Top 10 Reasons to Hate Skillet

This band is just overrated Christian garbage that should be gone already! Here are my 10 reasons why I think this group is completely awful and atrocious.

The Top Ten

1 They're a Christian Band

To be honest people who think metal is satanic should listen to this band - RoseCandyMusic

Nobody likes Christian music! If you want some real music, go listen to Mayhem or Gorgoroth or Watain!

2 John Cooper is a Bad Singer
3 The Lyrics are Cheesy

Lyrics so pathetic that I'd rather listen to Behemoth (an actual GOOD band! )

4 The Music is Not Heavy Enough

People say this band is metal? It's not even that heavy! There are much more heavier bands that Skillet!

5 They're Brainwashing People

They brainwash people with their Christian beliefs! Nobody wants Christianity in the country! It's nothing but a disease that's been plaguing the nation for decades!

6 They're Overrated

Most overrated band ever. Their videos get more views than Dark Funeral's for Satan's sake!

7 Their Name is Bad

Seriously? What kind of name is Skillet? And can you believe their fans are also called Panheads? How pathetic.

8 All Their Songs Sound the Same Lyrically

Jesus this! Jesus that! We get it Skillet! You love Jesus now write something else already!

All christian song is about: I LOVE YOU JeeeSuuuSsss - RoseCandyMusic

9 The Guitar Work Sucks

I've heard much better guitars from Emperor than Skillet!

10 They're Still Making Music

They should just quit because nobody (including me) likes their religious trash!

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