Top 10 Reasons to Hate Starfire from Teen Titans Go!

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21 Her voice

Starfire is always spouting some sort of gibberish that makes absolutely no sense and she comes off looking like an even bigger doofus! Her voice is pretty loud and annoying too.

And she always makes up words that don't make sense. - MontyPython

Starfire is so annoying

Starfire's voice is not the same as compared to the original. Even Hynden Walch (the girl who plays Starfire) knows that!

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22 She always upsets her teammates

She aggravates everybody just by breathing and I'm amazed that she can do that without messing up!

Exactly! Here are my reasons to hate Starfire.
1.She thinks speed is everything
2. She doesn't love Robin though he loves her

He licks silky

u get me

23 She's too easily influenced by the other titans' dumb behavior

Starfire is so eager to fit in with the rest of her team that she's willing to do anything no matter how stupid it is! She's easier to manipulate than a piece of Silly Putty!

In the episode "Road Trip", Starfire proceeds to punch the living crap out of Robin(ironically that was fun to watch considering that Robin actually deserved it for being such a jerk to begin with) while playing the game "Slugbug" in which she's supposed to punch Robin in the arm whenever she sees a bug go by. But instead she goes crazy once a whole bunch of insects fly by and she bashes Robin's face in to the point that he's sobbing and begging her to stop.

I like starfire, but I hate pushovers. Starfire does it in a good way even though its ANNOYING AS HELL AND FFICKING CRAP

24 She seems nice but isn't

Well Sandy will stuff Starfire's mouth with aspirin, castor oil, random pills and a rattlesnake!

I really want to beat her to death with an oar

If you do the slightest thing that drives her angry, she will beat you dead...

Essential items to stop Starfire. An oar, sarcastic and snarky remarks, shavers.

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25 Her hair is horrible
26 She can't sing

She ripped off Ariana Grande!

She sings like a warthog getting run over by a steamroller

Her voice sounds like crap

Now If Starfire sings like a Opera Soprano instead of a computer or tamarainian folk songs, that would Totally Rock, or Vaudeville Songs, that'll be great Too!

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27 She can't sing that well V 1 Comment
28 She smells really bad

She practically stinks! Her breath must be really lethal! Her idea of taking a bath would probably be rolling around in the mud and then swimming in cat urine! She's THAT stupid!

Robin probably knows she smells revolting. He's too in love with her to admit it.

I can't tell what her feet smell like tuna maybe?

What about when she uses her tongue on silky

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30 She flirts with every guy she sees

Even a scratching post and a pot of chili. Really?

Don't forget that alien on that episode

Except for Robin.

Look out, ladies and gentlemen, we've got a T.V. THOT on our hands...

31 Talks too much

But we can't shove a cork in her mouth because it is so large!

Somebody shove a cork in her mouth.

She never shuts up

Ok your right there she talks allot

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32 She is always having temper tantrums

Seriously, is she a teenager, or a 5-year-old who had a growth spurt?

Even my chum Jere Lee who throws tantrums, is 13, squeals in a high-pitched voice, yelled at the discipline Mistress and scratched several people is more mature than her!

Ephesians 4:26-27

Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and give no opportunity to the devil.

Be warned, Starfire.

If you Hold on to your Anger, you Anger will Hold on to you!

33 She's scary and reckless

That girl takes everything TOO seriously!

Starfire is standing in the middle of the floor. Robin trips over her feet.
She kills him.

34 She's a real pest

She irritates everybody with her dumb comments,her stupid questions,her constant nagging and whining,and her dumb customs/traditions..not to mention the disgusting "food" she eats! It's like she was born with her brain stuck in neutral and her train of thought just derailed at the station while it was parked! She just wont go away!

35 She says mean things about the Titans

Like in that Christmas episode or the episode where they lost silkie she almost killed them

36 She's lazy

All the girl does is lay on the couch burping.

Wrong list!

37 She's weak

She cannot fight at all!

38 She's as skinny as a bone

Anorexia hit her dead in the face.


39 She is racist


40 She doesn't like Robin

She Pretends To Like Robin. But Most Of The Time She Doesn't Actually Like Robin. Sometimes She Does. But Mostly She Doesn't.

In the original series she likes robin. In this series it is like she don't even like him anymore

In this episode she says to robin, you are like the brother to me and in other episodes she just says no,no and no or as a friend.

Control Freak made Starfire not like Robin!

That's Unlike Starfire!

Why did they change her hair style?

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