

You know, he is both gay and transgender. - Piplup

Being LGBT doesn’t make you a bad person

8 His voice is very annoying
9 He's overrated

14 followers. 14 followers? - Piplup

It’s not that much u poop

10 He follows users who hate him with all his guts

He just wants to be nice even to haters. - BorisRule

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1. He's annoying
2. He only speaks Portuguese
3. He annoys other Scratchers by inviting them to his studios


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