Reasons to Hate Selena Gomez

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1 She tries to be a good girl but she's not

She wants the whole world to see her as this "beautiful, innocent, sweet angel," but in reality, she's an evil person.

She's fooled an entire generation of kids. Its really sad.

So true she is so fake she dated other celebrities for fame.

Actually she try to make people think that she's an "angel" but in real life she's evil please she use people for fame like jb and demi and tay tay and she ruined the friendship by the way jb and tay tay and miley and justin she's an horrible person she didn't care about anyone but herself she's selfish and hypocrite I hate her so much

2 She uses autotune

Everyone is like "she has a beautiful voice" and I'm like "I've listened to her live several times and I'm ready to go to the hospital for ear surgery! " SHE CAN'T SING

She whispers through EVERY song so you can't hear how bad she sings. If you can hear any sort of good singing its someone else or autotune. Taylor Swift as well, but at least she sings bad at full volume!

She doesn't use autotune when you hear her live it sounds the same! Don't hate a person just because you walked in on one chapter of there story yes she may be known as a celebrity but you have no idea what she is going through she might not even show it! And besides mostly everything singer uses auto tune!

She was a teenager back then. I went to her concert this month and she ROCKED IT.

3 She is not talented

Yes, exactly! She cannot sing, dance, or even act. She's such a hypocrite. She might as well be known as Justin Bieber's ex, which is pathetically true.

She can't sing and she sucks at lying. Everyone knows she only puts out if it benefits her and her brand. She could give zero craps about anyone but herself. She trashed Demi after she got what she wanted. She trashed Justin after she got what she wanted. She has to step on people to make herself bigger which is not a talent. Her voice sounds like someone dragging a dying cat across broken glass. If there was not a thing called auto tune she would be auto dismissed. She uses her image to sell her music. She talks about loving God and living to a higher standard and tells girls not to post their naked bodies on social media but turns around and does the exact opposite. She a fake which is not a talent.

Not at all. Without autotune, JB, T Swift, and Demi Lovato, she would be nothing.

She can't sing at all. Total autotune and lip syncs or whispers in all live performances.

4 She is ugly

She looks like Alvin and the Chipmunk. She's very fat and flat. She has a round face with ugly baby cheeks, and small ugly eyes. She is also a rude person. She caused Justin to have depression. She is terrible.

Alvin and Chipmunks are much more beautiful than Selena Gomez what are you saying!

Have you seen her WITHOUT her makeup?!?! She looks like a chubby and homely child!

She's So Ugly & Bad For The Kids In The World. Because She's Using Boys For Real...

5 She is famous because she is Justin Bieber's girlfriend

Also, Justin is way too good for her. He treated her like she was a princess, he literally gave her everything she wanted. He really loved her. And what did Selena do in return? She treated him like crap. She shaded him a million times, she drove him into depression, she made him feel like crap. She didn't give a damn about him, all she cared about was herself. She's a horrible person.

This is really true. It doesn't matter that she was famous before him. Nobody didn't really knew who she was before she started dating him. Justin gave her popularity, he made her well known. If it wasn't for Justin, she wouldn't even be as relevant as she is right now.

If you ever noticed, all of her hits and most watched videos are about Justin! And in every interview they ask her about the relationship with Justin, even if they are apart. Do they do the same thing with other famous girls with boyfriends? Possibly not because they didn't get famous by their boyfriends!

Yes she just use him, play with his feeling and depression and mental health she's horrible without a heart I hate her so much

6 She tries to show off her body too much

She's not even that attractive. Stop trying to be sexy, baby face Gomez!

She eats like a pig and shows off her fat ass body skinny dipping for media attention and then wants to thrash some fans who call her fat. Thus always trying to stay in the news

She's needs to sit down that make up she wears makes it worse and she has gain a lot of weight this year...we might as well call her the cookie monster!

Her Lips Looks A Fish!

7 She is a fame whore

It took Eminem 9 years of talent to get famous. However, Selena Gomez used people for fame any got her more famous than Eminem in just 5 days. What a stupid hoe is she. She needs to stop. - SelfDestruct

Yeah she will befriend anyone for fame.
1.Demi Lovato
2. Taylor Swift
3. Her band members
4.Kendall Jenner
5.Kylie Jenner

This is so true. She dated Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, and Justin Bieber for fame.

I don't like her but I don't think we have to post rude stuff about her. It's okay to hate her without commenting about it

8 She uses people

She is using Niall Horan to make Justin jealous I hate her die Selena

True. She hangs out with people like Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, etc. Oh yeah, you cannot forget Justin Bieber. The only thing she's most known for. :)))

She used Justin for be a famous. I hate you Selena forever.

You can find her tagging along with Swift most of the time. Go find a hobby Selena. Stick to acting. You're so overrated it makes me sick.

9 She's so rude to Beliebers

I want her to die and never come back to life and justin deserves better that her

I accept this fact but Justin should understand he is so innocent in these matters Justin love you

Well umm If You say I belive you

I Hate Her so Much. Because She Hates Me, So I Hate Her Too

10 She doesn't write her own songs

Nope. She makes other people do it for her.

True. And she had the nerve to say that she wrote some songs from her album 'Stars Dance.' When she damn well didn't.

Yep. In fact since she uses autotune in her songs as well, she basically has no talent as a singer

Yeah its true because she is not talented

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11 She looks boneless

That's because she did drugs. She probably still does.

I am not saying that she is ugly! She is really pretty! But she is talentless she ain't got no talent she is famous for nothing but because off Justin Bieber her features are not beautiful but it do looks good with her She got a pig nose! Fr!

Smoking Maybe But Haha She's A Bad role for young girls...

Yes also a bad role

12 She pretends to be the best girlfriend Justin can have

Ugh. She wasn't even the best girlfriend. If anything, she was a horrible one.

I hate that about her

I want her to die from lupus disease

No actually justin pretends to be her best boyfriend Selena can have!

13 She's not hot anymore

She's a fat wannabe stripper now (2016)

She was never hot

She's ugly.

She was never hot, and she always looked like a 6th grader.

14 She has a bad sense of style

Oh please, she knows nothing about style

She barely knows about style man. She is so dumb

Excuse You she is Bae just because you can't have her amazing style๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿผ

15 She's overrated

So incredibly overrated! I cannot stand her. She's only known for being Justin Bieber's ex.

Peoples who love her are blinded she ain't no good.

Yes. She is. And the reason is Demi, Justin, Jonas brothers, Kendall, Kylie, Taylor, Taylor Lautner, Miley... I could go on and on ya know

There are so many other artists who deserve much more attention than her. Looks can take you very far sometimes I guess, seeing how far she's come. She's just a pretty face. I agree she tries, but its not her cup of tea. And its not fair to other artists.

16 She can't sing

True. She sounds so awful singing live. It makes my ears bleed. :(

Autotune. Need I say more?

Her only good song is the Wizards of Waverly Place theme song, and even that uses auto-tune, obviously. Lmao

Wow many people can't sing but You don't have to hate them

17 She is mean

Very true. She treats people like crap and doesn't care for her fans.

Let's not forget she was so mean To Justin Bieber.

Zac Efron is too good for her. Selena Gomez needs to stop depending on Nat Wolff.

Yeah true

18 She stole Justin Bieber from his Beliebers

People loved JB but when selena came, people started to dislike him too

God let her die from lupus disease

Heart Breaker

Like Getaway From Him

19 She is a fat singing chipmunk

That's not even her voice she uses auto tune you can't listen to her singing live her voice sucks!

True. She sounds like a dying rat.

True! Her singing voice sounds really bad.

She is a fat singing chipmunk that's why she's single

20 She flirts with everyone.

She is a cheater and she deserves to die

Selena is a cheater

And it's a crime or something?

You are a terrible person for saying that

21 She sounds like a donkey

Shut up please. Justin Bieber 's voice is perfect. Your singer (selena) sings like donkey

She don't sounds like donkey she sounds
Like a pig! Have you heard her talking or laughing her voice is so ugly.

You're right she looks like a donkey but without the tooth.

Shut up please Selena Gomez voice is perfect Your singer justin sings like donkey in your face

22 She was naked

Selena Gomez actually got big thighs!

She got a boob job and she photoshop her pictures!

Can you tell me when she was naked? People are putting unnecessary/stupid reasons to hate Selena Gomez.

Spring Breakers is one of those times. I heard it from critics but wouldn't watch it after hearing about it - SelfDestruct

The cover of her new album features naked babyface

23 She pretends to adore kids so Justin can like her more

Justin has a kind heart so she acts to be kind in front of him

Come on she is so stupid and she is so ugly

This is really pathetic of her. Ugh. I hate her.

It looks like she may lover jazzy and jaxon but deep down inside she probably thinks I want Justin to be with me all the time not them

24 She's too overrated

She's famous for nothing. Only because she sings songs about Justin Bieber

If you don't let Justin bieber alone I will kill you because Justin bieber is mine

Selina is not famous

25 She looks like a middle schooler

The most prettiest middle schooler of all the time bitch and the most kind hearted too this site is so dumb

26 She wasn't in a music video with Pitbull

That's stupid. I hate her, but I can come up with better reasons.

Umm.. what? I agree with the comment below.

So what?! Most of famous female singers wasn't in a music video with Pitbull. This list proves that people have no reasons to hate Selena

What's the point of hating her? But I hate her anyway.

27 She dated Justin Bieber

Which is the only thing she's known for.

Selena you can do better than that.

She is only famous for dating Justin Bieber - Nandani

This would only be the valid reason...

28 She is too huggy

Lol nobody doesn't wanna date her. :)))

Dirty Teeth It Needs A Little Toothpaste

She Can't Not Sing

I hate this girl

29 She's fake

Very true. I find her sweetness to be extremely fake.

Absolutely! I feel like she tries too hard to seem innocent, good and kind. She put so much emotion on display to gain sympathy and at the same time wanted to convey she has been keeping it all inside and staying strong. She seems to be trying really hard to pull the crowd towards herself. Even her display of romance with current boyfriend Abel all seems fake. She really has no personality of her own. Her interviews shows how she is trying to rise above all negativity but all she does is shade others.

She's sucks beliebers and we are more beautiful than her

She is just a girl who should be herself

30 She thinks she's very pretty and laughs and smiles for no reason to get attention from guys

This is so pathetic of her. Her smile isn't even that pretty. Her smoking yellowed her teeth. :))))

No offense but she has yellow teeth does her breath stink? LIKE I SAID NO OFFENSE I don't HATE HER

31 She Posed In Nothing But Her Bra and Tights

TRUE! just watch her new hands to myself video! she is showing nothing but her flat body

Her fans are blind

Okay Because She's So Much Hate Today

So what?!? at least she is comfortable in her own body. But you haters, you are not confident because you have a bloated tummy and you are a jealous frog. Idiot!

32 She is stupid

She didn't go to school, what do you expect?

You are stupid your mean and ugly do not talk to people like that.

33 She has no class

I hate Selena because she is Justin Bieber's girlfrind and she is ugly her sounds like a donkey

Selena thinks she's pretty.But No She's So Ugly...

You Sound Like A Frog


34 She's prissy
35 She loves children too much

No she don't love children she is just trying to show that she is an angel which she clearly isn't!

Umm... I hate her, but seriously?

If she likes children, there is nothing bad?!

What is wrong with loving children?

36 She is on drugs

And day by day she's getting uglier than she was

True. Her taking drugs messed her up. She used to be really pretty.

The Lupus is a cover up for her real problem. She an alcoholic and a coke head. She is known to party it up. Girl killed her own damn kidney then stole Francias kidney. Shes a bitch. She says shes cured of an uncurable autoimmune disease because she is more special then the thousands of other people who actually have lupus? I think not. Her team is cashing in on the Lupus stuff to hide the real fact that shes a drug addict. At least people lile Demi can come clean about their demons. Faking a disease that she always misquotes anyhow makes her one of the worst humans on this planet. It belittles the people who struggle and actually have this disease. She should be ashamed of herself. She had a kidney transplant because she was drinking way to damn much and hardcore druggin it up. Bieber was on the drugs. Ables on drugs like she dates all these men with known addictions. You can't tell me she ain't dippin in the pot. Its ok because karma will get her in the end and everyone will see how ...more

37 Her laugh is annoying

She laughs like a pig

Eww. She sounds like a goat while laughing. And so deep. :)))

Sage Bliss-I like some of her songs she's not that bad!

38 She has a bad voice

Couldn't agree more

I agree!

39 She uses people for fame

Since she did a collab with Zedd she was all touchy with him in every single picture and he looks like he wants to die in pictures with her, and when they were done making a song she stopped hanging out with him. She used him for fame just like every other guy she meets.

She used JB for fame, She used Niall Horan for fame, She Use EVRYONE For Fame

40 She's a bitch

She was furious with Justin Bieber because he made out with Ariana Grande, who is terrible enough for his heart. And guess what?! They had a serious catfight over Justin Bieber's heart as if Selena Gomez were Angie, Justin Bieber were Oscar and Ariana Grande were Lola of all Shark Tale characters.

If you're a fan of Selena and if you're reading this. WHY ARE YOU READING THIS IF you're HER FAN. YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS IS A HATE PAGE. So if u wanna fight with us haters don't even bother, cause we haters always gonna hate hate and hate

Selena Marie Gomez doesn't want people not TO say bad language AND not mistreated her for God's sake Selena Gomez is human being TO she wants TO be treated respect is ALL Selena wants people to do that


41 She needs too much privacy

Lol. She's a celebrity, why would she want privacy? That's a huge part of being a celebrity; you barely get privacy at all.

Seriously what? People needs privacy too, so STFU!

42 She chooses Bieber over her friends

Her Bieber-fever will soon grow her apart from demi and taylor

She does not deserve any of her brain-washed friends.

43 She can't act

Her acting is pretty weak. :))

Nope. Not at all.

True true.

Wow Who says?

44 She is all about that drama

She sucks totally sucks its like she always wanna make everyone realize that she is in pain and is very depress in AMA she cried And her Stupid friend Taylor Swift also do! Actually she is very mean and self centers!

And hm? have you notice? When she was giving AMA performance her voice does not match like in the song!

So true.

She is shady bitch and she broke my justin's heart and that's why he was so depressed and sad because of that mexican bitch

Justin is a angel and finally he opened his eyes and he realized that she used him for fame and she is a evil bitch

45 She chose Justin Bieber over The Weeknd

I Really Hate Americans. Because They Are Drug Dealer...

She is a dumbo
She never listens to her mother
She has the voice of a dying seal
She doesn't deserve a boyfriend

46 She's Starring in a Woody Allen Movie.

I'm not here to hate on her. Her songs aren't bad and all, but my only problem with her is that she's doing a movie directed by someone who has, on multiple occasions, been accused of sexual misconduct and is a pedophile. Timothee Chalamet is too doing the movie, but he publicly said he does not want to make profit out of this movie, apologized and is donating all profits to charity. Selena didn't even apologize and that was just simply wrong.

47 She jumped from the weeknd to Justin in just 1 month
48 She's a skank
49 She broke into someone's house and got arrested in her Hands to Myself video
50 Her success is massively disproportionate to her talent
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