Her fan base sucks


For Serena: Makes ( * shudders *) * BEEP* shipping and fan photos, books, videos, etc. Everything else : THEY WANT IT TO DIE! Crazy people. They need to... 1. Dig a hole. 2. Stay there. Thank. You. For. Understanding.

I have a theory that if she didn't have a crush on Ash, she wouldn't have a fan base. She would be treated like Iris.

UGH, I HATE HER FANDOM. Especially Amourshipping. Don't ship Serena and Ash, or just don't like Serena? They think you deserve to rot in hell. For having an opinion. AN OPINION. - RiverClanRocks

Amourshippers are delusional. Ash has zero romantic hints on his side of the pairing. He's just being his kind self and being a good friend to Serena.

I agree! Amourshippers are so over the top about every little thing that happens between Serena and Ash. I saw a comment somewhere that said their backpacks sitting up against each other was evidence of Amourshipping. Derp!

Yep! Some rapid fan called me an 'a$$ wipe' for saying Serena is shallow and for saying that Contests are better than Tripokalons. I'm like, "it's an opinion, no need to act like a toddler who needs their 'a$$ wiped'."

Reply to modern SpongeBob socks it's true for fanbase sucks I saw a comic of Serena and Ash switching bodies and Ash just blushing at how pretty Serena is I hated the comic I was ready to punch my computer Serena is the definition of creepy and ugly and hated loved by slave shippers AKA a mortar shippers - Devthakur

They say that Pokeshippers only like the ship because it was first, but then say "Serena was the firSt because they met first so she deservEs him more than Misty" Jesus christ

They claim that Serena is best poke girl, when really she's the worst. Even worse than Iris.

Her stupid Amourshippers are ruining the Worst Pokemon Characters list! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I really hate pokemonrangerboy12 and all the other BRAINLESS zombies! They try to KILL you and if you disagree about something they swear and insult you! The truth : Serena is NOT going to the Ahola region, Ash WONT get married to Serena, stop his dream ( I love ash he's mine! ), and get a new protagonist! Serena shouldn't be in the animie. She and her fan base sucks! Amour shipping sucks! Also I live in NC 2 modern SpongeBob sucks. I want to think you for adding her to the top ten worst characters! Also CRAZY AMURSHIPPPERS STOP GOING ON THIS SITE AND BULLING US WE CAN HAVE OPINIONS!

So true. They twist everything and act like its " true love " No! I hate Amourshipping fanfictions, videos, and Pokemon academies! Reality : amour sucks! Ash will leave after the Kalos league and Serena isn't gusto enough to come and will be all alone

Serena fans are like Starlight Glimmer fans (MLP:FiM): If you express the opinion they have poor character development and portrayal, you will definitely get attacked for it. They talk badly of other characters and pick on other fans, but can't take their favourites being badmouthed themselves. Like the Starlight Glimmer fans the Serena fans are just a bunch of hypocrites.

What I really hate is that not only the like THE WORLDS *BEEP* stuff they also make critize not only real people but characters. They make videos, movies, etc. What's the worst is the fan fictions. They either A) make Serena SUDDENLY ash's wife and super strong and everyone else stupid or B) HUMILATE other characters! Don't belive me? I was looking for a ash x Shauna and what did I find instead? A fan fiction where Shauna drinks LOADS of drinks and needs to go to the bathroom and then SUDDENLY the group is lost! I couldn't even finish reading it because I knew what was coming... Shauna WETTING herself! Only Serena and animals do that. Not only is it disgusting, rude, and immature its just stupid and doesn't make sense. Shauna is like THE LEAST expected person to do it. The most expected one who is also most expected to get a nose bleed looking at a guy... SERENA. Even I wouldn't write a fan fiction of Serena wetting her pants cause its immature and a waste of time. Stop being rude to ...more

Dear amour all day : Stop coming on here and bulling us! We can say what we want. And at least we make good fan fictions ( I have so many ideas ) and we don't make ones about Shauna wetting herself. What also makes me mad is that all they say is " FALSE " ( like the Ugly Stupid Goat Creep aka USGC ). and don't even explain. Also it makes me mad that Shauna can't really talk to ash if she wants to because of Serena. If Shauna wanna like ash let her! So ya amourshippers find something better than to write about people's bladders and be mean to us Later anti amour haters!

Some fan went crazy on me just because I said that Serena doesn't know that Ash is in Alola. Stating that Brock didn't know Ash was in Hoenn/Sinnoh, except he wasn't stating it, he just snapped and claimed I was starting a fight. I didn't even say anything negative about her character. (I wouldn't dare to do that on Twitter) They are as rabid as overly defensive Steven Universe fans who can't accept that people will criticize the show. - Rue

Can I not have a reason to hate her without being called a fanboy of another pokegirl or nostalgia blinded or being told to kill myself... please? - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Her fan base are like a group of evil demons that are trying to ruin the pokemon anime by spamming videos, fan fictions, fan-art about stupid Serena. Also sometimes the fan-art isn't even appropriate one time I saw a picture of Serena in a bathing suit while Ash was grabbing onto her uh..girls and I cringed so much! What kind of perve would even draw that?! Like what?

Her hatebase is even worse. You jerks blow a fuse whenever somebody praises her. And when she angrily throws snowballs at ash for being a jerk, you guys call it a temper tantrum. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Slyveon girl SHUT UP! We have opinions and dislike a comment we don't like.YOU guys are the ones acting like we should go to hell. You want people getting along... critizing them doesn't help. Also STOP GOING ON THE SITE BULLING AMOUR LOVING CREEPS!

The fans trash the other pokegirls just to make Serena look good. I actually like Serena but I hate her fans.

I want to note that the kiss was meant to give Amourshippers closure since Serena will not follow Ash to Alola but if you pay attention to the fandom, THAT ISN'T WHAT HAPPENED. They are crazy and mean over a KISS BETWEEN TWO FICTIONAL 10 YEAR OLDS. Like you got your kiss between Serena and Ash now shut up and stop bullying other people who aren't into Amourshipping. And you wonder why the non amourshippers (including non shippers) are calling Amourshipping cancer.

I saw a Lillie hater (who is also a salty amourshipper) having a reason to hate Lillie that is, get this, she has a collar on one of her outfits and strings on her other one that "resembles" Serena's. Amourshippers are cancer.

She doesn't even have a fan base. FALSE. - USGC

Amourshipping fanbase could rival pokeshippers in the 90's early 2000 (pokeshippers for the most part aren't as obnoxious anymore, especially when Serena came in the picture). I don't feel sorry for them at all. Throughout all of XY & XYZ they screamed at other shippers that their ship sucks and that amourshipping will b canon! They started shipping it just because they saw the summer camp trailer, so they had no idea how they'll even get along. Now they throw a fit because the writters didn't bend to their will? They need to SHUT UP! It's their fault they expect more from a stupid one-sided crush from a SHONNEN SERIES that has been going on for about 20 YEARS! The writers didn't need to keep Serena or make amourshipping canon, because ITS THEIR WORK, NOT AMOURSHIPPERS!