Top Ten Reasons to Hate the SpongeBob SquarePants Episode One Coarse Meal

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1 Plankton Attempted Suicide

Apparently our cruel sadistic writers think suicide is funny. Spoilers: It's not. And because Krabs laughed at it, I hate him the most and want to torture him in every way he tortures people. And then kill him.

This is what I hate about this episode. I mean, this episode is the darkest episode in the whole series. And I hope someone finds the original "Plankton got served" tape.

Treating suicide as a joke is not a good thing and it just makes me feel sad for plankton

Even for Plankton, that's harsh. - Minecraftcrazy530

2 Mr. Krabs is a Heartless Jerk

Before going into One Coarse Meal, let's think of a novel from Stephen King called Carrie (later turned into 3 movies obviously). When Ms. Desjardin, the gym teacher. punishes the girls that bullied Carrie while she was having her period, there were 2 very different bullies: Sue and Chris. Sue regretted what she did and told her boyfriend Tommy to go to the prom with Carrie in order to help her be happy. Chris, on the other hand, wanted to bring even more pain to Carrie and with the help of her boyfriend Billy, dumped pig's blood on Carrie (you probably already know what happens next). Now, back to One Coarse Meal, if Mr. Krabs was more like Sue and tried to befriend Plankton after SpongeBob told him Plankton wanted to get run over, this episode would've been 100 times better. Instead, Mr. Krabs was more like Chris in the episode, and wanted to psychologically torture Plankton even more. This is why this episode is such a disgrace to SpongeBob.

I think this is actually worse plankton attempting suicide mr Krabs happily leading plankton to suicide unforgivable

I think after this episode and many others Mr Krabs is the main villain

Plus This Episode Destroyed His Reputation

3 The Pathetic Title

Should be called "Krabs makes plankton suicidal"

I mean, honestly. "One Coarse Meal"? How very fitting.
"Oh, it's an episode about Plankton being tortured to the point of suicide. So let's call it One Coarse Meal! " Seriously, what does that even... - Garythesnail

Actually, coarse is another word for rough. It makes sense. - Puga

4 It's Part of the Worst Season Ever of SpongeBob
5 Mr. Krabs Appears
6 Plankton Doesn't Get the Formula

He totally deserved to get it this time! Mr. Krabs deserved it!

7 SpongeBob Has to Save Plankton Without Krab's Help
8 It's Not Funny
9 It's Too Mean Spirited
10 The Creepy Title Card

The Contenders

11 It's Inappropriate
12 Krabs Got Away Scot-Free
13 SpongeBob Has "Good Nature"

He has no good nature. I want his head on a stick.

14 It Makes Mr. Krabs the Villain

Booo I hate mr krabs - ILOVEPIZZA999

15 Stock Images

No thanks, Zeus, nobody want's nightmares.

16 Plankton's Nightmare
17 Karen is a Jerk

She needs to get a life

18 Casey Alexander and Zeus Cervas Wrote It
19 The Title Music Make It's Sound So Innocent

Mr. Krabs makes plankton have night mares and he gets thoughts of suicide? Let's play it of with some nice title music like "hum hummm hum hum humddy dum dum dum"- Casey Alexander.

20 Mr. Krabs is Just Ugly
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