Top 10 Reasons to Hate Sony Computer Entertainment

You know what we hate? Sony Computer Entertainment... Still. HERE'S WHY!

The Top Ten

1 Although they're called Sony Computer Entertainment, they make video game consoles

Names don't make sense you retard! That's what they are for! - venomouskillingmachine

You know what I'm saying? Sony COMPUTER Entertainment. Sony should not be focusing on console gaming. They should be doing computer games, but No! They just make a bunch of stupid PlayStations.

2 All portable PlayStation consoles suck
3 Milked the Little Big Planet series to death


4 Sony already does other things

Don't believe me? Let me show you.
1. Sony Mobile Communications (Phones)
2. Sony Music Entertainment (Music)
3. Sony Pictures Entertainment (Movies)
There! Now, you believe me.

5 PlayStation is their only console

Who the hell cares Xbox is Microsoft's only console - venomouskillingmachine

1. PlayStation
2. PlayStation 2
3. PlayStation 3
4. PlayStation 4
If Nintendo & Sony worked together, there would only be one PlayStation. That's it. No PS2, no PS3, and no PS4. Just only one. The Nintendo PlayStation.

6 They copy Nintendo.

They usually walk in the secure side of the road; I hope they dare more to innovate by themselves instead of just work based on others' successful ideas.

PlayStation move =wii
Battle royal=smash bros

7 They're too lazy to stop the PlayStation Network from getting hacked.

What is your password, Sony Computer Entertainment & the rest of Sony? Is it 'password' or is it 12345678? I bet it's the word, password.

8 It has violent games
9 It's for 8 year olds

They play rated m games only

it sucks

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