Reasons to Hate Some Girls


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1 They "can" harm boys, but boys can't harm them

Think of it this way: if a woman is trying to murder you, are you just going to let her do it because you "can't" hit a girl? Granted, self-defense is the ONLY reason to hit a lady, but if they want to be treated like equals, they shouldn't take advantage of rules like these. - Garythesnail

This list has the worst grammar. - ryanrimmel

They're annoying brats

I don't care about that rule,i kick them if they sucks

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2 There are more feminist than men sexist

Radicle feminism is sexism - ryanrimmel

3 They squeezes money out of men

Girls do that it is wrong but is it not the mans fault for letting them - leafstar

4 They don't know fun

Um... that is wrong - leafstar

5 They hurt men by all possible ways
6 They doing mean pranks
7 They're evil
8 They fight to the end
9 They use cuteness to win
10 They burst into tears over every little thing

Um.. wrong we cry because we get hurt - leafstar

Umm not true - speed

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11 They have multiple orgasms

Have to little fun here... - ad48

12 They don't like sex

Do we need to like it - leafstar

13 They get scared easily
14 They are rude to boys

Does are mean girls
But most are nice I'm a boy Amd I talk to a lot of girls at school
And there nice (I know all you girls on the site are getting jealous) lol - speed

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