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1 They are mainstream sellouts

Edgy pop music

This list is a clear example of how bad top tens in TheTopTen website can be. More than 3/4 of the arguments here are not valid, and it is clear and obvious this is just a hate list.

I would be so surprised if I saw any of my friends who listen to mainstream pop and stuff listening to metal that people say is “mainstream”

It's a so-called "emo" band

2 Their music isn't good

Trash band for 13-16 year old drug addicted emo kids

They just suck.

Can a reason get any more subjective than this?

I have listened to lots of Slipknot's work, and I could only find 1 or 2 songs that I actually enjoyed. People claim them to be the best but they don't stack up to bands like Slayer or Anvil. - ryanrimmel

All Hope Is Gone was pretty average, but even that had some good songs, such as the title track, Sulfur and Snuff. Their music may not be very technical, and their guitar work is nothing special, but they make some pretty decent stuff. - Scretty_MUFC

3 They give metal a bad name

Wrong. Although I think of Slipknot as my least favorite nu-metal band, the nu-metal thing wasn't bad and neither were they for that matter. Fans of the band will likely listen to something else metal-sounding too. For example I like Slipknot, Metallica, and Tool and they are three different types of metal bands, and I'm fine with that.

Also The Blister Exists is an awesome song. - NuMetalManiak

People listen and/or look at Slipknot and assume all metal is like that, and then go around talking about how bad metal is. - ryanrimmel

That is true. Though I am actually a fan of Slipknot, I do agree that in some respects they have done damage to the genre - EvilAngel

No. Slipknot added to metal. Slipknot is their own genre. No band sounds exactly like Slipknot and they have their own sort of rawness. They have and will mark a place in rock and metal history

Yeah... Because they are not metal... They are some weird math-rock/screamo hybrid in masks. Their music is AWFUL and has no "groove".

4 Their fans think they're the heaviest band ever

They are heavy for their genre (Alternative Metal and Nu-Metal), but compared to death metal, they aren't that heavy. - Lem

I've been a Slipknot fan for a year and I can tell you, they're not the heaviest band out there. Sure, the heaviest for Nu Metal but not everything else. It's true they can't compare to Slayer and Mayhem. I do hate the fans who think they're the heaviest metal band that ever existed - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Ya anyone who thinks that needs to get a life. Behemoth and mayhem are like 500 million times heavier. I mean I like Slipknot but hell no, they aren't the heaviest. There are 100's of bands tons of times heavier. Like when I download a Slipknot album my phone only gains like 2 lbs heavier. When I download a behemoth album, I need to get a 6 ton block to lay my phone on because it's too heavy to carry ok!

They are a gay metal band

5 They have 9 members

Slipknot shows us a very new side of metal that has created a whole new sub-genre within metal that I have never witnessed before. The fact that they have 9 members plays a key part in how the music is formed as it adds power and a very alternative rhythm that is not imitated in any other metal band I have listened to. I like the idea of having more members than a conventional metal band would have to create new and interesting music - such is Slipknots contribution to the metal world

It takes work to get 9 members to work together, meanwhile single singers just have music playing in background

Slipknot's musical aspect of their songs sounds like there are 3, maybe 4 members. There are 9... A singer, 2 guitarists, a keyboardist, a DJ, 2 Percussionists who sit there and hit one drum, a set drummer, and a bassist. With all those "musicians" it still sounds very basic and generic. Dream Theater can make twice the musical sound Slipknot has. - ryanrimmel

They have so many members so they can make their live shows incredible and to stop using backing tracks for samples etc. The more drums there are the heavier, the more powerful and the more furiously massive it sounds. Also, Clown (Shawn Crahan) and the nose one (Chris Fehn) don't just hit one drum, they've had their own drum sets since the start. - partyonpeterick

What are you guys jealous pricks!

6 The masks

How is that a reason to hate them? - Userguy44

Right.. The masks are what Slipknot are all about, its what makes them so unique. It contributes a theatrical dynamic to the music that adds to their sound and makes them very entertaining and interesting to watch. Their masks and music is so disturbing... I Love It

There masks look stupid.

The masks aren't for hiding the identities idiots

7 Fans are opinionated

I think their fans are opinionated however there are exceptions. I really really like Slipknot actually, but I don't really like nu metal much. They don't really sound like nu metal honestly. Comparing them to drowning pool, god smack, and Korn, which are all mainstream nu-metal bands. They are their own genre, which is why I like them. They have that raw sound to them. I think it would be ok to say they are the best band for what they do. Like I mean, comparing them to Metallica or Whitechapel wouldn't be fair, because they are completely different types of metal respectable in their own ways so, I don't think it would be wrong if someone said Slipknot is their favorite band because that is their opinion. Someone might not think Metallica is any good, but you might think their the best. It all depends on your taste. Personally I'd put Slipknot in a top 10. Truly, aside from history, Slipknot has a raw sound that other bands don't have. Core metal is raw sounding but it's all ...more

Ok I have to agree on that one lol - Pigman22

Slipknot is my favourite band and I also use the official slipknot app to meet other fans (aka-maggots) and we are not opinionated. Just because they are our favourite band it does not mean that we think they are the best or the heaviest. We get something out of their music that other music does not portray to us. I know a lot of slipknot fans that listen to Iron maiden, Metallica, Slayer and many more. Myself I listen to slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold and stone sour mostly (I'm only 17 so I'm not into the older classic bands as much although I respect them for what they do). Most people who hate on slipknot probably go in the YouTube comment section to see what their fans are like but you should not trust that toxic place. I can understand if you dislike a band or their fanbase, but don't stereotype a band of their fans please.


8 They have a DJ in the band

Linkin park, limp bizkit and I think deftones has a dj in the band so whats the problem? - Th3Zm0nst3r

This is literally a guy dressed in a Walmart Halloween costume making weird and unnecessary noises to the music. - ryanrimmel

How does Slipknot get a DJ? O_O That's the worst reason why everyone hates Slipknot. - DynastiSugarPop

Who wants a DJ in a band seriously? What are they trying to pull although I like 2-3 songs...

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9 They aren't original

This is the most ridiculous thing I have seen here. This list is beginning to contradict itself massively. 9 members, masks and a DJ and you're talking about originality?! This band sounds nothing like anything I have heard, they have a unique place in metal.

You just went on about the fact that they have nine members and a DJ, now your saying their unoriginal. If that was a normal thing to have in a band like them you wouldn't even be pointing that out.

I haven't heard anything original about them, they use generic, bland riffs and tunes. - ryanrimmel

They have masks = they're original. What a stupid logic.
There's a band called GWAR and they also wearing masks just saying'
And they were a decade before Slipknot.
And they have absolutely not unique sound, they sound like any other early '00s band.

10 Corey Taylor is not a good metal vocalist

Oh my just come on,he is Amazing.

He's a punk vocalist.

This guy is very swearing.

Her voice is like a Fred Durst.


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11 They are just a pop rock group

They are metal, you're ignorant for thinking that you have to scream to be metal

Yeah combine fall out boy to slipknot. see what makes a different - Th3Zm0nst3r

Slipknot is mall core 12 year old music. Just "heavy, gimmick" pop music like avenged 7 fold, 5 finger death punch all awful bands. Shouldn't even be in a discussion with actual metal bands ie skeletonwitch amon amarth entombed exmortus etc.

That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard 😂. I'm assuming the only people who even voted this were grindcore and deathcore fans. Just because they aren't "brutal" doesn't mean they aren't actually metal. Slipknot does not = 5 Seconds Of Symmer

12 They're overrated

I like some of their songs and I do think they are quite original, but some fans (who I know in real life) keep making them bigger than they are. They're good but overrated if you ask me.

Yeah, their fanbase is way to huge for a mediocre band like that...

The reason they have a lot of fans is because not all people like to hear creaming into the microphone

Their fan base is huge because they're good, dumbass.

13 They made Donnie Steele play backstage

They are worst band ever sorry

Watch Undertakerfreak1127's video about this and you'll see what I mean (I love Slipknot, but they went too far).

Ya, honestly that did kinda suck

14 They ripped off Mushroomhead

No they didn't, the band started back in 1996, they had masks then, but a couple different members.

15 They treat Paul Grey like he's a hero despite of his death being caused by a drug overdose

If your friend, the one that pulled you through thick and thin, died from an overdose how would feel?

Don't you ignorant liars insult Paul Gray! He got the band to where they are now, and so what if he died from drugs? He died, and at the loss of a friend, I see why. Kinda obvious.

What the hell that's not even how u spell his last name it's GRAY not grey. With an A you dumbass. And I will torture anyone who says anything bad about Paul Gray

Bruh, when you are living the life of a rockstar, that's normal. Look at Ozzy, I mean seriously. They just cared about him a lot and he died. Just because someone died from drugs doesn't mean their a bad person.

16 They try to be satanic

People listened Iowa too much. - Userguy44

They're not actually satanic though. It's just for shock value.

People even listen to the song to act badass and they need to be afraid. Idiots like these never saw.

Bastards are using it

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17 Their brainless fans act like Joey Jordison is the greatest drummer of all time when there are far superior drummers out there

John Bonham, Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, Bill Ward, Ian Paice, Dave Lombardo, Stewart Copeland, Charlie Benante, Mike Portnoy, Ginger Baker and Danny Carey just to name a few

Out of all the dumb reasons on this list this is the dumbest for sure

Seriously? Is this real? We don't think joey is the best at all. He's not. Dick.

Ok I'm not one of those people and ya I completely agree though I like Slipknot very much

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18 It is always catalogued as a satanic band
19 Rap and metal don't mix well

THey are not rap retards

A lot of their songs touched on this mix of genres and I believe it works really well. Songs like Surfacing, Diluted, Left Behind and Duality are awesome with this mix

Depends, The Negative One And Spit It Out Were very Near Rap And There Platinum Sellers lol

Its not even metal

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20 Their fans

1st. Butthurt huh? Usually when you like something and people hate it for stupid reasons, you get angry. 2nd. Fucc you. 3rd. He probably thinks you’re an unholy ass loser because they ARE good. - LordOfLight

ThEstela are the most retarded reasons to hate a band simple as that.

Most butthurt fanbase ever.

Fucc the fans

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21 They sound awful live

Not - LordOfLight

Watch spit it out live its sounds terrible. The best metal vocalists are jens kidman, and randy blythe.

Lol. No.

Yes they do and the people who commented below me are losers

22 They're a nu-metal band

Haha say that to Corey. - Userguy44

Ok I read all your arguments they are all just bad arguments the drums are bad their are much better drummers out there its all opinion and also rip offs of mushroomhead maybe they are maybe there not but my opinion is slipknot is just better than mushroomhead like I never heard of mushroomhead before either just cause slipknot out done them lol only opinion because I know sum mushroomhead fan will be raging or whatever and the worth argument of all there mainstream like who cares you hipster

I think of this isn't a reason. - 05yusuf09

This is a good reason

23 Their fans think anyone who doesn't like them are metal elitists

Slipkock sucks and gives a bad name to badasses like limp bizkit

24 Corey Taylor is an annoying overly opinionated douche



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1. They are mainstream sellouts
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