Top Ten Reasons to Hate Serena from Pokemon

Serena is one of the characters from the Pokemon X and Y TV show. I personally hate her. With a burning passion!

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1 She only became a Pokemon trainer to get Ash's attention

All of the other main girls have started their journeys for their own dreams. Misty, May, Dawn, and Iris only started traveling with Ash AFTER running into him and realizing they had a common goal in mind. Serena, on the other hand, only started her journey to be with a guy. A guy she really knows nothing about. That was her only motivation. How much more pathetic and stupid can you get?

"There's no sense in going out of your way to get somebody to like you." -Ash

And that is exactly what Serena has done. She is completely senseless in her obsession. - eventer51314

Listen little girls, you should totally fall in love and chase a guy that gave you a minimal of decency because you needed it! I don't know why the writers thought it was a good idea to send that message to young girls. And yes, kids watch Pokemon. Target demographic. A good female role model is crucial.

FINALLY! Someone who hates Serena as well! I hate her so much! - Fandom_Lover

Ok, since the XY series is over, I started wondering why Serena gets more hated in Pokemon. When I realized that she's only becoming a trainer to be with Ash, now I get the point on what you guys are talking about. I'm not really a fan or amourshipper of Serena, but I don't hated her as much as the people who hate Serena.
Here's what I like about Serena:
1. She's a good Pokemon performer.
2. She likes fashionable clothes.
3. She tries her best.
4. She's great of making sweet.
And 5. She keeps going and never give up.
Now here's what I don't like about Serena:
1. She yell at her Pokemon in season 18 episode 16.
2. She threw snowballs at Ash while trying to talk to him, and even made him worse.
3. She's didn't even tell Ash that she like him, instead, in the finale of XY series, she kiss him (which I didn't seen it coming) and she's too shy to say it.
4. She barely battles.
5. She only had three Pokemon unlike four other poke girls.
And 6. The ...more

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2 Her fan base sucks

Her " fans ( aka SLAVES) are JUST LIKE HER! They bad mouth other characters, make mean videos on them and draw ugly photos of them too. If somebody disagrees on one thing they start bulking them. Um can WE speak freely people?! CAN WE?!

I remember the day I added this item. It's true. Amourshippers have grown to become one of the most annoying fan bases ever! And seeing an image of dumb Serena blushing and smiling made me CRINGE SO MUCH. I am so glad I finally realized how bad of a character Serena is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

For Serena: Makes ( * shudders *) * BEEP* shipping and fan photos, books, videos, etc. Everything else : THEY WANT IT TO DIE! Crazy people. They need to... 1. Dig a hole. 2. Stay there. Thank. You. For. Understanding.

Her fan base are like a group of evil demons that are trying to ruin the pokemon anime by spamming videos, fan fictions, fan-art about stupid Serena. Also sometimes the fan-art isn't even appropriate one time I saw a picture of Serena in a bathing suit while Ash was grabbing onto her uh..girls and I cringed so much! What kind of perve would even draw that?! Like what?

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3 How she revolves herself around Ash and will do whatever he wants her to do is a bad message that could drag girls into abusive relationships

One of the many reasons Amourshipping is TERRIBLE cause it gives bad messages. It makes girls look stupid and boys abusive. I HATE YOU SERENA! ( Chucks bottle)

I laughed when Ash basically used her as a living coat hanger. But when I think about how bad that is...*sigh*. Why? Just, why? - eventer51314

4 She's a Mary Sue

Yo, SAO haters. Sorry to rain on your salt parade, but if you think Kirito is too much of a Gary Stu, then Serena is twice the Mary Sue of him. At least Kirito ACTUALLY HAS PROBLEMS, but Serena? Probably little to none at all! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She gets moves when she rarely battles, Pokemon that evolve when they don't do anything, everyone likes her & treat her nicely even when she ignores clemont, she's inconsiderate and attacks ash with snowballs & 'it's all ash's fault,' and she has no faults what's so ever that's recognized in the anime. Yuck worst character in Pokemon ever!

She's a worse Mary Sue than Kirito and Asuna Combined!, worse than the worst Mary Sue ever Amy Rose!, - Hoxton

'Shes not a Mary Sue because she lost to aria' yea because she was in a popularity contest 🙄

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5 She wears inappropriate outfits for her age

Play "Tema De Secretos Los Angeles - Claudio Yarto" (Theme of Secretos Los Angeles), and watch Serena wearing suggestive clothes, I swear, it's like adding salt to the coffee instead of sugar. - ClassicGaminer

6 She has a major crush on Ash

Are you kidding? OH YAH! She obsesses and is a devil, no doubt. ( * whispers * I really love ash, I mean, I cry every time I hear because of you because... um... never mind ) She doesn't even know them. Its not even like Jesse and that guy. The ACTUAL childhood friends?! Stop saying Jessie bad she's actually pretty sweet and she has a tragic life ( like mine ). Serena? She's a brainless unfashionable boo. I HATE YOU SERENA (* sobs and chucks bottle )

God, where do I even begin? I don't hate how she had a crush on Ash, I hate the writers decision to make HER of all people a romantic love interest. She could have been a really good character but she was made into a bland love interest. I mean, it's stupid to have any love interest in Pokemon, but any of the SM girls could have been love interests and it wouldn't have 100% ruined their character. Oh, and I hate how everyone ships them together. Stalking is NOT romantic, people! Maybe if her "love" of Ash had developed over time because they care for each other and Ash felt the same way but they didn't know how to express it, it would have been cute. People only ship it for one reason: "It's the only girlfriend Ash will ever get." I'm sorry, but isn't Ash 10 and 10 forever, or am I wrong about all of the fan theories? Serena is just a creepy stalker, face it.

Oh, gosh. And now she's dressing like the boy. You watch, now that she's done with her goal, she'll be relegated to the background, or used for fan service and/or ship-bait. - eventer51314

You're right. But at least for a short while she had her performances (though, that's not much of anything). - eventer51314

Armorshipping? ARE YOU NUTS?! The only thing Ash wants in life is to become a Pokemon master! At least Clemont has a better setting! I hope Serena regrets choosing Ash over Clemont eventually. I don't know why she even WAS hated in the first place! Sure, she can be quite annoying at times, but other than that, Serena's not bombing. Armorshipping sucks. Ash sucks. At least give Clemont a chance!

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7 She is easily the worst female lead out of all the female leads in the anime


Misty: even though her bossy, bratty, hot-headed attitude makes her a very annoying character, she has a sad relatable backstory where her sisters black sheep her, but doesn't let that bring her down and went to prove them wrong. Very admirable.

May: great development. She went from whinny, hating Pokemon, impatient, etc... to loving Pokemon, stopped whinning & is more patient. She was always childlike, mature, naive, kind, & ditzy. Had relatable sibling problems & also just wanted to travel but found her goal & was the first to be pushed into another goal (dad wanted her to go after badges first). But handled that a lot better than the bratty Serena.

Dawn: her being a co-star made her very interesting as well as getting to see her childhood. She's a great girly girl who is into fashion & up keeping her hair. But she was brave, smart, optimistic, cheerful. She had her faults to as she was pretty ditzy. But she's a good example of a girly girl unlike ...more

We've all heard about hated female leads like Sakura Haruno from Naruto, Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail, and Misa Amane from Death Note. However, those three female leads come NOWHERE as close as to how horrible Serena is. Serena is easily worse than Misty, May, Dawn, and Iris combined and is so useless and barely contributes anything to the plot, NOT EVEN THE FILLER EPISODES! Heck, I'd even give praise to Sakura Haruno, Lucy Heartfilia, and Misa Amane for being even more useful and essential to their respective storylines more than Serena does! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Correct. Dawn, May, Misty and Iris had far more character development and unlike Serena they care about their Pokemon. All Serena does is blush


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8 She acted like a baby when she lost a showcase

So you lost a stupid showcase. Deal with it. Ash lost the KANTO LEAGUE and he didn't cry or beat himself up. May and Dawn lost so many contests, they cried, but became determind in the end. Heck, Brock's parents left him, and with 9 little siblings. He had to take care of all of them and run a gym! You just lost in a dumb little performance and cut your hair!

Just yes. One measly little Showcase. My friend lost the school Presidency and she didn't really care but she was a little sad, who wouldn't be? The President is much more important than a SHOWCASE! Come on, Serena, let down your hair!

Dude, if Serena ever met Dawn and they became good friends (Llama God forbid that ever happen), and Dawn opened up about crying after her 3rd lost Showcase, Serena would be like 'I've had worse. I cried after my first! Ash was staring at me and I felt so embarrassed! ', then Dawn- or anyone, really- would ditch her right there. Come on, Serena. Ash doesn't cry after his battle. Dawn doesn't cry after her 2nd or 1st showcase. May doesn't cry after her first battle against Drew. Iris doesn't cry when Dragonite disobeys her. Cilan doesn't cry when Iris calls him a pain (I mean, he was severely depressed, but that's beside the point). So come on, Serena. You're in a world full of magical creatures that fight and ruthless stakes. Grow up. And stay far away from Ash in the process.

~Silverfrost of RiverClan

9 She doesn't care about her Pokemon

What the heck? Serena makes Paul look like a good trainer! That's right, I said it! Even Paul is a better trainer than Serena! At least his Pokemon aren't complete wimps! If Serena both treated her Pokemon nicely and trained them well, they would not be weak! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I was hoping they would pull a May with Serena but they didn't. May hated Pokemon at first, but later on she started to really love and care for them. I mean she cared for a Manaphy as if it was her child ffs

Even Paul is better so is Iris who would've had a haxorus right now lets be honest here

To be honest I couldn't watch XY after that episode where Serena refuses to get muddy for her pokemon. Yeah I get it she doesn't like to get dirty, but Misty, May, Dawn,Iris or Lillie! And they did much more! Pretty sure they have all made bigger sacrifices than getting muddy for their pokemon! Serena is honestly the worst trainer in the pokemon! She makes Giovanni look like a good pokemon trainer!

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10 Her Pokemon are more likable than she is

Lol, nice. Very nice. So true. - eventer51314

Exactly if they could I'm sure they would run away - heyyou

Sylveon and Braixen are my personal favorites. They're sweet, have character, and battle for her and her dreams. At least they care.

I actually like the Pokemon more than the humans, with my favorites being Sylveon, because little bias, but it is just very shy and comforting and caring. Sylveon had a ton of character development, not to mention, it's flipping adorable, and Gliscor, just watch an episode of Gilgar or Gliscor as a major part, and you'll know a lot more about me. - SocialMediaStinks

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11 She worries about getting dirty

Ok I can kind of understand this but with serena, when either not getting dirty or saving her pokemon was a big decision? Seriously!? This is not only annoying, its downright offensive.

Disgusting, stupid, stereotypical waste of space! - FrozenHatingPokefan

Oh what a Mary Sue

Serena wouldn't get muddy to save her Fennekin.

Meanwhile Lillie would put herself in harms way to save her egg/alolan vulpix despite being afraid to touch Pokemon. - Rue

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12 She's rude to her mom

Grace is a GREAT parent. If I had her as a parent ( I wish ) I would NOt scream at her, yell at her, and whine at her. Yet Serena does all those things. I wish she had very strict parents ( like mine ) to spank her she really deserves it. And who doesn't like Ryhorn and Fletching? Thanks to HER I can't watch performing cause it has to many ripoffs!

And totally disrespectful! Talking back and lipping off to her. NONE of the other characters we've seen in the anime have ever been disrespectful to their elders, let alone their parents. - eventer51314

Even Misty respected her eldest sister Daisy even if didn't like it. - majormanafemale

Grace is very smart & knows Serena well! She knows how she is, and picks up on her thinking quickly! I'm sure if Serena told her mom she didn't want to do ryhorn racing & ran off, grace would understand. She really doesn't seem like the type to force her daughter to do something, just that she wants the best for her! But she's too bratty & cowardly to even think of telling her till later.

Okay, I'm going to try to explain why Grace is a bad mom IN MY OPINION and please bear with me,K?
Let's set into the first episode. We see irritated Grace telling her Fetching to wake up Serena as she failed. Then we have Fletchling pecking her, Serena screaming bloody murder while her mom is smiling, than Serena tries to tackle Fletchling but fails. Than Grace calls Serena to get ready for training much to Serena's annoyance. This small scene tells us 1. Serena often gets angry at Fletchling but cannot physically harm it unlike SOME PEOPLE ( aka Misty and Pysduck). 2. Serena often gets pecked in the face and is used to it. 3. Serena and Grace do not have a good relationship. 4. Serena hates racing. Now, some people say that Grace isn't bad and wouldn't force Serena into anything she really hated and Serena just was ANNOYED, and she didn't hate it because she would have a face of despair. However, something contradicts that statement : Serena has been training all her life for ...more

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13 She's a bad role model

To the person who said they want to hug and kiss Serena while they're naked, I certainly am not going to be that person! If there are even (who knows? *shudders*) body pillows of Serena from the anime, I will stay away from them at all costs. I wouldn't mind the one from the games since she can at least battle, but still. Serena as an anime character sucks. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

All she does is obsess over Ash, bake cookies, and that's about it. Her motto: "Forget my friends, my family, my Pokemon, Ash is my life! " - RiverClanRocks

At least with Brock, his flirting was seen in a negative light. He got his ear pulled/poison jabbed almost every time he did it. What was the consequence of Serena running away from home to go after some guy she knew one time for like an hour maybe? Or her being straight up rude to her mom & clemont? Or her throwing a tantrum because ash didn't respond in a way in her fantasy land?

Serena is teaching little girls that it's ok to run from your mom and your house to go find a boy you like. - Pikagurl

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14 She's a stereotype

I'm not against the girly girl stereotype, as long as a character can do it correctly. Look at Princess Peach. She's a lovable character and is still a girly girl. But Serena is personality-less. She's so bad, I stopped watching the anime because she's in it.

Super girly? Check.
Bakes cookies? Check.
Loves fashion? Check.
Obsesses over a guy? Check.
Neglects everyone but the guy? Check, check, and double check! She is a woman's stereotype! - RiverClanRocks

Also make her twirl her hair and give her hair rainbow ombres. She'd be a bigger stereotypical girly girl! - MLPFan

You had a girly girl character like down who could hold her own and was bad ass and then you make Serena...who is the opposite. who spreads a message that girly girls should always worry about their appearance, not get dirty, cook, and crush on a guy. Dawn would probably slap Serena if she ever showed up again.

Yeah she is - Neonco31

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15 She is madly in love with Ash because of the "childhood friend story"

Are you kidding me?! A childhood friend is somebody you really know ( like ash and Gary ). Not somebody you met for 5 MINUTES?! HOW ARE PEOPLE THIS DENSE?!

Poorly written romance at best! Hell, Twilight is a better love story than this! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You know, for once there is a love story worse than Twilight - TwilightKitsune

Serena: my small moment with Ash in the forest was so speshul!

Me: no it wasn't you stupid girly girl Ash was just trying to be a good person, he was not trying to make you his future waifu get over it - Pikagurl

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16 She has little to no character development at all

Cutting hair == character development. I don't know why Serena fans think that. She's still a useless girly girl, ignores clemont for no reason, barely does anything productive outside boring contests ripoffs, and tries to get with ash when he's shown no interest in her.

And what development she does have is rushed and forced. She started her stupid goal 60 episodes in, and within about a year her character arc was over. Both May and Dawn's character arcs lasted almost 4 years each. I think that's saying A LOT! - eventer51314

The writers obviously did not care for Serena. Just added a crush stitch to her to peak peoples' interest as well as fan servicing her. and people think she's going to Alola with Ash...why?

She is the Sakura of character development

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17 She looks like a Disney Channel character

Your typical Disney Channel girl is the woman's stereotype, which Serena is. - RiverClanRocks

Ugh. It's like they fused Elsa and Anna into a Pokemon character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

UN TRUE! She is the OPPOSITE! Disney characters are nice airheads. She is a sassy Miette hating ash obsessed girl.

Or very slightly worse - a Nickelodeon character! :O - The Ultimate Daredevil

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18 She's bland

She is dull and boring! So predictable

I was so excited to see Serena because of video game her but she's just boing and stupid

She has had the least amount of character development in X and Y. - RiverClanRocks

Serena: I'm perfect for Ash! I can clean and cook, have pokemon, also I can dance!
Bonnie: yeah like any other girl in the world.

Ughhh I'm so mad at this character she is so bland! She just like any background character in the anime, but with a stupid love interest with the main character. Like what the hell? I swear the people who created her were eather drunk or they were a crazy feminist.

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19 She dresses too inappropriately for her age

A lot of people try to counter this by using the other female companions who dress innapropriate but I want to analyze them for a moment.

Misty - Cannot deny how she's dressed here. She wears a crop top and very short shorts as a 10 year old. Her other outfits are fanservicey like Serena's. However, with her other ouftits, she didn't seem to enjoy it. I remember in the banned episode that she says "This is degrading but we need the money" or something like that. And in most cases, Misty was forced to dress the way she's dressed.

Dawn - Dawn is honestly the most tame I'm going to bring up here. She does have a very short skirt, but she also wears shorts underneath that short skirt. (I watched the dub of the DP series, I don't know if they censored it or not). Dawn's alternate outfits are extremely modest, her dresses tend to be knee length or longer when she's doing contests, or being dressed as a princess that one time. Dawn only seems to wear her main outfit ...more - Rue

One of the many things I hate about Serena is her clothing. There always short or no sleeved and short. I mean short shirts, sleeveless... is that really appropriate?

Although Misty and Dawn aren't really much better at this, they are way more likable characters than Mary Sue

She also has a chest in this age seriously? SHES 10 may had one too but she at least dresses normally - heyyou

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20 She's a desperate wannabe

Oh my God I hate the fact that is a wannabe! She is like ASH SAMA WILL NOTICE ME CAUSE I'M SO PRETTY!

Jeez she like a Mary sue and a sex toy that fans want to mess with. I mean why the hell does she have to be perfect at everything! I HATE SERENA!

And the writers are trying so hard to make her 'bad-A', 'cool', or 'likable' or whatever. It makes me hate her even more because she's so FAKE and WISHY-WASHY! - eventer51314


Serena: Oh, Ash! You look so handsome and adorable and I just wanna hug and kiss you right now and feel you all over and [censored] *because...too much Serena talk makes my ears bleed, dunno about the rest of you*

Ash: 0_0

~Silverfrost of RiverClan

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1. How she revolves herself around Ash and will do whatever he wants her to do is a bad message that could drag girls into abusive relationships
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3. She wears inappropriate outfits for her age
1. She dresses too inappropriately for her age
2. Her fan base sucks
3. She has a major crush on Ash
1. She only became a Pokemon trainer to get Ash's attention
2. She doesn't care about her Pokemon
3. She has a major crush on Ash

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