Top 10 Reasons to Hate Sonic Games


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1 Because the Graphics Are Bad

You saying that every sonic game has bad graphics? All these points seem like they are meant to be about 1 game biatch

2 Because the Voice Acting Is Terrible

Do you really expect a game made in Japan to have fantastic English voice acting? That's amazing.

And if you hate Sonic why is your profile picture of Amy?


3 Because Its a Modern Sonic Game "And All Modern Games Are Bad"

I like Sonic Unleashed most of all. They aren't all bad.

Sanic is really sucks and people 2 under me, what? Sonic shuffle, shadow the hedgehog and sonic boom are bad, sonic battle sonic heroes Mario and sonic series are mediocre and sonic dash/jump are mobile games, so you can't expect much, all the other ones are great

Well, we can't argue. Sonic Adventure series, Sonic Shuffle, Sonic Battle, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Rush series, Mario & Sonic series Sonic Colors, Sonic Jump, Sonic Dash & Sonic Lost World & even Sonic Boom are all bad games. Besides, there's no reason for Sonic to have his own T.V. series in the 3rd millennium instead of Super Mario. And Pac-Man shall kick a Sonic out of Archie Comics.

The only good Sonic game are Ckassic Snic games. Moern Sonic games suck a lot!

4 Because Sonic Has Green Eyes

Green eyes? What did they do to you? - TwilightKitsune

I know, Randomuser2525. Since Sonic Adventure 1, Sonic has mostly sucked. thanks for the list, but replace Amy Rose's face with Princess Daisy (of Sarasa Land)'s face.

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5 Because the Story Has Many Plot Holes
6 Because There Are Countless Glitches

Every sonic game has glitches? Some people are even more retarted than retards

7 Because the Characters Are Way Out of Character
8 Because a Character the Player Doesn't Like Is In.

Well that's their tough luck and they should go play a game suitable for retards like Frozen Free Fall or something for trolls.

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9 Because the Characters Are Very Bland V 1 Comment
10 Because Sonic Had a Different Voice Actor

Dude, this should be top 1. Whatever happened to Sonic being voiced by Jaleel White?! Usher Raymond or Chris Brown would be the greatest voice actors for Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic the Hedgehog has an awful voice! And he sounds so miscast nowadays!

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11 Because the Gameplay Is Boring

You don't say

These are bland characters tom and angela, sonic and amy, and pleasant goat and pretty goat.

which one I like the most
1. tom
2. angela
3. pleasant goat
4. amy
5. sonic
6. pretty goat

- sherklover 456

12 Because Classic Sonic Was Not In the Game
13 Because Sonic Has Black Eyes (Classic Sonic)

So now we have a problem with black eyes!?!?! Is this list for real? - Kiteretsunu

This list is just filled with retarded sonic haters who are looking for stupid nit picks about sonic to say he sucks - Sanicball

14 Because the Story Is Boring

Every story in the modern Sonic games sucks! Also, there's nothing good about modern Sonic games! EVER! I only like the Classic Sonic games!

15 Because Sonic Is a Different Shade of Blue

Really? Now we're complaining about what color Sonic is?

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16 Because the Perspective Is Off
17 Because It Is Not In a Side Scroller Perspective
18 Because the Camera Is Always Glitching
19 Because Its Not In a 3D Perspective V 1 Comment
20 They're Too Difficult

If it's too hard for you, tough luck - Sanicball

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