Top 10 Reasons to Hate Splatoon

These are the reasons why I hate Splatoon.
Also before you read this list, I am not much of a Splatoon Player, I am more of a Team Fortress 2 player instead

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1 Too many experts

If you're new to the game and go onto regular battles, you lose too many times for one win to feel rewarding. And then you go right back to losing 5 or six more times because the team assignment is unbalanced (from my experiences, anyway). You'll have a team of level ten or higher vs level three and four players. It's creative, but the competitive aspect, almost two years later, still needs work.

Level 50 (incomprehensible Japanese name) Using a sniper rifle with all damage abilities... enough said

Well, you're obviously not up to Nintendo games seeing as you play Team Fortress 2.

I can't even play online unless I'm at a friend's house anyway. - Powerfulgirl10

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2 Too many back stabbers

Hate Splatoon! They are so many backstabbers and the fan girls are so annoying! I will never play this game... Hate the cat / elf looking characters too... This game is probably for younger audiences, but not me!

What I mean about Back Stabbing, I am a Team Fortress 2 person instead of a Splatoon person. Back Stabbing means that a person kills you from the back. That what Spy does in Team Fortress 2. - bugger

You don't even play it. There aren't any elves in the game, and it,s not for younger audiences. You obviously suck at playing this game.

3 It's boring and gets old quickly

Even I am on level 12 and like what I mean... Same old game modes over and over, I've beated the single player adventure. This makes me bored with all these game modes, even starting the game, you always meet Callie and Marie and I just don't care about the map changing system. - bugger

I don't really play it anymore. But it's still good. - Powerfulgirl10

I play Splatoon every morning. Never gets boring.

4 Too many campers

Why I hate campers in Splatoon, they prevent you from getting most ink on the floor. - bugger

Snipers with over powered gear..

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5 Killing doesn't give you points

There is only 1 use about killing: Preventing players from getting into the map. It doesn't give you points. Most Warfares gives you points... Enough said - bugger

6 You always have your connection lost and lose your Rank Points

It's actaully my T.V., my T.V. doesn't have the good Internet. Every 10 seconds after the round has started, I lose connection. - bugger

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7 It takes forever to get to level 50

That's because you don't play enough. I got Splatoon in November for my birthday in 2015 and I'm Level 29. I've been going to school 5 days a week and I go round my dad's every weekend.

Because I care about Rank Battles because they give you more XP than Normal Battles. Same thing, I meet experts, lose connection, so on... - bugger

8 Squidward Miiverse Posts

We know Squidward is a squid but he actaully isn't, If you see the facts about SpongeBob, Squidward is a Octopus but with 6 tentacles (I don't know why...) and believe me that he is a Octopus. This isn't actaully a problem to this game, I am just telling you about Squidward Facts. You can continue of making Squidward Posts whatever you want - bugger

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9 Single player mode is boring

Okay listen. If you have never played Splatoon and are making a list of reasons to hate it.

You aren't going to be received well. - SwagFlicks

Oh hey look, someone who can't take an opinion! Look at him/her, look at him/her and laugh! - ExxonWireless

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10 You get minigames by having amiibos

Plus I have no Amiibos from the Splatoon series because I get Smash Bros ones. - bugger

Amiibos are just a cash grab anyways...

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11 It's overrated

"Guys come on give it a chance, I bet it will be good" Well it's too bad that it isn't good isn't it?

Extremely overrated! Other Wii U games are better in my opinion (don't want to mention them)... Hate most of the players in this game who brags too much and who are arrogant or mean! Not everyone will like this game... Please approve this comment...

12 The fanbase

I actually asked my Splatoon-addicted friend if they could try use variety instead of drawing the same Splatoon art again. They blocked me. - Swellow

13 The lack of levels to choose from, after playing the same two levels over and over
14 Squid floppers

I hate these people. They normally start what I call Flop Wars.

15 Ugly and unmemorable character and world design

They aren't 'unmemorable' or 'ugly', they're just distinctive for Splatoon.

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16 One sided regular battles

You're new to Splatoon. You wanna try online play after getting a good handle on your controls. You see a fairly good mix of both high and low level players. At the end, you and your teammates got your asses handed to you. Check the winning teams' levels and equipment: level 20s and 19s with better weapons and gear. Your team? Level 3, 4, and maybe you'll be lucky to have a level 7. Tell me Nintendo, is this balanced to you?

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