Top 10 Reasons to Hate Starfire from Teen Titans Go!

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41 She is hot

No she's not! She's as ugly as heck in Teen Titans Go!

The episode when they ate that pepper her face was like someone who got hit by a bus

She is hot, HOT AS A WORM BURNING AND DYING ON A SIDEWALK! So is she hot now? NO!

Wow, she is hot. NOT! I'm gonna kill whoever put this!

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42 Sheldon loves her

Who the heck is Sheldon?!?!?!? You don't mean Plankton right? There is no character in Teen Titans Go named Sheldon.

Sheldon? I think that's plankton's (in sponge bob) real name, don't get me started with that show...

Who's Sheldon

43 Her brain is the size of an atom


It's 1/1000000000 of atom actually.

44 She didn't cure Silkie

I'm one episode silkie had swell up and she didn't do anything about it

In the original, isn't true Beast Boy used to own Silkie but gave him to Starfire.

45 She's a rip off of Invader Zim V 1 Comment
46 She is a bad role model to kids
47 She sticks out her tongue way too much
48 Her voice is so irritating
49 She thinks she is loved by every guy on the planet
50 She thinks she is sexy
51 She smokes
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