Top 10 Reasons to Hate Sega

Sega is a big doody bucket. Here's some reasons why!

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1 They keep pushing Sonic the Hedgehog in everybody's face.

Sonic needs to die. I think Sega needs to make a new mascot or revive one of their older franchises. Sonic felt like a 90s trend whereas Mario is timeless. Half of his games completely forget that he's about running fast like Sonic Labyrinth, Boom, and all the racing games. And the games didn't have saves until sonic 3 so you basically HAD to speed run the first two games in order to see the ending! What's weird is that sonic is considered one of the most iconic video game characters yet his most recent games are lucky to have sold more than 2 mil copies. Eh, I'm pretty sure the next generation is going to forget about him and move on to Zelda or Mario. So I can't wait to see sonic in the sewers of dead franchises with Bubsy, F-Zero, banjo kazooie, Metal Gear and practically every Sega franchise that's not sonic!

Ok, Sega. We get it! You're trying to make everybody forget about those bad Sonic games, and make him better. Don't you think about the customers? We're getting sick of Sonic the Hedgehog. If you can no longer make good Sonic games, stop making Sonic games.

Sonic sucks! We get it already. Sega is jealous of Nintendo's success!

Nintendo does what sega'int!
Nintendo cares for all its franchises not just Mario
Sega just cares about sonic!

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2 They leave their other video game franchises behind.

Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg, Ristar the Shooting Star, Alex Kidd, Vectorman, Super Monkey Ball, Streets of Rage, Virtua Fighter & so many more are all franchises that Sega doesn't care about anymore.

If they did, why is there the Sega superstars series?

This one is really true

Where's my Jet Set Radio sequels Sega

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3 Their home consoles after the Sega Genesis suck.

The Dreamcast didn't suck, but the Sega Saturn's failure DID carry over to it, causing Sega to give up on the console market.

What? The sega Saturn was pretty bad and the game gear was alright at best, but the dreamcast was amazing, even though it had some bad games like sonic shuffle 😒

1. Sega CD
2. Sega 32X
3. Sega Saturn
4. Sega Dreamcast

4 Sega rushed their consoles & many Sonic the Hedgehog games.

Sonic 06 would have been a great game but they rushed it and now it's a glitchy mess. I also heard that Sonic Boom is pretty glitchy too.

Sega rushed the Sega CD, 32X, Saturn, Dreamcast, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic 2006, many other Sonic games, and the Sonic Boom games. You know, unlike Sega and their way of rushing everything, Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo says "A delayed game is eventually good. A rushed game is bad forever." True. A delayed console is also eventually good. A console that's rushed is completely bad. I made the quote about consoles up, and it's true.

5 Sonic Team is a group of idiots.

They should get fired for all of that. Do any of you agree?

Welcome to Sonic Team! We make games I think.

Yeah. Pretty much why.

If you thought Sega was dumb before, just type "Sega or Sonic mandates" into the search engine. It explains everything.

6 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
7 "Genesis Does What Nintendon't"

"WE got speed that is all we need lets make fun of nintendo they got better graphics and music and quality and all we got is speed nothing else." really sega that is stupid and I hate you becuase 1. you insulted nintendo 2. you made disk games (reason I hate it can ruin your game forever) 3. worst mascot ever

How about the Sega Yanks changed Mega Drive to Genesis meanwhile all the other countries had Mega Drive.

Nintendo does what genesisn't

Nintendo is 100 + 1 times better then sega - bjinmaro64

8 Sega bullies Nintendo and ripes off their games.
9 Sega is lazy.

Best selling stand alone Sonic game was developed by Nintendo during the Mario and Sonic crossover. Go figure.

10 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

This game had a lot of potential, but SEGA didn't informed Big Red Button that this game needs to be on PC, look at this video of the beta state of Sonic Boom v=MmM28X7m_WA

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11 Sonic fandom is falling apart

Now that is one of these reasons and THIS IS NOT A GAME AT ALL!

I agree

12 They sexualized a bat.

No she is still great

13 Sega insulted Nintendo's console

Remember those old Sega commercials where they used to make fun of Nintendo. like when Sega Saturn commercial they shot the N64 really they used to make fun of Nintendo, and Nintendo was trying to be nice to them and felt sorry for them.

14 Sega pushed their own Sonic characters away

If SEGA never truly cared about Sonic and all his friends at all then they should hand them all over to me so I can take better care of them. What are they willing to gain by treating them bad?

That's one of these reasons

15 They put copyright claims on channels to take them down so they could promote a game
16 They stop making consoles, now they rely on Nintendo to help them

The modern sonic games are on Nintendo Consoles, and they rely on AtGames to remake Sega Genesises

17 Cruddy controls for hockey

You know where to find Air Hockey. Scroll past the real games on the AtGames Sega Genesis Game Menu

18 When Ubisoft passed over the Worms series to SEGA, SEGA thought it would be a good idea to make it 3D, they f'ed it up.
19 They never gave a direct answer as to why PSO2 didn't have an official release in the states. There were little to no updates.
20 Sega has crappy games

They ruined sonic and left behind all their other games

21 Sega kept abusing Sonic the Hedgehog

Painful and unbearable isn't it?

22 Sega didn't give Cream a chance to reach her full potential

It's true. Cream deserves better treatment. All sonic characters do have potential. Even Tails.

23 SEGA has a history of rushing their games!
24 They make Nintendo wait for SEGA to finish developing the Mario and Sonic games so that Nintendo can publish them.
25 Sega is uncreative
26 Their nationalistic pride and xenophobia continue to restrict their success and profits to Japan only with only a tiny sum of games trickling through to the west.
27 They charged a monthly subscription fee for SEGA Channel
28 The 32x is an insult to all SEGA fans, meanwhile Nintendo's Super FX chip made SEGA look like a freaking joke.
29 They Gave Up The Console Market
30 Sega 32X
31 Sega CD
32 They tried to be rad 90s but nobody cared
33 Sega made games that guys have to pee on to play them in Japan.
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