Top Ten Reasons to Hate Serena from Pokemon

Serena is one of the characters from the Pokemon X and Y TV show. I personally hate her. With a burning passion!

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1 She only became a Pokemon trainer to get Ash's attention

All of the other main girls have started their journeys for their own dreams. Misty, May, Dawn, and Iris only started traveling with Ash AFTER running into him and realizing they had a common goal in mind. Serena, on the other hand, only started her journey to be with a guy. A guy she really knows nothing about. That was her only motivation. How much more pathetic and stupid can you get?

"There's no sense in going out of your way to get somebody to like you." -Ash

And that is exactly what Serena has done. She is completely senseless in her obsession.

Listen little girls, you should totally fall in love and chase a guy that gave you a minimal of decency because you needed it! I don't know why the writers thought it was a good idea to send that message to young girls. And yes, kids watch Pokemon. Target demographic. A good female role model is crucial.

FINALLY! Someone who hates Serena as well! I hate her so much! - Fandom_Lover

Really, XYZ would have been better without her. - Espeonz

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2 She has a major crush on Ash

Are you kidding? OH YAH! She obsesses and is a devil, no doubt. ( * whispers * I really love ash, I mean, I cry every time I hear because of you because... um... never mind ) She doesn't even know them. Its not even like Jesse and that guy. The ACTUAL childhood friends?! Stop saying Jessie bad she's actually pretty sweet and she has a tragic life ( like mine ). Serena? She's a brainless unfashionable boo. I HATE YOU SERENA (* sobs and chucks bottle )

God, where do I even begin? I don't hate how she had a crush on Ash, I hate the writers decision to make HER of all people a romantic love interest. She could have been a really good character but she was made into a bland love interest. I mean, it's stupid to have any love interest in Pokemon, but any of the SM girls could have been love interests and it wouldn't have 100% ruined their character. Oh, and I hate how everyone ships them together. Stalking is NOT romantic, people! Maybe if her "love" of Ash had developed over time because they care for each other and Ash felt the same way but they didn't know how to express it, it would have been cute. People only ship it for one reason: "It's the only girlfriend Ash will ever get." I'm sorry, but isn't Ash 10 and 10 forever, or am I wrong about all of the fan theories? Serena is just a creepy stalker, face it.

I usually don't mind when a girl has a crush on the main character, and sometimes it can even be cute and pure. But when Serena "developed" a "love" for Ash? Forget about it. Her crush on Ash is so completely one sided and forced that I had to stop watching the series due to the writers failed attempt at making a love interest for the main protagonist. Usually it's nice to watch two characters slowly fall in love with each other, develop an actual interest in the other person, and form a healthy relationship. Serena just threw herself at him! When actual plot was going on in the story, like with Korrina and her Lucario, the writers just threw her to the sidelines until they finally tried to make one last failed attempt at making her a likable character by throwing on a few pink, sparkly, Pokemon contests minus the battling. In the beginning of the series the writers tried to make it look like she was a childhood friend of Ash. All that did was make ...more

Her crush is the driving force of her charater and leaves her with no room to grow

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3 She doesn't care about her Pokemon

What the heck? Serena makes Paul look like a good trainer! That's right, I said it! Even Paul is a better trainer than Serena! At least his Pokemon aren't complete wimps! If Serena both treated her Pokemon nicely and trained them well, they would not be weak! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I was hoping they would pull a May with Serena but they didn't. May hated Pokemon at first, but later on she started to really love and care for them. I mean she cared for a Manaphy as if it was her child ffs

Serena is obviously the WORST CHARCTER EVER. Worst than Najika, Rinne and any other STUPID other blonde cupcake... want me to explain?

In XYZ 24 she was SO INSANE. First of all she wanted to express to ash that she " felt " the same way of defeat. HELLO HE didn't GET A CHANCE TO SHINE YET! She was trying to " compare " her feelings to ash's. What, did you think, he'd get up and start smooching her? Than she starts throwing snowballs AS IF ASH isn't ALLOWED TO BE UPSET! And she was so mean and rude to Clemont and bonnie. WHY DID ASH FORGIVE THAT DEMON! She always crying and smirking. ( God forbid if she found out about molly, Gary, and any other living thing that knew ash when they were kids...). And people think its "ROMANTIC" that Serena is WORRIED! She ain't the only one. She's always standing around. We have a full, like, 50 episodes left. Also it makes me mad that Miette's a " minor " character I hope she comes and kicks Lysander's ...more

Her team is so weak it is actually disgraceful. May had a nuked Blaziken, Dawn had a hench Mamoswine and a kickass Togekiss (which she deserved) and Iris had a beast Dragonite, but Serenas team was weak. In game Serena had a mega absol. This proves how weak the anime version of her is. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Aren't we talking about whether Serena cares for her Pokemon? Not whether her Pokemon are stronger or not. - Sentimental

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4 She completely ignores Clemont and Bonnie

Clemont cooked a really nice dinner to celebrate her final princess key, and she didn't even say thank you! Spoiled brat! I DESPISE how she ignores Clemont! He's such a great friend to her. And what does she do? She overlooks him because she is so infatuated with Ash. Clemont is invested in her dream, and he's attentive and shows concern for her feelings. Unlike Ash, who is as dense as a block of lead, and isn't really that interested in her stupid Tripokalons. Amourshipping sucks. Serena sucks. She does NOT deserve Clemont's friendship!

True. And Serena doesn't even deserve any friends! She is so annoying and I want to put her in an incinerator full of Barbie dolls, because that's what she is! She is a Barbie doll, that's all she is! At least Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail cares for her friends, and I don't even like her! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This leans more toward Clemont. The anime focuses on Serena and ash's love but I'd rather let Serena take some time to be with Clemont every once in a while. Serena should give Clemont a chance because Serena needs someone who won't break her heart. What makes Clemont unloveable? What gives? The geek can't have anyone? Heck I picture clemont inventing things for serena! Granted they explode after the first try...laughter is the best medicine for feeling blue and his inventions exploding make me offense clemont! You are awesome in your own geeky way! There are the geeks no one wants to be around and there are the creative ones like inventors who never give up no matter how many times inventions don't work out.

I think this is the thing that irritates me most about her. She's only with the group because of Ash. She doesn't give a hoot about Clemont and Bonnie. I bet if she had met them elsewhere, she wouldn't have given them a second thought. Selfish brat!

Yeah, I hate people who are so lovey dovey to their crushes but nasty to her other friends! I want Misty back.

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5 She's rude to her mom

Grace is a GREAT parent. If I had her as a parent ( I wish ) I would NOt scream at her, yell at her, and whine at her. Yet Serena does all those things. I wish she had very strict parents ( like mine ) to spank her she really deserves it. And who doesn't like Ryhorn and Fletching? Thanks to HER I can't watch performing cause it has to many ripoffs!

And totally disrespectful! Talking back and lipping off to her. NONE of the other characters we've seen in the anime have ever been disrespectful to their elders, let alone their parents.

Even Misty respected her eldest sister Daisy even if didn't like it. - majormanafemale

Grace is very smart & knows Serena well! She knows how she is, and picks up on her thinking quickly! I'm sure if Serena told her mom she didn't want to do ryhorn racing & ran off, grace would understand. She really doesn't seem like the type to force her daughter to do something, just that she wants the best for her! But she's too bratty & cowardly to even think of telling her till later.

I bet half the people here are like that. - Sentimental

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6 She's a stereotype

Dawn was pretty girly too. But Serena took it to the extreme.

- Dawn only worried about her hair because of an incident that happened when she was younger. Serena freaks out over her whole face getting wrecked even though it'll save her because...?

- Serena had her mental serious breakdown... over 1 loss. In which, she had to wreck her hair & get a brand new ridiculous outfit. Dawn may have starts to cry after one loss, but quickly pulled herself together after listening to her mom. It wasn't after she lost THREE times IN A ROW did she went through a huge depression in which after some time she got out of. And she didn't need to change her appearance to do so.

- dawn's main thing was contests, but contest had some type of battling, and she did battle outside them & team rocket as well. She faced a gym leader, and in her cameo all she did was Pokemon battles. Serena is so prissy, so isn't interested in battling unless she has to.

-Also dawn was never ...more

I'm not against the girly girl stereotype, as long as a character can do it correctly. Look at Princess Peach. She's a lovable character and is still a girly girl. But Serena is personality-less. She's so bad, I stopped watching the anime because she's in it.

Super girly? Check.
Bakes cookies? Check.
Loves fashion? Check.
Obsesses over a guy? Check.
Neglects everyone but the guy? Check, check, and double check! She is a woman's stereotype! - RiverClanRocks

Also make her twirl her hair and give her hair rainbow ombres. She'd be a bigger stereotypical girly girl! - MLPFan

Yea, Dawn was a "girly stereotype" but that hadn't been done with the show before, so at the time it was OK. If you make another (more plastic, more extreme) version of that (Serena) then it's boring and just makes both characters look like a joke.

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7 Her Pokemon are more likable than she is

Lol, nice. Very nice. So true.

Exactly if they could I'm sure they would run away - heyyou

Sylveon and Braixen are my personal favorites. They're sweet, have character, and battle for her and her dreams. At least they care.

I actually like the Pokemon more than the humans, with my favorites being Sylveon, because little bias, but it is just very shy and comforting and caring. Sylveon had a ton of character development, not to mention, it's flipping adorable, and Gliscor, just watch an episode of Gilgar or Gliscor as a major part, and you'll know a lot more about me. - SocialMediaStinks

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8 She looks like a Disney Channel character

Your typical Disney Channel girl is the woman's stereotype, which Serena is. - RiverClanRocks

UN TRUE! She is the OPPOSITE! Disney characters are nice airheads. She is a sassy Miette hating ash obsessed girl.

Ugh. It's like they fused Elsa and Anna into a Pokemon character. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She reminds me of a Disney princess character like Ariel and Cinderella rolled into one person - PineappleBoy

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9 Her fan base sucks

Her " fans ( aka SLAVES) are JUST LIKE HER! They bad mouth other characters, make mean videos on them and draw ugly photos of them too. If somebody disagrees on one thing they start bulking them. Um can WE speak freely people?! CAN WE?!

What pisses me off the most about Amourshippers is that they expect everything to be handed to them. They expect fan service moments, they expect to see Ash and Serena together at any moment. They expect "alone together" moments and Serena to blush AT ASH all the time. They expect them to kiss. (I bet the writers only did it to shut them up, but that failed) They expect their petitions to work. (Which will always fail since Pokemon episodes are made months prior to their air date) Then they realize they aren't getting spoiled anymore because Serena is not in Alola with Ash. That's when they started to become more hostile. They want everything handed them on a silver platter. They don't care about the story and plot, they only care about shipping Ash and Serena. Because of that, they will take any moment to tear characters to shreds that aren't Serena. They will even attack people who like Mallow, Lillie, and Lana, as well as bashing people who ship any of those 3 characters with ...more - Rue

I remember the day I added this item. It's true. Amourshippers have grown to become one of the most annoying fan bases ever! And seeing an image of dumb Serena blushing and smiling made me CRINGE SO MUCH. I am so glad I finally realized how bad of a character Serena is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Her Armourshippers nearly ruined the fandom for me! I'm just peacefully going around the internet and I state my opinion which is "Ash will never get married". What do the shippers do. They tell me "Go to hell! 1! " or "Die in a hole" or "Serena is better than you" and "Were allowed to have an opinion too! 1! 11" (apparently I'm not). They expect Serena and Ash to have alone moments and, I don't know get children at the age of 10! (Way to keep your virginity) They will bash anyone with another opinion or even NO OPINION AT ALL! Next when she wasn't included in Sun and Moon (Thank god) they are all like "It's better with her! 11! " and "Sun and Moon sucks".

People. What dafaqe will a petty "Love" obsessed Pokemon performer do in Alola?

Lets see what her demons will do next... - Espeonz

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10 She's a bad role model

To the person who said they want to hug and kiss Serena while they're naked, I certainly am not going to be that person! If there are even (who knows? *shudders*) body pillows of Serena from the anime, I will stay away from them at all costs. I wouldn't mind the one from the games since she can at least battle, but still. Serena as an anime character sucks. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

All she does is obsess over Ash, bake cookies, and that's about it. Her motto: "Forget my friends, my family, my Pokemon, Ash is my life! " - RiverClanRocks

At least with Brock, his flirting was seen in a negative light. He got his ear pulled/poison jabbed almost every time he did it. What was the consequence of Serena running away from home to go after some guy she knew one time for like an hour maybe? Or her being straight up rude to her mom & clemont? Or her throwing a tantrum because ash didn't respond in a way in her fantasy land?

Look at that

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11 She's bland

I was so excited to see Serena because of video game her but she's just boing and stupid

She is dull and boring! So predictable

She has had the least amount of character development in X and Y. - RiverClanRocks

Serena: I'm perfect for Ash! I can clean and cook, have pokemon, also I can dance!
Bonnie: yeah like any other girl in the world.

Ughhh I'm so mad at this character she is so bland! She just like any background character in the anime, but with a stupid love interest with the main character. Like what the hell? I swear the people who created her were eather drunk or they were a crazy feminist.

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12 She's a desperate wannabe

Oh my God I hate the fact that is a wannabe! She is like ASH SAMA WILL NOTICE ME CAUSE I'M SO PRETTY!

Jeez she like a Mary sue and a sex toy that fans want to mess with. I mean why the hell does she have to be perfect at everything! I HATE SERENA!


And the writers are trying so hard to make her 'bad-A', 'cool', or 'likable' or whatever. It makes me hate her even more because she's so FAKE and WISHY-WASHY!

Serena: Oh, Ash! You look so handsome and adorable and I just wanna hug and kiss you right now and feel you all over and [censored] *because...too much Serena talk makes my ears bleed, dunno about the rest of you*

Ash: 0_0

~Silverfrost of RiverClan

13 Most of what she does is to impress Ash

The only reason she does anything is to impress Ash... Baking? Check. Performing? Check Check. Battling? CHECK CHECK CHECK. When will Serena learn that keys, foods, and moves will NOT get the guy. He needs a dorky, silly, smart, sassy girl... like ME!


14 She has little to no character development at all

Cutting hair == character development. I don't know why Serena fans think that. She's still a useless girly girl, ignores clemont for no reason, barely does anything productive outside boring contests ripoffs, and tries to get with ash when he's shown no interest in her.

And what development she does have is rushed and forced. She started her stupid goal 60 episodes in, and within about a year her character arc was over. Both May and Dawn's character arcs lasted almost 4 years each. I think that's saying A LOT!

The writers obviously did not care for Serena. Just added a crush stitch to her to peak peoples' interest as well as fan servicing her. and people think she's going to Alola with Ash...why?

I would never think that Serena's haircut is a character development, I think that she's trying to change her style to be a different person. Although, she's still the same person, but with her new style.

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15 She is easily the worst female lead out of all the female leads in the anime


Misty: even though her bossy, bratty, hot-headed attitude makes her a very annoying character, she has a sad relatable backstory where her sisters black sheep her, but doesn't let that bring her down and went to prove them wrong. Very admirable.

May: great development. She went from whinny, hating Pokemon, impatient, etc... to loving Pokemon, stopped whinning & is more patient. She was always childlike, mature, naive, kind, & ditzy. Had relatable sibling problems & also just wanted to travel but found her goal & was the first to be pushed into another goal (dad wanted her to go after badges first). But handled that a lot better than the bratty Serena.

Dawn: her being a co-star made her very interesting as well as getting to see her childhood. She's a great girly girl who is into fashion & up keeping her hair. But she was brave, smart, optimistic, cheerful. She had her faults to as she was pretty ditzy. But she's a good example of a girly girl unlike ...more

I'll add the sun/moon female leads now (& this will b going off two episodes (as that's as far as the English dub is) so Serena is worst than characters that only has 2 episodes on them lol):
Lillie: her fear of touching Pokemon makes her an interesting character like may's hatred of Pokemon in the beginning of the hoenn series made her interesting. And what makes her more interesting is despite having said fear, she still takes time to learn all she can about them & stays in a school surrounded by them. First few Serena episodes featured nothing interesting 4 Serena besides her being a whiny brat to her mom.

Mallow: her first appearance has her show her flaw in which she assumes things too quickly in which she can admit (& apologizes 4 burdening ash because of it). And she seems very friendly by nature unlike Serena who only seemed friendly 2 ash because of her stupid crush & was pretty rude 2 people who showed interest in ash 4 no reason. She also cooks & owns a restaurant ...more

We've all heard about hated female leads like Sakura Haruno from Naruto, Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail, and Misa Amane from Death Note. However, those three female leads come NOWHERE as close as to how horrible Serena is. Serena is easily worse than Misty, May, Dawn, and Iris combined and is so useless and barely contributes anything to the plot, NOT EVEN THE FILLER EPISODES! Heck, I'd even give praise to Sakura Haruno, Lucy Heartfilia, and Misa Amane for being even more useful and essential to their respective storylines more than Serena does! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Exactly, I know that a lot of people hate Iris, well, compare her to Serena and Iris will be the best!

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16 She is madly in love with Ash because of the "childhood friend story"

Are you kidding me?! A childhood friend is somebody you really know ( like ash and Gary ). Not somebody you met for 5 MINUTES?! HOW ARE PEOPLE THIS DENSE?!

Poorly written romance at best! Hell, Twilight is a better love story than this! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This was not a good message on the writers' part. girls shouldn't instantly fall in love with guys that show them a minimal amount of kindness...she's not even a childhood friend of Ash either. I mean if she was, Ash probably would've remembered her?

Gary and ash had a rivalry when they were young, but ash doesn't care about Gary anymore. So Serena shouldn't take control like that

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17 Her new haircut sucks

I hate how her new haircut is not only stupid, but it also makes Serena look like Patty Thompson from Soul Eater! How could such a good character like Patty be disgraced by having a blonde idiot like Serena have a haircut similar to her own?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It doesn't make any sense at all! And I agree, it does make her look even stupider.

Yeah, and her haircut making her look like Patty Thompson from Soul Eater also means the design was so unoriginal and uninspired! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I hate her because of this.

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18 She has a creepy obsession with Ash
19 She's dumb

Ash was ignorant. He wasn't dumb. Serena however is stupid as she isn't smart enough to gain her own courage for herself & always has to remember what ash-sama said.

How can people say Molly and Serena are the same person or related?! Molly is kind, compassinite, and young. Serena's mean, rude, and stupid. Both meet ash and friends, not to mention ITS IMPOSSIBLE! People might say they look alike but that's because Serena copies EVERYTHING from Molly to Ash to Aria.

Dumb blondes! Because Pokemon just had to go all-out Disney and start stereotyping blonde people! What has the Pokemon anime come to?! At least Korrina isn't dumb! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I stoped watching pokemon X Y cause of serena all she ever does is try to get ashes attention never even cares about Bonnie and Clement and all she wants is some good pokemon that can perform to try to make ash have some relationship or something m serena should have just stayed home and not even try to look for ash

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20 She's shallow

Oh I lost a battle. I need to cut my hair because I need to. ASH LOST A LOT AND HE didn't DO ANYTHING STUPID INSTEAD HE KEPT TRYING HE DID CRY SOMETIMES BUT HE NEVER QUIT! Serena is this dumb blonde who thinks she has a chance with Ash oh please Ash was better off with Misty I hope Misty comes back and Serena kills herself cause Ash and Misty get together

Especially that Misty along with Brock return in Sun and Moon. Serena for me is one of the forgetful characters. - PineappleBoy

I mean, she thinks cutting her hair and changing her outward appearance is gonna help her?

Yeah, and have you seen the movie Joy, with Jennifer Lawrence? Her character cuts her hair to symbolize a fresh start, but only after she had gone through great hardship! Serena though? She cuts her hair after ONE loss, in her very first performance. SO dumb & pathetic.

The reason she cut her hair was not because she lost. She was just as upset as dawn and may were at their first losses. She cut her hair because it symbolizes growth. She was determined to not make the same mistake she had made before,let overconfidence get the best of her and prove that she is more than just a girly girl with no aim in life. Because now she finally had a goal. (by the way I am an optimistic person who only looks at the good in people so don't blame me)

The reason I cut my hair was to make it easier to take care of and it was in bad shape. serena had no particular reason to cut her hair.

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21 She dresses too inappropriately for her age

A lot of people try to counter this by using the other female companions who dress inappropriate but I want to analyze them for a moment.

Misty - Cannot deny how she's dressed here. She wears a crop top and very short shorts as a 10 year old. Her other outfits are fanservicey like Serena's. However, with her other ouftits, she didn't seem to enjoy it. I remember in the banned episode that she says "This is degrading but we need the money" or something like that. And in most cases, Misty was forced to dress the way she's dressed.

Dawn - Dawn is honestly the most tame I'm going to bring up here. She does have a very short skirt, but she also wears shorts underneath that short skirt. (I watched the dub of the DP series, I don't know if they censored it or not). Dawn's alternate outfits are extremely modest, her dresses tend to be knee length or longer when she's doing contests, or being dressed as a princess that one time. Dawn only seems to wear her main outfit ...more - Rue

One of the many things I hate about Serena is her clothing. There always short or no sleeved and short. I mean short shirts, sleeveless... is that really appropriate?

She also has a chest in this age seriously? SHES 10 may had one too but she at least dresses normally - heyyou

Misty wore yellow top, red suspenders and jean shorts. her midriff and legs were exposed. but it isn't enough to please the males. why? because they're classic and plain. dawn wore skirt which was very short. but it made her look all but manipulative in boy's eyes. serena wore a little shorter skirt than hers but wore stockings and black and red. these 2 colors r extremely manipulative towards men. misty and dawn wore bright colors and had non normal hairs. but serena is
blond and blue eyed. I guess that makes sense that why SERENA's clothing, while being sassy and a little covering, still can attrat men. that's why it can be said that she dresses too inappropriately for her age.

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22 She copies Ash's attitude

She tried to anyway! All she ever thinks about is "this is what ash says, & so I must go with it instead of mustering courage & confidence for myself, I have to think of what ash says all the time to help me though everything! "

Yeah! You never see her motivate herself. You never see her coming to any conclusion on her own, without thinking about what Ash has told her. She's so pathetically dependent on him! It makes me sick!

Like seriously Ash's attitude doesn't even suit her goal. she's so dumb

Well... Ash's attitude does influence a lot of people. Especially the people he travels with so... What's the problem there? - Sentimental

This is the most hypocritical list I’ve seen so far. She doesn’t ‘copy Ash’s attitude.’ THAT’S WHAT DAWN DOES! - TGBBOD

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23 She's only there as fan service and ship bait

I think that she was created just so there wouldn't be fights for who ash loves that's why she has no development shes just there so majority of other ships would grow smaller and smaller so there would only be one ship left and no more fights but it causes more fights then fixes - heyyou

This is so true I mean seriously she sucks

This I will admit is definitely the truth. And the fact that I am saying this to all of you should prove to all of you once and for all that I am not just some obssesive fanboy like some of Serena's other fans in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

24 She's useless

Sawyer got 8 gym badges before Ash did. I blame Serena. She made the group take detours for her dumb showcases. She's always holding the them up for stupid, pointless things like shopping, making sure she doesn't get dirt on herself, baking Pokepuffs, the list goes on!

Jessie is far mor competent & smarter, and prettier than Serena can ever dream of.

She is SO worthless that I wouldn't toss her into the grarbage because I'll feel SORRY for it. All she does is complain, whine, bully, and blush. She sucks at everything. Her motto :" Ash must be mine and nothing else matters! "

Alright, I kinda agree with most of it, but I would stop my journey for a Pokèpuff! (Stomach growls)

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25 She looks more stupid when she blushes

I want to slap her when she does this.

My rage level went up over 9000 when I first saw those two images of Serena blushing! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

For an anime fan like me, I actually find it cute when an anime girl blushes. Like when Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online does it. However, if we're talking about Serena here, then BLEH! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I litterally cringe and hide my face when she does. I can't take this eye abuse anymore when I search "Pokemon in love" to find literal pokemon instead of fake cheap photoshopped Aurmor photos to make my eyes bleed. - Espeonz

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26 She's irrelevant to the story, plot, and the group

Serena was just a part of this to introduce Pokémon Preforming and she had no other purpose

27 There is nothing special about her

Misty- she had a dark past but she still managed to get out of it and show her sisters that she's not a ru nt. v ery admirab le. a nd despite quarrelling with each others, they love each oth er. h ints had been sho wn. a sh got jealous of another guy and stared at her for she looked beautif ul. b ut ash didn't to it with other femal es. t here are PLENTY of other hints, on both sides.
m ay- very good character development.
d awn- girly but still very cute and cheerful
s erena - bratty meanie, and rest ya know.
i wasn't able to control myself after seeing ash. I'm not saying he's mine but still he's so handsome and good. I'm not gay I'm a girl of 13. I wish misty
c ame in kalos and kicked serena's ass
a nd ash and misty kissed in front of h er. i t would be a good lesson for her.
a sh was the cutest in kanto to joh to. h oenn to unova was okay but don't you think that kalos is ...more

28 Serena is solely there for ship baiting and fan service

I hate that the only reason she was there was for shipping and fan service.They wanted some drama... NOW XYZ is DESTROYED! She is mean, dumb, and useless. No wonder Unava was the best. Lots of great music, effects, characters, and the RIGHT amount a drama. NO SERENA! WHOS WITH ME

That is so true. And I'm glad to see another person who knows that Best Wishes had good points too. - FrozenHatingPokefan

She is not going to Ahola. And if she does, why does it even matter? Misty went to Kanto, Johto, Orange Islands, and even returned in Hoen. No one has been in there that long ( excepts Brock ). Not even the fan may. Its not like there married! YEESH! Big deal if she keeps stalking Ash or Not. If there is another bad character ( I'm asking the producers to put me in it, like loads of fans ) I am gonna GO INSANE. But then again there can't be anyone worst than Serena...

29 She doesn't view Ash as a person, or a friend

Serena views ash more like a prize than a person. He isn't a race to win or a diamond to steal. HE"S A PERSON! She also thinks he's like a toy that just gives you love. She doesn't know him like his friends or me and many in - love - fans. She doesn't know him AT ALL.

Yes she does. Its been shown that she cares about him. And please five me examples as to how I am wrong. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Uh excuse me Serena? EXCUSE ME?! Ash is a boy not a robot that is made for compliments and love he is a boy, having trouble sinking that in to your tiny little brain that can barely fit a pea? Ash didn't even know you existed till you barged in and shoved a stupid cloth into his face and told him you were childhood friends. I mean oh my gosh are you kidding me? You barely talk to him unless you are expecting a compliment or praise.

30 She's not even good at showcases

I hate showcases in general to be honest. You may as well call them 'Contests, minus the battling', because that's what they basically are.

Showcases are somewhat different from contests because the trainer gets involved too in my opinion.

And if she's not good at them at all then how the hell did she reach the very finals?! Biased reasoning as always in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

31 She's a Mary Sue

She gets moves when she rarely battles, Pokemon that evolve when they don't do anything, everyone likes her & treat her nicely even when she ignores clemont, she's inconsiderate and attacks ash with snowballs & 'it's all ash's fault,' and she has no faults what's so ever that's recognized in the anime. Yuck worst character in Pokemon ever!

Yo, SAO haters. Sorry to rain on your salt parade, but if you think Kirito is too much of a Gary Stu, then Serena is twice the Mary Sue of him. At least Kirito ACTUALLY HAS PROBLEMS, but Serena? Probably little to none at all! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She's a worse Mary Sue than Kirito and Asuna Combined!, worse than the worst Mary Sue ever Amy Rose!, - Hoxton

I hate Serena. - Lunala

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32 Barbie is jealous of her

Lol Barbie shouldn't be. She gots her man, can do more than Serena can ever dream, isn't as stupid as her to cut her hair thinking that'll change her, & is a much better role model for kids as (as far as I know) isn't dependent on a guy, is able to do more than be pretty, is very successful in her life, & is capable to do more than Serena can ever dream.

Ha! Please. Serena is a Barbie rip off.

Who ever said this is totally wrong Serena should be jealous of Barbie. She's a stupid blond who is obsessed with Ash

Barbie I S very Kelley’s because everyone just obeys serena

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33 She thinks Ash likes her

That isn't true! 1 ash usually ignores or yells at her 2 they are total opposites 3 SHES EVIL WHILE HIS NAME ACTUALLY MEANS BIG HERO

She does seem completely delusional at times. Like when she goes & tries to hold ash's hand, scoot closer during the picture, and acting like she knows ash real well (LOL THAT BACKFIRED SO BAD), when she was suppost to warn him about a snowstorm.

I don't think Ash's eyes sparkling after Serena kisses him count. That could be just out of surprise. - yungstirjoey666

Even the Amourshippers think about it, according to an Amourshipper on Instagram, after the "kiss" that Serena made, that stupid Amourshipper said, "Oh come on, Ash. You know you like her", I was like "! NO... HE... DOESN'T! " She thinks that "Okay, Ash will have to 'notice' me some time. I know that Ash 'likes' me, so I'll do my 'best' to have him 'notice' me! " Augh! No!

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34 She and Molly aren't related

People are saying Molly and Serena are related or worse, THE SAME PERSON! This can't be true :... 1. They both know ash and his friends. 2. Serena is evil and mean while Molly is kind. 3. ITS impossible. Everybody likes Molly and Nobody likes Serena. It doesn't make sense.( Like Amourshipping and why Serena's in the anime.

Molly: A young child who, after losing her father, befriends the entei he told her about in legends and tries the best she can to have her family complete again. I mean, she did kidnap ash's mum, but that was only because she had lived most of her life without a mother of her own and just wanted a happy family for her and her Pokemon.
Serena: Ash found her injured in the woods one day. And like any reasonable person would, he bandaged her up. Serena then develops a crush on Ash for no particular reason (like seriously! That's like me falling in love with my doctor! ) 7 or so years later, Serena sees her childhood crush again, acts like a girly Mary Sue crybaby, and honestly, I think Ash would sooner kiss Clemont than Serena.

Who's Molly again? - yungstirjoey666

Molly is that blonde girl in the entei movie... I think it’s called mystery of the unown? She had entei for her ‘papa’ after her real dad disappeared & tried to take Delia for her mom, so ash went to save her after seeing entei take his mom.

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35 Her goal has nothing to do with Pokemon

I like performing except that you have to wear cute dresses. But what I really hate is that Serena doesn't get in " touch " with her Pokemon. She bosses them around. Even worse is she rarely battles and only when she does it is to impress Ash. People say she's bad " only because she has 3 Pokemon". Don't blame the Pokemon. I hope she gets five Pokemon and STILL LOSES. But she doesn't need Pokemon to lose all she needs isherself

Showcases are like idol anime. So much focus is on the 'trainers' (if you could even call them that), might as well replace the Pokemon with smoke machines and laser lights.

Should've stuck to Rhyhorn racing instead of Pokemon Showcases, Serena. What a bitch. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

36 Her main quality by fans is "being the prettiest female companion" when she isn't

EXCUSE ME? NO SHE isn't! She's just s pretty as Dawn! Serena may be outer pretty but she ain't inner pretty. And people shouldn't judge people by looks!

Serena is extremely ugly, if you cut her hair shorter she would look like a gay boy, plus her fashion choices are horrible they are sexual and hideous, I just want to jump into the anime rip off all her clothes burn them then get a bucket of Barbie dolls and dump it on her head.

And if we take her redesign in account, I'd vote she b the UGLYIST female companion. Yep even behind Iris.

"Yep even behind Iris"

I hope Iris isn't considered the ugliest companion because she's black. Iris also has the most unique design out of the female leads we had. - Rue

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37 She worries about getting dirty

Ok I can kind of understand this but with serena, when either not getting dirty or saving her pokemon was a big decision? Seriously!? This is not only annoying, its downright offensive.

Disgusting, stupid, stereotypical waste of space! - FrozenHatingPokefan

Oh what a Mary Sue

Serena wouldn't get muddy to save her Fennekin.

Meanwhile Lillie would put herself in harms way to save her egg/alolan vulpix despite being afraid to touch Pokemon. - Rue

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38 She's watered down to being a girly girl stereotype

This is one of the few this I hate about Serena. She was made stereotypical. Other than that, I like her. I don't even know why people bash at her other than being a girly girl stereotype. - USGC

39 If you aren't into amourshipping, there is very little to care about when it comes to Serena

If you aren't obsessed with barf shipping ( Slash Amour ) there is nothing to like. Without a shipping she's just even more useless ( or less anyones guess ).

I was not, I didn't think much of it when I heard about this (amourshipping) crap coming into existence. Can you believe I kind of did (support amourshipping) when I attempted to support her the second time?!

Amour isn't necessarily my OTP but I can stand it. BUt what I can't stand is the fans, who try to make serena seem perfect in every way. She's not. She has like, 3 flaws that barely count and she is just the surface of pretty much everyone in the world - gamerkitty6274

I'll admit it, I used to be an amourshipper when XY came put because it was the first pokemon series I watched, then I watch gen 1 with Misty and man I LOVED it, (Netflix decided to be an ass and only have like part of gen 1 though) then I quit watching Pokemon for a while. When I came back I noticed what a whiny, ash obsessed, Mary Sue she was. And her fans made it WAYY worse, I mean there are certain anime characters who are very hated who I could at least bare to watch the series they're in, like Sakura haruno from Naruto, Lucy heartfilia from fairy tail, and many, MANY others. But literally, I quit watching XY and XYZ because of Serena, in fact the only reason why I know what happens was because my brothers would binge watch it on the T.V., a lot.

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40 Her "goal" is unoriginal

I haven't completed X yet, so I haven't seen any showcases. I have finished Omega Ruby however, and the Contest Spectacular's are EXCRUCIATING. Plus, we already covered contests with May and Dawn, why Serena too? Oh yeah. Because she's a stereotype.

I like performing. But now I can't watch it because It's A POPULARITY contest. Serena never deserves to win it's SO ANNOYING. She should go back home because she stinks at everything - Mira Waterflower.

And also sexist. At least contest guys where also allowed to enter too! I like the name I've heard for it too "wifu wars" as all they do is dress up, cook, and show off. Yuck!

I really like performing besides the Poffle making and the cutesy outfits. But Serena ruins it. Not only its like contests ( there are differences ) and she wins unfairly its wasn't even her idea. She didn't even know what is was ( Clemont knows performing stuff unlike good boy ash ) until Shauna told her. She's just copying everyone and doing what there doing. If everybody was picking there noses in a tub of worms and sharks naked in sea Wold and ash recommended it she WOULD ACTUALLY DO IT! Not only is she copying Shauna Aria and every other performer ( in moves too! ) she's also copying may and dawn and all the coordinators! ARRRH SHE's EVIL!

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41 She is the least favorite traveling companion.

Everybody has a fave old traveling companion. Since I'm a nerd like Clemont ( but ash is my fave ;) ) I study the results. They are... 5. Brock 4. Cilan. 3. Misty 2. May 1. Clemont. Notice Serena isn't THERE. Not even close. Why are these people in? Brock. While annoying he was a fave of many and brought lots of humor AND ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTED TO THE PLOT. Cilan, like Brock was another hilarious and kind fave. Misty while annoying and brattish did bring lots of happiness ( and laughs ) in the series. May, being kind, brave, and adventurous has gotten herself in lots of people's hearts. And why is Clemont number one? Because all out of all the companions he is the most unique. No other protagonist has loved science as much as he does. He's very creative and smart. While he has lots of self doubt ( which we can all relate to) he is the kindest out of all of them. And why Serena isn't? Well, its because SHE SUCKS. She's mean, evil, nasty, stupid and just plain rude! She's mean to ...more

Stop your complants

I believe it! But the Pokèpuffs and macaroons tell me not to believe it... She is a good cook!

42 She only has relevance in her "Serena focused episodes", which makes her less of a character and more like a prop

A living doll, who parades around at her dumb Showcase thingies.

43 She barely has any Pokemon

You could evolve your Eevee into a sleek, powerful Umbreon, a cute, yet strong Vaporeon or a wise, mystic Espeon. NAH! Lets evolve it into a pretty pink Sylveon and enter it in competitions! Jeez.

I'm glad she doesn't have any more Pokemon. It was bad enough they gave her an Eevee just so it could evolve into Sylveon and look SUPER girly and cute next to her at her performances. No more Pokemon need to be rendered useless under her training!

Right, I understand. It's just another thing wrong with her character.

Gee I wonder why.. is it because she ruins the Pokemon? Like instead of letting Evee evolve into a silly Leafeon, a sleek Umbreon, or a friendly Vaporeon she basically forces it to. Evolve into a stupid pretty pink Slyveon JUST to use it in contests. And I'll pressure it to evolve during a battle so I can impress Ash! Please don't get me started on the others.

I'm kinda glad that she got the (in my opinion) worst looking eeveelution because I wouldn't wouldn't her to get anything better. - Espeonz

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44 She barely contributes to anything

Notice in every disaster she's either clutching bonnie or smirking. Somebody's upset? Smiling. Someone's in danger.. same... crying... same...

45 She treats her Pokemon like they are pets

Heavy donkey kong, if your going to protest people's opinions on what they think about Serena then why did you even go on this page I understand if you like Serena but you need to chill and stop correcting people for there opinions/ oh and I agree people say that Serena treats her pokemon in a kindhearted way but that's wrong I have seen her debate whether she should save her Fenniken or get dirty. This shows me that she doesn't really care if her pokemon gets hurt or not she just cares about being clean she also dresses up her pokemon like dolls withought even letting them express there opinion, Serena you may think your a fashion queen but your good at thinking you are and horrible at being one. - Pikagurl

She doesn't understand Pokemon at all. She just uses them for her own purposes.

Nope, like FRIENDS. - HeavyDonkeyKong

46 She acted like a baby when she lost a showcase

So you lost a stupid showcase. Deal with it. Ash lost the KANTO LEAGUE and he didn't cry or beat himself up. May and Dawn lost so many contests, they cried, but became determind in the end. Heck, Brock's parents left him, and with 9 little siblings. He had to take care of all of them and run a gym! You just lost in a dumb little performance and cut your hair!

Just yes. One measly little Showcase. My friend lost the school Presidency and she didn't really care but she was a little sad, who wouldn't be? The President is much more important than a SHOWCASE! Come on, Serena, let down your hair!

Dude, if Serena ever met Dawn and they became good friends (Llama God forbid that ever happen), and Dawn opened up about crying after her 3rd lost Showcase, Serena would be like 'I've had worse. I cried after my first! Ash was staring at me and I felt so embarrassed! ', then Dawn- or anyone, really- would ditch her right there. Come on, Serena. Ash doesn't cry after his battle. Dawn doesn't cry after her 2nd or 1st showcase. May doesn't cry after her first battle against Drew. Iris doesn't cry when Dragonite disobeys her. Cilan doesn't cry when Iris calls him a pain (I mean, he was severely depressed, but that's beside the point). So come on, Serena. You're in a world full of magical creatures that fight and ruthless stakes. Grow up. And stay far away from Ash in the process.

~Silverfrost of RiverClan

May cried because she lost the grand festival twice. Considering how hard she worked it was understandable. But Serena cried over losing her first showcase, how silly. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

47 Her fashion tastes are terrible

Her new outfit is STUPID. I posted she was nicer with her hair short but that ain't true! She is actually worse. Plus in performing she almost always where's the same outfit and its terrible looking! I almost gagged when I saw it!

I agree her fashion sucks her first outfit was bland and stupid then when she cut her hair it got worse it made me cringe! She is ugly there I said it. The insane Serena fans are probably carrying pitchforks to my house right now. And the worst part is, is that the only exscuse that her fans can reason with her being a good character is that she is pretty it makes me want to smash my computer with mistys mallet. - Pikagurl

Come on, your'e in the only region in Pokemon where you can change your clothes. At least wear more than 3 outfits!

Oops, she can fit Fennekin in 'em

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48 She doesn't have a relationship with Ash

And she does not truly 'love' him nor is she really 'in love' with him. She's just infatuated and obsessed with him. Heck, she's infatuated with an idealized, rose-tinted perspective of him. Because she hasn't put the effort into really getting to know him like his other friends have. Not to mention the fact that she is rfickin' 10 years old and can't understand the full concept of love. It is not just about her shallow 'feelings' for him. It's about understanding each other on an intimate level. And of course, Ash certainly doesn't know her very well. They are so different he can hardly relate to her girlishness. He has a better, more intimate relationship with his arch-rival, Paul, than he does with Serena. And I mean that from the perspective of two trainers understanding each other so well because they have battled one another. I'm not suggesting Comashipping, by the way, I hate that ship. Intimacy doesn't automatically mean a relationship is or should be romantic. Another reason ...more

She literally fantasizes about him and doesn't see him like a person. Just as an obsession. I don't get how amourshippers think they have a true relationship.

49 She only pays attention to Ash and not the rest of the group

She is so stupid.

50 She doesn't help out Ash and the rest of the group

Yeah, I laugh every time she goes up against Team Rocket. She does actually send her Pokemon out to battle them from time to time. But her and her Pokemon are the most pathetic battlers I have ever seen! It's funny to watch. She doesn't really even help.

Well, all except for one episode, "A Keeper for Keeps?! " where she pulls out her Braixen and Pancham for a couple seconds to battle.

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