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1 He is very rude

I felt very neutral towards him until I was assaulted by the ad campaign on youtube. I don't need to know what's in your blood Shawn. I especially don't need to know what's in your blood every five minutes Shawn. Get it together.

It's not his fault obviously but his ads are ubiquitous. They appear *during* Pink Floyd songs. Amazing arrogance I would say if I thought he was doing it on purpose. Who the hell listens to Pink Floyd and also listen to this pathetic singer?

Very rude indeed

Talk about his "blood" every 3 minutes of youtube

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2 His songs are pathetic

These people commenting hate towards Shawn are probably just craving for attention. I would like to hear you singing in front of thousands of people. I would like to see your albums hit number one in the charts. I would like to see you keep your cool in front of crazy paparazzi and I would like you to sing while going through puberty. You people whining about Shawn need to grow a pair and find out what you really like in life; instead of obsessing about something that you don't like. Geez! Obviously no one is perfect!

You are pathetic not him


His song are never gonna be pathetic

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3 He is only famous for his looks

Yes I bought his album to listen to his face

Well, we all know it's not his nasal voice that's carrying him...

Well, the fact that most of his fans are young girls. I'm gay but I'm not attracted to him at all. - vincenteho

Well, the fact that most of his fans are teenage girls. I'm gay but not attracted to him at all. - vincenteho

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4 His utter annoyance

His annoying voice. The vocal technique- nasal or screaming, never singing. It hurts my ears. How did he make it onto the radio?



Please stop it - shawnsnose

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5 He is selfish

How is he selfish? Huh give me one example. I bet u can't. He has a tattoo dedicated to his family just saying.

You want an example? Here's a example. How about his PR stunt with camel toe cabello to keep himself relevant because he realised that his "talent" was mediocre at best and you can only keep making slight variations of the same song for so long.

, there's no hope for some people... for example you. - shawnsnose

Ya that's why he spend his time off at hospitals meeting fans

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6 His lyrics are stupid

His lyrics hold meaning. Trap lyrics where guys rap about how many girls they've screwed in the last week is stupid - Xi_Mendes

The lyrics are nothing special in my opinion. - 3DG20

So you have listened to all of his 53 songs.. interesting - shawnsnose


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7 He has no musical talent

Well, his nasal technique definitely ain't carrying his career along... must be the looks and white privilege

His vocal technique sucks- he's consistently nasal. He also screams a lot which can't be healthy. He sounds disgusting, and his songs are just boring, we've heard it all before...

Yeah that's why his tickets for Madison Square Garden were sold out in less than 5 minutes - HY

He can sing I guess but all his songs sound the same to me - BreakFastBeast2005

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8 He brainwashed teenage girls

Your hate brainwashed your lives

I think you should take him in example, he's one of the sweetest people on the whole world. At least he doesn' spend his free time writing a hating list on someone - shawnsnose

@whoever wrote this has been brainwashed

He kinda has because there are too many girls who are unhealthily obsessed that they need help

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9 His fame makes Rae Sremmurd unknown across Canada

Let the guy be famous. He earned his place in Canada's heart. So should Rae. And you can't even say "its just because he's Canadian" because he is famous in the US too. He earned that. - Xi_Mendes

Good. Rae Sremmurd don't deserve fame. - allamassal

Yes true I agree

Shawn Mendes has no talent but Rae SREMMURD does? LOL, are you on drugs? Don't answer that, because u obviously are!

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10 People hate any guy that teenage girls like

Even though I'm gay, I don't have even the slightest chemistry toward him. - vincenteho

Even though I'm a gay guy, I don't feel any chemistry toward him. - vincenteho

so true

My friend is in love with shawn Mendas

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11 He is whiny

You are whiny by writing reasons to hate a guy that has NEVER EVEN SPOKEN TO YOU

How is he whiny? Give me an example, I bet u can't. because there isn't

All his songs are really just, something that makes me want to punch someone in the face. Like, you know the emphasis kids put on words when they don't get what they want? He sounds like that.

All his songs are...and his voice in songs is always depressing and whiny

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12 He's racist

He is on twitter

So I met shawn once and he was a skinhead now this doesn't mean he's racist all he was doing was hailing hitler which you know we all do that now and than.

How is he racist? Give me one example of him being racist

You're problematic - shawnsnose

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13 He's a whiny bitch

My youtube is crying IT IS IN MY BLOOD for every damn comercial!

Lies - CaptainCookie

Kill him please

true dat

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14 His voice

His voice it's so particular and he can also reach high notes (listen to "underpressure" by the Queen, a cover he's done lately) - shawnsnose

I feel like u waste your time to find negative things to say about him PLEASE PEOPLE don't SAY ANYTHING IF YOU don't LIKE HIM KEEP IT TO YOURSELF FOR ONCE - benitosthebest

He is going through puberty and it's coming to an end. When he was 14 he reached F5 in his cover. He now can only hit D5 safely - right now if Shawn Mendes hits a note higher than D5 he'll get damage. In fact he has already experienced a bit of vocal damage In "I Know What You Did Last Summer." He should give his voice a break or he can ruin it after his tour

I think when he prepared for his studio album he heard Taylor Swift sing and he got impressed so he altered his voice about an octave higher and copied her music and videos.

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15 He looks like an armpit

You look like ear wax

Armpits are so sexy

.. why? - shawnsnose

I really wanna understand - benitosthebest

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16 His songs are overplayed

I don't get it u just said that he is only famous for his looks then u come and say his songs are overplayed make up your mind - benitosthebest

He has like 3 songs played on the radio and the only overplayed one is stitches and there are much better ones so please don't base someone on their radio songs.. do your research

He doesn't run a radio station. It;s not his fault

That's good for him, he deserves to become more famous. Anyway there are also other songs of other artists which are overplayed but it's a normal thing.. if you don't want to hear his songs just don't listen to the radio. - shawnsnose

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17 His songs are annoying

Treat You Better is an annoying anthem for all little sniveling boys.

18 He is ugly

I wonder how's your look... I mean, you might be Francisco Lachowski 2. - shawnsnose

So stupid and a total stupid butt head

He looks like an ugly crossover between a pig and a goat

Mick Jagger is so much hotter

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19 His voice is annoying

I love his voice. It's so nice and calming and I was so surprised to find out that he was only nineteen (twenty now). YOUR voice is annoying by the way.

You're comments are annoying me - shawnsnose

What the heck he is the only guy to not use autotune in his songs

Its not because he has an accent that is so beautiful

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20 All of his songs sound the same

I bet you just know the 34 songs overplayed on the radio right? - shawnsnose

Then why would he make 3 albums of 16 tracks in each of them if they all sound the same? - benitosthebest

No, they don't! If you listened to all of his songs, you would notice that every single song of him sounds different and unique


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21 He sounds like Taylor Swift and copies her music

Ok, I Have A Question, Why Is Everyone Comparing Shawn Mendes And Taylor Swift? , You Know Your Comparing A Teenage Kid Who Makes Some Mediocre Songs To A Former Country Female Singer That Now Just Makes Songs About Break Ups, Right? - VideoGamefan5

Some of his lyrics are based on lyrics of Taylor Swift songs (Stitches, one of the lines: your words cut deeper than a knife. That is based on this line from Bad Blood: Still got scars from the back of her knife)

At her concert in Edmonton Taylor Swift got attacked on stage. Last year he got attacked on stage as well.

He copied the music videos of Red songs (ex. Something Big music video looked just like the music video of 22)

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22 His fans get extremely butthurt whenever anyone criticizes him

Every artist, as soon as you release a song or put yourself out for the public eye to see, you are opening yourself up for criticism. People have the right to criticise you. As a fan, it is perfectly okay if you think there is nothing wrong with him. But there are people who don't feel the same way, and they have the right to express their opinion. It's called free speech. So stop getting SO BUTTHURT. Don't create a toxic fanbase.

I don't hate him, and my friends like him and that's perfectly fine. I'd argue that most of his fans are pretty cill. But there's the minority of toxic, butthurt fans that ruin it for everyone else.

I mean all the comments on this list from Shawn Mendes fans pretty much speak for themselves.

Then stop criticizing - shawnsnose

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23 He is immature

Wow great then you guys finally have a similarity

Espacially.. coming from you - shawnsnose

Please shut up He is so mature everyone says so

Boii your immature for writing this comment

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24 He smells like coconut

So? Some people like how coconut smells. - 3DG20

Actually, I love coconut - shawnsnose

I love coconut

Well... That even isn't a bad thing, some people like how coconut smells

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25 He lied about his age

I can suggest you some great specialists.. just ask - shawnsnose

I think so? Who can prove it


What the hell? u really came from nowhere to say that - benitosthebest

26 If you hear his voice too many times, it annoys you a lot

I honestly agree with this one (but only this one)

It doesn't happen to me. - shawnsnose

You're the only one who feels that way - benitosthebest


27 Most of his fame is from Vine

He was discovered on vine then grew to make more music and turn it into a serious career. Everyone has to start somewhere and at least he worked hard for his fame.

then what? - shawnsnose

Errm so. How is this bad.? He sings. So what. Stop hating losers

Wow I may not like him but that's racist.

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28 The tone of his voice

Come and say that about Shawn when you've sold out Madison Square Garden in 3 minutes.

I don't understand why his facial expressions are bothering you. If you don't like it, don't look at him. His facial expressions have nothing to do with it.

May I clarify, that not all of Shawns songs are about bashing someone (the only song he wrote about someone getting bashed was Stitches and the person getting bashed was him) and/or about having sex. None of the songs on Handwritten are about having sex, listen to the whole album if you have to. As for Illuminate, the only songs about sex are Lights On and Reputation.

Please reconsider before ever writing a comment like this again,

Stop using Justin bieber's name

Just like Bieber, in every song he sounds either like he's bashing someone, or ready to have sex. It's creepy and pointless. His facial expressions are freaky.


29 His videos

They're too good, I know. I've lost my wig so many times.. - shawnsnose

Have you seen the end? its to raise awareness for abusive relationships? I bet you say that donation commercials scare you too

No SERIOUSLY! Stop trolling!

Look Shawn your video for Treat You Better really freaked the daylight out of me. As well as a million other little kids. Do you even CARE that little kids are watching abusive scenes like that?

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30 His songs all convey the same theme of whining about a girl because she doesn't love him

You need some help.. I know that you probably had nothing to do, since you posted this, but please leave Shawn alone. - shawnsnose

I'm pretty sure that you've only heard like 2 songs. Have you heard a little too much, or understand, or hold on - HY

Yes! Build a bridge and get over it Shawn!

It's a tired, boring, overused theme that comes off as "I'm totally a nice guy so why wont you date me" in his music. Even other artists branch out into different themes relating to love, but Shawn just continues to do the same boring theme over and over again.
(Before you chime in about "Treat You Better", the song isn't about abuse. The music video is. The song itself makes no reference to abuse at all.)

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31 He is overrated

I think he's the opposite - shawnsnose

32 He's overplayed

he sucks

33 He is fat, ugly and sounds like a dying hyena

Fat? Really? Have you seen the angel?

A hyena? Seriously dude, you diss like a 5 year old, yet you have the audacity to say Shawn's immature! - Xi_Mendes

He is absolutely NONE of those things. Jealousy's a curse. Take your hatred elsewhere.

Very true

Kek, this is true

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34 He is an idiot

You don't even know him - shawnsnose

Wow. You have no idea what you are talking about - CaptainCookie

You ran out of ideas, haven't you? - HY

He's a complete idiot

35 He cries over little things

At least he has feelings..

What? - CaptainCookie

Humans have feelings.. except you. whatever - shawnsnose

36 His defending comments are all by teenage girls

I'm not an teenage girl, stupid

Yeah because teenage girls love him is that so hard for you to understand


37 Yelling at his fans

Yea, he yells at concerts "SING IT OUT" what a rude guy! 1! 1
(get the sarcasm) - shawnsnose

I get the sarcasm. Sing it out is not being rude when he yells it at fans at concerts. People need to get their facts right. - Ilovestephanie

Again and again u wont stop are u? - benitosthebest

It wasn't even a fan

I watch a video that his yelling to his fans IN RUDE WAY! believe it or not it's face-to-face

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38 He screamed at fan and refused to sign autographs

To be fair, it wasn’t a fan, and he got mad at him because he tried to sell Shane’s autograph. - 3DG20

Dear, It WaSnT a FaN - shawnsnose

That wasn’t a fan. The guy wanted to sell Shawn’s sign, and he just protected his fans from paying too much money. If you don’t know the whole story, then f. off

He thinks he wrote an amazing song “Stitches” which wasn’t even good

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39 Releases an album called 'handwritten' while not having written 1 song on the entire album

He is a total fake

So? - 3DG20

untrue - shawnsnose

Dude. Lies. He wrote like 75% of the song - CaptainCookie

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40 Yelling at his fans in a rude way

Ok you're boring now - shawnsnose

Third time u said that - benitosthebest

This was already on the list. -_- - 3DG20

When did he do that? - CaptainCookie

41 His voice sounds older than him.. thought he was in his late 20s at least.

And the last point was "he sounds like a baby" and this one is "his voice sounds older." Is he older or younger? Make up your mind

I think he sounds like an angel...

I think he sounds like a teenager. - 3DG20

42 He titled an album 'Shawn Mendes'


43 He's boring


44 His song lyrics bother you

No they don't. - Xi_Mendes

Maybe because you don't seem to understand them - HY

NOT AT ALL! - MrsMendes


45 He sounds like a baby

Boy make up your mind - shawnsnose


46 Not even handsome

But you said that everyone loves him for his look... - shawnsnose

47 He's a liar

you are - shawnsnose

Yep ran out of ideas - HY

Well, some of Taylor Swift's songs are about boys lying but none of her songs are about this teen


48 He's ugly

This must be sarcastic - shawnsnose

What no he's not. And don't think I'm only liking him for his looks either. His looks was just a bonus after I fell in love with his music

Not really - CaptainCookie


49 Too modern

Its 20--19 he is making music in 2019... You want him to sound like he's collabing with Michael Jackson's grandfather when he sings?
We are in the modern age, he makes modern music. Its called keeping up with the times - Xi_Mendes

What does this exactly mean? - shawnsnose

The music is too modern and brainwashes young teens. listen to the stones or the beatles instead. PLEASE. it'll make your life so much better. and the lyrics of their songs are really meaningful.

Cause lyrics to a song that talks about anxiety is meaningless? - benitosthebest

50 His songs are terrible

No u


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