Top 10 Reasons to Hate Social Justice Warriors

Social justice Warriors are taking over our colleges and universities.They are brainwashing our kids to believe that they are always right. Here's some reason to hate SJWs or Social Justice Warriors.

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1 They are hypocrites

They expect to be treated in a privileged way (because they think that they are doing noble work) while trashing the "privileged"

2 They think every little thing is racist, sexist, and oppressive

SJWs, please shut up about Super Mario Odyssey. The Mexican powerup isn't racist at all.

I don't agree with your shippings? How homophobic of me!
I like looking at pretty women? How sexist!
I didn't include a non-Caucasian character in my drawings? How racist!

They'll make up every petty argument against you without even studying it, because apparently not having a preference for a Spanish model is as bad as the acts done by Communist dictators. - Swellow

This should be on top.

'They are hypocrites'
So are Republicans. Especially Alt-Right.

'They silence people who have different opinions'
So do Republicans. However, unlike Republicans, SJWs don't violently gang up on and attack people with opposing opinions as well. - LemonComputer

3 They silence people who have different opinions

This happened to Blaire White.Check out her YouTube channel and her video on BLM or Black lives matter - Jordansalesguy2392

4 They get offended too easily

I once knew one who got extremely offended when I told them to "kill [them]selves" during this argument we were having, and they made a whole post on deviantART to mock me over it. Worse, I'm in their school... - Swellow

5 They make everything a big deal
6 They bully other people and companies into changing something they don't like

Republicans also do this. - LemonComputer

Zamii got this, and the SJWs behind it think it's fine to dox people into giving their addresses and phone numbers so they can make fun of the people more. - Swellow

Oh yeah I remember her! She almost committed suicide because of them. - LordEyeballz

7 They think everyone who doesn't share the same belief is a racist, sexist, bigot, and homophobe

Republicans believe that everyone who doesn't share the same opinions as them is a Satanist. - LemonComputer

8 They throw temper tantrums when they don't get their way

Remember Yale? That shrieking girl? - Jordansalesguy2392

So do Republicans. Only Republicans do it in teams. - LemonComputer

What a bunch of babies.

9 They force and intimate people into apologizing over jokes
10 They sincerely believe that they are Special Snowflakes

No, it's the Republicans who believe that they are special snowflakes. - LemonComputer

The Newcomers

? They ruined Senran Kagura

The Contenders

11 They're extremely politically correct
12 They're too sensitive
13 They want safe spaces at colleges and universities

For what? - Randomator

14 They can't separate fantasy from reality

Neither can Bible-loving Republicans. - LemonComputer

15 They label opinions they don't like as "hate speech"

Republicans label opinions they don't like as 'Satanic'. - LemonComputer

16 They constantly push the gay agenda and put it in children's shows

Yah this is pretty bad it's fine to be gay and all but there putting this in shows just for there agenda kids shouldn't think there gay instantly because of what the shows might say also just to clear this thing up in Steven universe the gems are rocks as in genderless as the creator said so sapphire and ruby are not GAY also I agree 100% with y'all also I had a hard time choosing witch to vote for there all horrible! thanks post author for putting this more into the light posted by anyahbear 😊 also lot's of blessing to you guys

17 They believe black people can't be racist
18 They change definitions of words to fit their agenda

So do Republicans. Remember the word 'Feminist'? The real definition for a feminist is 'someone who believes in equality in genders'. Republicans have completely changed the definition. - LemonComputer

Ok I don't know who you are LemonComputer, but just. stop.

19 They make up fake genders to seem "transgender" and are unaware of the struggles of actual transgenders

Their is not 10 billion genders because SJWs are the worst when it come to 2 that's right 2 genders in the whole damn world 🌎

20 They hate white people they hate me? - Gehenna

21 They want safe spaces on college campuses
22 They think straight people are terrible human beings

Hey, you claim that you were born LGBT, and I was born straight, so why are you saying that I'M the problem? - Swellow

23 They claim that everyone should respect their body when they go around mocking thin people
24 They ruin people's fun
25 Their constant push on white privileged
26 They can't take criticism
27 They believe everything is cultural appropriation
28 They're the reason why comedy is dying
29 They defend Muslim terrorists
30 They call minorities "people of colour"
31 They believe there are more than two genders
32 They call riots "peaceful protests"
33 They act like children
34 They make up words to fit their agenda
35 They criticize people that actually do know what they are talking about
36 They ruined Boy Scouts
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1. They think everyone who doesn't share the same belief is a racist, sexist, bigot, and homophobe
2. They think every little thing is racist, sexist, and oppressive
3. They silence people who have different opinions
1. They are hypocrites
2. They get offended too easily
3. They silence people who have different opinions
1. They're extremely politically correct
2. They're too sensitive
3. They label opinions they don't like as "hate speech"


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