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1 He is very rude

He's not rude, he's very nice. He still didn't grow up.

Even Though I Hate Him, I Haven't Seen Him Do Stuff That's THAT Rude - VideoGamefan5

No he's not he is so nice to his fans!


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2 His songs are pathetic

His songs are not pathetic, they are very nice. Who is writing hate comments to shawn IS PATHETIC BECAUSE SHAWN SINGS FOR YOU AND YOU don't APRICIATE

Most Of His Songs Are Mediocre And Forgettable, Though Treat You Better Was Way Too Rushed And Ended Up Being One Of The Worst Songs Of 2016 - VideoGamefan5

He's amazing you people are just plain stupid that can't even see that but you don't have to diss him just cause he's better than you

Good one

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3 He is only famous for his looks

Stop envying shawn. Yes he is beautiful and is very good looking. But he is a good hearted person and has an amazing voice. His passion for music is inspiring.

Yes I bought his album to listen to his face

You only have relevancy for hating on someone much more successful than you

He is more than just a pretty face, although I'll admit he's hot. He is famous for making meaningful music with good beats, MEANINGFUL lyrics, and artful music videos. He is also famous for being nice to his fans (and not just the #MENDESARMY, but EVERYONE). He helped people who undergo suicide, he embraces his Canadian ethnicity instead of trying to be too "American," his image is clean and positive, and he has a good voice. He's also down to earth and doesn't let fame get to his head. ELIMINATE THIS LIST NOW.

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4 His utter annoyance

I don't agree in the way that some of the things about him are being said. But as a music major and a person who is deeply into music from today's culture and older musical cultures as well? I might say he is slightly overrated.

These comments are racist. Offending shawns background is too much. Racist people. Would you haters like it if someone hates on you because of your background. I don't think so. So you guys can shut up

Has anyone ever told you that you are an utter annoyance?

Whiny little bitch

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5 He is selfish

How is he selfish? Huh give me one example. I bet u can't. He has a tattoo dedicated to his family just saying.

Ya that's why he spend his time off at hospitals meeting fans

I honestly don't know much about this guy but still - VideoGamefan5


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6 His lyrics are stupid

For haters everything shawn does is stupid.

Kinda, I Guess I Mean "Treat You better, Better Than He Can"? - VideoGamefan5


They kind of are some of his earlier lyrics were alright...but recently they are all very shallow and fake lyrics

7 He has no musical talent

Who ever wrote this should kill themselves

I feel that's true, every artist from LA to Timbuktu sings about loving a girl, leaving a girl, or wanting a girl, its tired, tried and overused. I believe his beauty is blinding people to his voice, he can't really hit high notes, and he never really sings low notes, its just a bland cut & copy voice.

What the heck are y'all talking about obviously you have no respect or taste in life

Even Though Shawn Sucks, And Rae Sremmurd Does Have Talent? - VideoGamefan5

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8 His fame makes Rae Sremmurd unknown across Canada

This is a reason to like him. - WonkeyDude98

No, more popular artists, like Beyonce, also brainwashed everyone so they don't listen to Rae

Yeh Justin bieber isn't a thing isn't he?

Both Suck, But At Least Shawn Doesn't Yell Out The N Word And F Words Every 5 Seconds - VideoGamefan5

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9 He brainwashed teenage girls

Your hate brainwashed your lives

@whoever wrote this has been brainwashed

He brainwashed my cousin. - CartoonsGirl

I never knew - VideoGamefan5

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10 He is whiny

You are whiny by writing reasons to hate a guy that has NEVER EVEN SPOKEN TO YOU

How is he whiny? Give me an example, I bet u can't. because there isn't

He's a whiny little kid.

I hate u go die in hell :) bye

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11 People hate any guy that teenage girls like

This is just because of stereotypes, not him. - WonkeyDude98


Vuck he's

12 His voice

He is going through puberty and it's coming to an end. When he was 14 he reached F5 in his cover. He now can only hit D5 safely - right now if Shawn Mendes hits a note higher than D5 he'll get damage. In fact he has already experienced a bit of vocal damage In "I Know What You Did Last Summer." He should give his voice a break or he can ruin it after his tour

I think when he prepared for his studio album he heard Taylor Swift sing and he got impressed so he altered his voice about an octave higher and copied her music and videos.

I wish I could erase "Treat you Better" from my head! Shawn ruined my life when he debuted his song!

Ummm so like you got nothing else better than to do than hate on him.HIS VOICE IS AMAZING HE IS NOT SELFISH AND HOW TF CAN SOMEONE LOOK LIKE AN ARMPIT. Like for real,your make a hate page when you don't even have proper reasons to hate him like just go back to your life LMAO.

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13 His songs are overplayed

He has like 3 songs played on the radio and the only overplayed one is stitches and there are much better ones so please don't base someone on their radio songs.. do your research

Only valid offense I have for the dude. - WonkeyDude98

He is sooo overrated that its unbelievable...

He doesn't run a radio station. It;s not his fault

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14 He looks like an armpit

You look like ear wax


15 He's a whiny bitch
16 He sounds like Taylor Swift and copies her music

Ok, I Have A Question, Why Is Everyone Comparing Shawn Mendes And Taylor Swift? , You Know Your Comparing A Teenage Kid Who Makes Some Mediocre Songs To A Former Country Female Singer That Now Just Makes Songs About Break Ups, Right? - VideoGamefan5

Some of his lyrics are based on lyrics of Taylor Swift songs (Stitches, one of the lines: your words cut deeper than a knife. That is based on this line from Bad Blood: Still got scars from the back of her knife)

At her concert in Edmonton Taylor Swift got attacked on stage. Last year he got attacked on stage as well.

He also copies justin biebers music

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17 His songs are annoying

Treat You Better is an annoying anthem for all little sniveling boys.

18 He is immature

Wow great then you guys finally have a similarity

Immature? You maybe, but not Shawn.

How is he immature? If anything he's more mature than Justin Bieber was at 18 (and smarter).

19 All of his songs sound the same

STOP! We already have Taylor Swift in our world. your Canada's Taylor Swift.

I'll tell you some of his songs and what the meaning behind them are:

Treat You Better; a boy who likes a girl that is dating someone who isn't treating her very well and the boy knows he could give her much more.

Mercy; having a passion and being so absorbed with it that it takes over your life and sometimes you need to beg for Mercy and take a break,
This song is describing how a boy is deeply in love with someone and would do anything for them. However they keep repeatedly hurting him and it’s taking a toll on him. He can’t handle anymore torture from his lover and is asking for mercy.

A Little Too Much; a girl who has too much going on and bottles up all of her emotions and can't deal with it but still keeps to herself.

Roses; a boy who's girlfriend breaks up with him, despite the fact that he still loves her. She moves on and gets another boyfriend while he is alone and he thinks about her all the time. He wonders if the love she has for ...more

20 Most of his fame is from Vine

He was discovered on vine then grew to make more music and turn it into a serious career. Everyone has to start somewhere and at least he worked hard for his fame.

Wow I may not like him but that's racist.

Errm so. How is this bad.? He sings. So what. Stop hating losers

He also got fame from YouTube, where he first started posting covers.

Justin Bieber got most of his fame on YouTube, you probably accept that. I don't see a difference between the two.

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