Top Ten Reasons to Hate Serena from Pokemon

Serena is one of the characters from the Pokemon X and Y TV show. I personally hate her. With a burning passion!

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21 She's shallow

Oh I lost a battle. I need to cut my hair because I need to. ASH LOST A LOT AND HE didn't DO ANYTHING STUPID INSTEAD HE KEPT TRYING HE DID CRY SOMETIMES BUT HE NEVER QUIT! Serena is this dumb blonde who thinks she has a chance with Ash oh please Ash was better off with Misty I hope Misty comes back and Serena kills herself cause Ash and Misty get together

I mean, she thinks cutting her hair and changing her outward appearance is gonna help her?

Yeah, and have you seen the movie Joy, with Jennifer Lawrence? Her character cuts her hair to symbolize a fresh start, but only after she had gone through great hardship! Serena though? She cuts her hair after ONE loss, in her very first performance. SO dumb & pathetic.

The reason she cut her hair was not because she lost. She was just as upset as dawn and may were at their first losses. She cut her hair because it symbolizes growth. She was determined to not make the same mistake she had made before,let overconfidence get the best of her and prove that she is more than just a girly girl with no aim in life. Because now she finally had a goal. (by the way I am an optimistic person who only looks at the good in people so don't blame me)

The reason I cut my hair was to make it easier to take care of and it was in bad shape. serena had no particular reason to cut her hair.

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22 She copies Ash's attitude

She tried to anyway! All she ever thinks about is "this is what ash says, & so I must go with it instead of mustering courage & confidence for myself, I have to think of what ash says all the time to help me though everything! "

Yeah! You never see her motivate herself. You never see her coming to any conclusion on her own, without thinking about what Ash has told her. She's so pathetically dependent on him! It makes me sick!

Like seriously Ash's attitude doesn't even suit her goal. she's so dumb

Exactly! She just sees someone she likes and thinks, 'I must act like that! ' She did the same with Aria. Shauna, Nini, Miette, and Jessie all have their own style when performing, and still 'showcase' their own personality in their performances. Serena, though? She is unbelievably bland and unoriginal. Like an 'Aria 2.0', or something. (That's what she wants. Heck! Palermo only even likes Serena because she's a clone of Aria! ) This is why I was so annoyed that Serena made it to the finals and not one of the other, unique girls. Everything about her goal is such a bad message to girls!
Think for yourself, Serena! Like, who are you really? You're SO fake!

Yup. Shauna's special trait is optimism and smiling all the time, Miette's is attitude and teasing, Nini is... well... Nini, Jessie is boastful, but Serena? Really? She just copies aria. I mean, I get she motivated her and gave her a bit of character development and even encouraged her eevee to evolve but her performances are a little too close to Aria's for my liking - gamerkitty6274

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23 She's irrelevant to the story, plot, and the group

Serena was just a part of this to introduce Pokémon Preforming and she had no other purpose

24 She's useless

Sawyer got 8 gym badges before Ash did. I blame Serena. She made the group take detours for her dumb showcases. She's always holding the them up for stupid, pointless things like shopping, making sure she doesn't get dirt on herself, baking Pokepuffs, the list goes on!

Jessie is far mor competent & smarter, and prettier than Serena can ever dream of.

She is SO worthless that I wouldn't toss her into the grarbage because I'll feel SORRY for it. All she does is complain, whine, bully, and blush. She sucks at everything. Her motto :" Ash must be mine and nothing else matters! "

Alright, I kinda agree with most of it, but I would stop my journey for a Pokèpuff! (Stomach growls)

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25 She looks more stupid when she blushes

I want to slap her when she does this.

My rage level went up over 9000 when I first saw those two images of Serena blushing! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

For an anime fan like me, I actually find it cute when an anime girl blushes. Like when Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online does it. However, if we're talking about Serena here, then BLEH! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I would pay 100 dollars to be sucked into the T.V. show and slap serena across the face RIGHT WHERE SHE BLUSHED MAKING HER FACE EVEN REDDER then I would tell her that Ash was ot interested and that she needed to just stop her stupid fantasy life where ash loves her and everything revolves around her and that she just needs to go back to hell and BURN because Ash is as dense as a block of led and you need to stop throwing a pity party every time something does not go your wway and that I wished that when she cut her hair that the knife slipped and cut her neck open

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26 She's not even good at showcases

I hate showcases in general to be honest. You may as well call them 'Contests, minus the battling', because that's what they basically are.

Showcases are somewhat different from contests because the trainer gets involved too in my opinion.

And if she's not good at them at all then how the hell did she reach the very finals?! Biased reasoning as always in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

27 There is nothing special about her

Misty- she had a dark past but she still managed to get out of it and show her sisters that she's not a ru nt. v ery admirab le. a nd despite quarrelling with each others, they love each oth er. h ints had been sho wn. a sh got jealous of another guy and stared at her for she looked beautif ul. b ut ash didn't to it with other femal es. t here are PLENTY of other hints, on both sides.
m ay- very good character development.
d awn- girly but still very cute and cheerful
s erena - bratty meanie, and rest ya know.
i wasn't able to control myself after seeing ash. I'm not saying he's mine but still he's so handsome and good. I'm not gay I'm a girl of 13. I wish misty
c ame in kalos and kicked serena's ass
a nd ash and misty kissed in front of h er. i t would be a good lesson for her.
a sh was the cutest in kanto to joh to. h oenn to unova was okay but don't you think that kalos is ...more

28 She's a Mary Sue

She gets moves when she rarely battles, Pokemon that evolve when they don't do anything, everyone likes her & treat her nicely even when she ignores clemont, she's inconsiderate and attacks ash with snowballs & 'it's all ash's fault,' and she has no faults what's so ever that's recognized in the anime. Yuck worst character in Pokemon ever!

Yo, SAO haters. Sorry to rain on your salt parade, but if you think Kirito is too much of a Gary Stu, then Serena is twice the Mary Sue of him. At least Kirito ACTUALLY HAS PROBLEMS, but Serena? Probably little to none at all! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She's a worse Mary Sue than Kirito and Asuna Combined!, worse than the worst Mary Sue ever Amy Rose!, - Hoxton

I hate Serena. - Lunala

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29 She thinks Ash likes her

That isn't true! 1 ash usually ignores or yells at her 2 they are total opposites 3 SHES EVIL WHILE HIS NAME ACTUALLY MEANS BIG HERO

She does seem completely delusional at times. Like when she goes & tries to hold ash's hand, scoot closer during the picture, and acting like she knows ash real well (LOL THAT BACKFIRED SO BAD), when she was suppost to warn him about a snowstorm.

I don't think Ash's eyes sparkling after Serena kisses him count. That could be just out of surprise. - yungstirjoey666

Even the Amourshippers think about it, according to an Amourshipper on Instagram, after the "kiss" that Serena made, that stupid Amourshipper said, "Oh come on, Ash. You know you like her", I was like "! NO... HE... DOESN'T! " She thinks that "Okay, Ash will have to 'notice' me some time. I know that Ash 'likes' me, so I'll do my 'best' to have him 'notice' me! " Augh! No! - ClassicGaminer

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30 Her goal has nothing to do with Pokemon

I like performing except that you have to wear cute dresses. But what I really hate is that Serena doesn't get in " touch " with her Pokemon. She bosses them around. Even worse is she rarely battles and only when she does it is to impress Ash. People say she's bad " only because she has 3 Pokemon". Don't blame the Pokemon. I hope she gets five Pokemon and STILL LOSES. But she doesn't need Pokemon to lose all she needs isherself

Showcases are like idol anime. So much focus is on the 'trainers' (if you could even call them that), might as well replace the Pokemon with smoke machines and laser lights.

Should've stuck to Rhyhorn racing instead of Pokemon Showcases, Serena. What a bitch. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

31 Her main quality by fans is "being the prettiest female companion" when she isn't

EXCUSE ME? NO SHE isn't! She's just s pretty as Dawn! Serena may be outer pretty but she ain't inner pretty. And people shouldn't judge people by looks!

Serena is extremely ugly, if you cut her hair shorter she would look like a gay boy, plus her fashion choices are horrible they are sexual and hideous, I just want to jump into the anime rip off all her clothes burn them then get a bucket of Barbie dolls and dump it on her head.

And if we take her redesign in account, I'd vote she b the UGLYIST female companion. Yep even behind Iris.

"Yep even behind Iris"

I hope Iris isn't considered the ugliest companion because she's black. Iris also has the most unique design out of the female leads we had. - Rue

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32 She has a creepy obsession with Ash
33 She worries about getting dirty

Ok I can kind of understand this but with serena, when either not getting dirty or saving her pokemon was a big decision? Seriously!? This is not only annoying, its downright offensive.

Disgusting, stupid, stereotypical waste of space! - FrozenHatingPokefan

Oh what a Mary Sue

Serena wouldn't get muddy to save her Fennekin.

Meanwhile Lillie would put herself in harms way to save her egg/alolan vulpix despite being afraid to touch Pokemon. - Rue

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34 Barbie is jealous of her

Lol Barbie shouldn't be. She gots her man, can do more than Serena can ever dream, isn't as stupid as her to cut her hair thinking that'll change her, & is a much better role model for kids as (as far as I know) isn't dependent on a guy, is able to do more than be pretty, is very successful in her life, & is capable to do more than Serena can ever dream.

Ha! Please. Serena is a Barbie rip off.

Who ever said this is totally wrong Serena should be jealous of Barbie. She's a stupid blond who is obsessed with Ash

Barbie I S very Kelley’s because everyone just obeys serena

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35 She and Molly aren't related

People are saying Molly and Serena are related or worse, THE SAME PERSON! This can't be true :... 1. They both know ash and his friends. 2. Serena is evil and mean while Molly is kind. 3. ITS impossible. Everybody likes Molly and Nobody likes Serena. It doesn't make sense.( Like Amourshipping and why Serena's in the anime.

Molly: A young child who, after losing her father, befriends the entei he told her about in legends and tries the best she can to have her family complete again. I mean, she did kidnap ash's mum, but that was only because she had lived most of her life without a mother of her own and just wanted a happy family for her and her Pokemon.
Serena: Ash found her injured in the woods one day. And like any reasonable person would, he bandaged her up. Serena then develops a crush on Ash for no particular reason (like seriously! That's like me falling in love with my doctor! ) 7 or so years later, Serena sees her childhood crush again, acts like a girly Mary Sue crybaby, and honestly, I think Ash would sooner kiss Clemont than Serena.

Who's Molly again? - yungstirjoey666

How is Serena evil and mean? Please give me one good reason! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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36 Serena is solely there for ship baiting and fan service

I hate that the only reason she was there was for shipping and fan service.They wanted some drama... NOW XYZ is DESTROYED! She is mean, dumb, and useless. No wonder Unava was the best. Lots of great music, effects, characters, and the RIGHT amount a drama. NO SERENA! WHOS WITH ME

That is so true. And I'm glad to see another person who knows that Best Wishes had good points too. - FrozenHatingPokefan

She is not going to Ahola. And if she does, why does it even matter? Misty went to Kanto, Johto, Orange Islands, and even returned in Hoen. No one has been in there that long ( excepts Brock ). Not even the fan may. Its not like there married! YEESH! Big deal if she keeps stalking Ash or Not. If there is another bad character ( I'm asking the producers to put me in it, like loads of fans ) I am gonna GO INSANE. But then again there can't be anyone worst than Serena...

37 If you aren't into amourshipping, there is very little to care about when it comes to Serena

If you aren't obsessed with barf shipping ( Slash Amour ) there is nothing to like. Without a shipping she's just even more useless ( or less anyones guess ).

I was not, I didn't think much of it when I heard about this (amourshipping) crap coming into existence. Can you believe I kind of did (support amourshipping) when I attempted to support her the second time?! - ClassicGaminer

Amour isn't necessarily my OTP but I can stand it. BUt what I can't stand is the fans, who try to make serena seem perfect in every way. She's not. She has like, 3 flaws that barely count and she is just the surface of pretty much everyone in the world - gamerkitty6274

I'll admit it, I used to be an amourshipper when XY came put because it was the first pokemon series I watched, then I watch gen 1 with Misty and man I LOVED it, (Netflix decided to be an ass and only have like part of gen 1 though) then I quit watching Pokemon for a while. When I came back I noticed what a whiny, ash obsessed, Mary Sue she was. And her fans made it WAYY worse, I mean there are certain anime characters who are very hated who I could at least bare to watch the series they're in, like Sakura haruno from Naruto, Lucy heartfilia from fairy tail, and many, MANY others. But literally, I quit watching XY and XYZ because of Serena, in fact the only reason why I know what happens was because my brothers would binge watch it on the T.V., a lot.

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38 She is the least favorite traveling companion.

Everybody has a fave old traveling companion. Since I'm a nerd like Clemont ( but ash is my fave ;) ) I study the results. They are... 5. Brock 4. Cilan. 3. Misty 2. May 1. Clemont. Notice Serena isn't THERE. Not even close. Why are these people in? Brock. While annoying he was a fave of many and brought lots of humor AND ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTED TO THE PLOT. Cilan, like Brock was another hilarious and kind fave. Misty while annoying and brattish did bring lots of happiness ( and laughs ) in the series. May, being kind, brave, and adventurous has gotten herself in lots of people's hearts. And why is Clemont number one? Because all out of all the companions he is the most unique. No other protagonist has loved science as much as he does. He's very creative and smart. While he has lots of self doubt ( which we can all relate to) he is the kindest out of all of them. And why Serena isn't? Well, its because SHE SUCKS. She's mean, evil, nasty, stupid and just plain rude! She's mean to ...more

Stop your complants

I believe it! But the Pokèpuffs and macaroons tell me not to believe it... She is a good cook!

39 She only has relevance in her "Serena focused episodes", which makes her less of a character and more like a prop

A living doll, who parades around at her dumb Showcase thingies.

40 She barely has any Pokemon

You could evolve your Eevee into a sleek, powerful Umbreon, a cute, yet strong Vaporeon or a wise, mystic Espeon. NAH! Lets evolve it into a pretty pink Sylveon and enter it in competitions! Jeez.

I'm glad she doesn't have any more Pokemon. It was bad enough they gave her an Eevee just so it could evolve into Sylveon and look SUPER girly and cute next to her at her performances. No more Pokemon need to be rendered useless under her training!

Right, I understand. It's just another thing wrong with her character.

Gee I wonder why.. is it because she ruins the Pokemon? Like instead of letting Evee evolve into a silly Leafeon, a sleek Umbreon, or a friendly Vaporeon she basically forces it to. Evolve into a stupid pretty pink Slyveon JUST to use it in contests. And I'll pressure it to evolve during a battle so I can impress Ash! Please don't get me started on the others.

She didn't know her Eevee was gonna evolve it just happened but I admit I like Umbreon better

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