Top Ten Reasons to Hate Socialism

Socialism as a political and economic system is bad news and dangerous to the well-being of others. Here's why...

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1 It's similar to communism

It's not a "new form." It's simply another, presumably less objectionable term for the same collectivist poison, as is "progressivism."

It's basically a new form of it.

Communisn and Fascism are both socio-economic systems based around socialism. The only difference is that fascism glorifies the state and the establishment, while Communism glorifies the masses and a revolution. - Jackamalio

2 It violates personal freedom

Again, Socialism, in and of itself, does not violate personal freedom. Some say it may even enhance personal freedom. Just because some countries hijacked socialism and became barbaric doesn't mean Socialism is evil. - Alpha101

3 It violates human nature

Actually, no, it doesn't. Humans are very social animals, and, by instinct, usually try to do what's best for the group. However, humans are also selfish. What we need is an economic system that rewards selfishness, while, at the same time, promoting the interests of every member of the human race - Alpha101

This item perfectly sums up the gross perversion that is collectivism.

4 It violates private property
5 It opposes traditional marriage

And what's so wrong about that...? - ARandomPerson

That's right. The horror of subverting the foundation of civil society which has stood the test of time for more than 5,000 years. And you think you know better?


6 It mocks religion
7 It opposes parental rights in education
8 It promotes radical equality

Yes. All people are equal in their possession of God-given human rights. "Radical equality" may be defined as manufactured, artificial "equality" where none exists. Not everyone has talents, capabilities or intelligence in equal measure. Affirmative action, racial and sex-based quotas, militant minorities of any persuasion exerting disproportionate influence on the political process - all are examples of the radicalization of equality.

What's wrong with equality? Blacks are equal to whites, men are equal to women.
Please elaborate, or at least define "radical equality."

9 It promotes atheism

How does Socialism, in and of itself, promote atheism? Many socialists are religous. Secondly, what's wrong with atheism? Just because you disagree with atheism doesn't make it evil. - Alpha101

10 They take money from people who earn it

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11 It promotes relativism
12 Eventually you run out of other people's money

Thank you Margaret Thatcher, and RIP.

13 It’s hypocritical
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1. It's similar to communism
2. It violates personal freedom
3. It violates human nature


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