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1 He is very rude

"He is very rude" lol said the person who made a whole list of reasons to hate someone - HY

And making a page full of hate for this guy isn't rude?

Stop throwing hate around


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2 His songs are pathetic

His songs are not pathetic, they are very nice. Who is writing hate comments to shawn IS PATHETIC BECAUSE SHAWN SINGS FOR YOU AND YOU don't APRICIATE

This is ridiculous! U guys r complaining that shawn is too whiney. Like no. He's not offending women in any kind of way. He's just trying to demonstrate men can also be sensitive. Most celebrities do songs about their break ups and stuff, making the opposite gender look stupid. But shawn Mendes isn't.

All of his songs are pretty much about the same thing and sound the same. He's awful.

I love his songs so much though!

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3 He is only famous for his looks

Yes I bought his album to listen to his face

Stop envying shawn. Yes he is beautiful and is very good looking. But he is a good hearted person and has an amazing voice. His passion for music is inspiring.

That's why I bought all his albums. Sure - CaptainCookie

Yeah because we buy his albums to listen to his face...

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4 His utter annoyance

Has anyone ever told you that you are an utter annoyance?

These comments are racist. Offending shawns background is too much. Racist people. Would you haters like it if someone hates on you because of your background. I don't think so. So you guys can shut up

I don't agree in the way that some of the things about him are being said. But as a music major and a person who is deeply into music from today's culture and older musical cultures as well? I might say he is slightly overrated.


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5 He is selfish

How is he selfish? Huh give me one example. I bet u can't. He has a tattoo dedicated to his family just saying.

Ya that's why he spend his time off at hospitals meeting fans

What, he isn't selfish. Look at yourself

ПIt's a bright new day and it's time to shine Shawn Mendes time to take your career into your own hands. Spend all your money and the stars they will align cause you've become a part of our band. Just be careful about what you but you never know what's hiding inside but we can't prove anything, no. So make sure Shawn you take all responsibility for whatever your new business plan will bring. It's closing time gotta clean up all the messes that were made order supplies and advertise wait I voices on every side. And I wonder where, and I wonder why, where do they hide! I'm sorry you've been misinformed this is just a never-ending labyrinth and nothing more endless circles of fear chasing cries of children that seem so near out of reach you will never find them, don't you see Shawn this is where your story ends! Closing time we're are gathered here together just to play all these souls in one place and this gift we appreciate. Come with us Shawn we'll take them off your hands don't ...more

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6 His lyrics are stupid

Honestly I would like to see you do what he has done and he is so young so why don't you just shut up because his songs are amazing


For haters everything shawn does is stupid.

His lyrics are not STUPID they make sense and when he is singing them it sounds awesome so if you don't like him then you are very weird JUST SAYING!

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7 He has no musical talent

Yeah that's why his tickets for Madison Square Garden were sold out in less than 5 minutes - HY

Who ever wrote this should kill themselves

Yes, everyone else sounds the same too, I feel like it's copying from someone else, his content may be not THAT bad, but his voice definitely not original. And people ask why I like Imagine Dragons, their both content and voice are original.

Corporately owned pop stars usually don't have much talent except to pander to their teenage audience and cash off their low self esteem.

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8 He brainwashed teenage girls

Your hate brainwashed your lives

@whoever wrote this has been brainwashed

He kinda has because there are too many girls who are unhealthily obsessed that they need help

I'm a teenage girl and he didn't brainwash me! 😒...Charlie Puth did... 😂😍

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9 His fame makes Rae Sremmurd unknown across Canada

This is a reason to like him. - WonkeyDude98

No, more popular artists, like Beyonce, also brainwashed everyone so they don't listen to Rae

Shawn Mendes has no talent but Rae SREMMURD does? LOL, are you on drugs? Don't answer that, because u obviously are!

Yes true I agree

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10 People hate any guy that teenage girls like

This is just because of stereotypes, not him. - WonkeyDude98

Not his fault - CaptainCookie


Vuck he's

The Newcomers

? If you hear his voice too many times, it annoys you a lot


? He lied about his age

I think so? Who can prove it


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11 He is whiny

You are whiny by writing reasons to hate a guy that has NEVER EVEN SPOKEN TO YOU

How is he whiny? Give me an example, I bet u can't. because there isn't

All his songs are really just, something that makes me want to punch someone in the face. Like, you know the emphasis kids put on words when they don't get what they want? He sounds like that.

He's not!

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12 He's racist

Where did you find evidence of this - CaptainCookie

How is he racist? Give me one example of him being racist

Where is the evidence?

He is racist as hell to black women

13 He's a whiny bitch

Kill him please

Lies - CaptainCookie

true dat

One moron

14 His voice

He is going through puberty and it's coming to an end. When he was 14 he reached F5 in his cover. He now can only hit D5 safely - right now if Shawn Mendes hits a note higher than D5 he'll get damage. In fact he has already experienced a bit of vocal damage In "I Know What You Did Last Summer." He should give his voice a break or he can ruin it after his tour

I think when he prepared for his studio album he heard Taylor Swift sing and he got impressed so he altered his voice about an octave higher and copied her music and videos.

I wish I could erase "Treat you Better" from my head! Shawn ruined my life when he debuted his song!

His songs are bad

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15 His songs are overplayed

He has like 3 songs played on the radio and the only overplayed one is stitches and there are much better ones so please don't base someone on their radio songs.. do your research

He doesn't run a radio station. It;s not his fault

Only valid offense I have for the dude. - WonkeyDude98

He is sooo overrated that its unbelievable...

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16 He looks like an armpit

You look like ear wax



17 All of his songs sound the same

No, they don't! If you listened to all of his songs, you would notice that every single song of him sounds different and unique


STOP! We already have Taylor Swift in our world. your Canada's Taylor Swift.

I'll tell you some of his songs and what the meaning behind them are:

Treat You Better; a boy who likes a girl that is dating someone who isn't treating her very well and the boy knows he could give her much more.

Mercy; having a passion and being so absorbed with it that it takes over your life and sometimes you need to beg for Mercy and take a break,
This song is describing how a boy is deeply in love with someone and would do anything for them. However they keep repeatedly hurting him and it’s taking a toll on him. He can’t handle anymore torture from his lover and is asking for mercy.

A Little Too Much; a girl who has too much going on and bottles up all of her emotions and can't deal with it but still keeps to herself.

Roses; a boy who's girlfriend breaks up with him, despite the fact that he still loves her. She moves on and gets another boyfriend while he is alone and he thinks about her all the time. He wonders if the love she has for ...more

18 He sounds like Taylor Swift and copies her music

Ok, I Have A Question, Why Is Everyone Comparing Shawn Mendes And Taylor Swift? , You Know Your Comparing A Teenage Kid Who Makes Some Mediocre Songs To A Former Country Female Singer That Now Just Makes Songs About Break Ups, Right? - VideoGamefan5

Some of his lyrics are based on lyrics of Taylor Swift songs (Stitches, one of the lines: your words cut deeper than a knife. That is based on this line from Bad Blood: Still got scars from the back of her knife)

At her concert in Edmonton Taylor Swift got attacked on stage. Last year he got attacked on stage as well.

He also copies justin biebers music

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19 His songs are annoying

Treat You Better is an annoying anthem for all little sniveling boys.

Like you bitches

20 He is immature

Wow great then you guys finally have a similarity

Please shut up He is so mature everyone says so

Boii your immature for writing this comment

AND THIS isn't!?! >!? >Q>Q? ;WQ - MrsMendes

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21 His voice is annoying

Yup that's true

What the heck he is the only guy to not use autotune in his songs

Its not because he has an accent that is so beautiful

Very annoying...

22 He smells like coconut

Well... That even isn't a bad thing, some people like how coconut smells

He also smells like kiwis

How is that a bad thing?

23 His videos

Have you seen the end? its to raise awareness for abusive relationships? I bet you say that donation commercials scare you too

No SERIOUSLY! Stop trolling!

Look Shawn your video for Treat You Better really freaked the daylight out of me. As well as a million other little kids. Do you even CARE that little kids are watching abusive scenes like that?

Excuse me miss, but I believe that Channel V warns you about the videos and gives you age restrictions. It's the children's fault for continuing to watch and the parents fault for letting them watch. If you think it's too much for a 10 year old like you to handle, there's a door and a remote to turn the T.V. off.

That video was to 'raise' awareness of domestic violence, so I don't understand why you're complaining.

24 He is ugly

So stupid and a total stupid butt head

He looks like an ugly crossover between a pig and a goat

Mick Jagger is so much hotter

"people like him for his look"
"He is ugly" definitely ran out of ideas - HY

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25 He screamed at fan and refused to sign autographs

He thinks he wrote an amazing song “Stitches” which wasn’t even good

That wasn’t a fan. The guy wanted to sell Shawn’s sign, and he just protected his fans from paying too much money. If you don’t know the whole story, then f. off

26 Most of his fame is from Vine

He was discovered on vine then grew to make more music and turn it into a serious career. Everyone has to start somewhere and at least he worked hard for his fame.

Errm so. How is this bad.? He sings. So what. Stop hating losers

Wow I may not like him but that's racist.

He also got fame from YouTube, where he first started posting covers.

Justin Bieber got most of his fame on YouTube, you probably accept that. I don't see a difference between the two.

27 His songs all convey the same theme of whining about a girl because she doesn't love him

I'm pretty sure that you've only heard like 2 songs. Have you heard a little too much, or understand, or hold on - HY

Yes! Build a bridge and get over it Shawn!

It's a tired, boring, overused theme that comes off as "I'm totally a nice guy so why wont you date me" in his music. Even other artists branch out into different themes relating to love, but Shawn just continues to do the same boring theme over and over again.
(Before you chime in about "Treat You Better", the song isn't about abuse. The music video is. The song itself makes no reference to abuse at all.)

Yeah, because he hasn’t written a song about anxiety, (in my blood). Another about how the world is going, and all the terrorist attacks that are happening (youth). One about finally finding your place in live and remembering your friends that you’ll always be there for them. Or another about his father. I could continue telling songs that aren’t about girls who don’t like him back but the comment would be so long so I better stop

28 His defending comments are all by teenage girls

Yeah because teenage girls love him is that so hard for you to understand


29 His song lyrics bother you

Maybe because you don't seem to understand them - HY

NOT AT ALL! - MrsMendes


30 The tone of his voice

Come and say that about Shawn when you've sold out Madison Square Garden in 3 minutes.

I don't understand why his facial expressions are bothering you. If you don't like it, don't look at him. His facial expressions have nothing to do with it.

May I clarify, that not all of Shawns songs are about bashing someone (the only song he wrote about someone getting bashed was Stitches and the person getting bashed was him) and/or about having sex. None of the songs on Handwritten are about having sex, listen to the whole album if you have to. As for Illuminate, the only songs about sex are Lights On and Reputation.

Please reconsider before ever writing a comment like this again,

Stop using Justin bieber's name

Just like Bieber, in every song he sounds either like he's bashing someone, or ready to have sex. It's creepy and pointless. His facial expressions are freaky.


31 He is an idiot

Wow. You have no idea what you are talking about - CaptainCookie

You ran out of ideas, haven't you? - HY

He's a complete idiot

32 Releases an album called 'handwritten' while not having written 1 song on the entire album

Dude. Lies. He wrote like 75% of the song - CaptainCookie

GET. THERAPY. He wrote almost EVERY song on the album

33 He is a bad singer

His voice is atrociously nasally, his singing is unsupported, it is incredibly weak with very little control, and he strains remarkably almost at every single point in a given song. Overall, I would classify Shawn Mendes as an awful voice. I can recommend numerous pop acts that have far better technique, control, and general sound. As proof, he was reduced to singing basically glorified karaoke at the CBS Elton John Grammy Tribute. Please consult myself or any of my peers for proper singing technique, not the amateur singing of a novice such as Shawn Mendes. - LAVocalCoach

34 He's a liar

Yep ran out of ideas - HY

Well, some of Taylor Swift's songs are about boys lying but none of her songs are about this teen


35 He's ugly

What no he's not. And don't think I'm only liking him for his looks either. His looks was just a bonus after I fell in love with his music

Not really - CaptainCookie

Sehr gut

36 Yelling at his fans

It wasn't even a fan

I watch a video that his yelling to his fans IN RUDE WAY! believe it or not it's face-to-face

37 Yelling at his fans in a rude way

When did he do that? - CaptainCookie

38 His voice sounds older than him.. thought he was in his late 20s at least.
39 He sounds like a baby


40 Too modern

The music is too modern and brainwashes young teens. listen to the stones or the beatles instead. PLEASE. it'll make your life so much better. and the lyrics of their songs are really meaningful.

41 He cries over little things

What? - CaptainCookie

42 His songs are terrible
43 Shawn Mendes is a Terrible Singer

His voice is atrociously nasally, his singing is unsupported, it is incredibly weak with very little control, and he strains remarkably almost at every single point in a given song. Overall, I would classify Shawn Mendes as an awful voice. I can recommend numerous pop acts that have far better technique, control, and general sound. As proof, he was reduced to singing basically glorified karaoke at the CBS Elton John Grammy Tribute. Please consult myself or any of my peers for proper singing technique, not the amateur singing of a novice such as Shawn Mendes. - LAVocalCoach

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