Top 10 Reasons to Hate Strict Teachers

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1 They Put You In Detention for Stupid Reasons

Yeahhh... Your Teacher Is Similar To My Teacher Too.

My teacher threatened to give me a detention if I forgot my assignment notebook again. I only forgot it once and he told me that if I forgot it tomorrow I'd get a detention. I've never got a detention before and I was freaked out. Usually I'm the "perfect child" so that was really scary.

Mine was even worse. I got a suspension because another kid put stuff in my backpack when I wasn't looking. A SUSPENSION!

Yep, Someone got detention In my class for dropping a pencil. - Therandom

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2 They're Evil

My friends and I are convinced that our high school special ed homeroom teacher is really the devil in disguise

It's funny how the people that make lists complaining about school always seem to be most in need of education.

3 They Yell at You All the Time

My special ed teacher in high school was really strict, but she yelled at the whole class only once. Most of the time she just tells us off in a harsh tone of voice, especially to me. I really hated her for those reasons.

4 They Put the Whole Class In Detention
5 They Make You Mad

Then they complain that you have anger issues. Well, YOU CAUSED IT! >:(

6 They're Stupid

Their rules are stupid!

My high school special ed teacher once made the whole class run on the track outside immediately after we ate. It's just wrong! You know you're obviously supposed to wait at least an hour after eating before doing any vigorous activity. We disobeyed, and she got mad at us for it.

If we did ran and we get sick from it, we would projectile puke in her face as revenge!

7 They're Worse Than Mean Teachers

By 1 billion percent!

8 They Like No One
9 They Won't Let You Use the Bathroom

This applies to ALL teachers, not just strict ones...

10 They Force Students to Do Things that They Don't Want to Do

My high school special ed teacher told the whole class to run around the school track once. We had just finished eating lunch not too long ago. We all disobeyed her. She got mad at us, though.

If we all did run afterwards, we would all either get stomachaches, throw up, or worse, both!

My high school homeroom teacher once told the class to drink plain milk. I refused since I don't like the taste of it, but she was OK with it. If she was much stricter, then this would've happened instead:

Teacher: class you must drink plain milk it's good for you
Me: but I don't like plain milk, I like chocolate milk
Teacher: I don't care, you will drink plain milk and that's final!

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11 They Lie That They Don't Have a Favorite Student
12 They Just Don't Care

My high school special ed teacher sometimes scared me to the point that I would start crying and then she would order me to stop crying.

13 They Constantly Have an Attitude
14 They Make Students Cry

I cried at school so many times because of my teacher :(

15 They Get Angry Over Everything

All spec educational teachers 👩‍🏫

16 Class Feels Like Military Boot Camp

Couldn't stop laughing at this item

17 Sometimes They Scream at Students
18 They Force Students to Do Things Their Way

(in my special ed homeroom in high school)

Teacher: My rule is no backpacks in the classroom because they take up too much space. I nearly tripped over one and I hate it so everyone must put them in their lockers

Student: But our backpacks are big and our lockers are really small. They won't fit. Can't we just put them on a nearby desk or chair or behind us on our chairs?

Teacher: No! What I say goes and that's final, so everybody put your backpacks in your lockers right now or else you all will get a consequence!

19 They're Picky

My special ed high school teacher FORBIDS students to look up certain things on the internet.

Allowed: math, educational stuff
Forbidden: NYC, Vegas, amusement parks

In my other classes I am allowed to look up whatever I want on the internet.

20 They Force Children to Worship Them and School
21 They're Dangerous
22 They Don't Want You To Grow Up To Be Ignorant
23 They are Scary

I fear going to school each day because of this.

24 Their Rules are Stupid and Dumb

No second servings of snacks allowed during a class holiday party? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! During parties, you have the RIGHT to unlimited snacks! >:(

25 They Have High Expectations
26 They Expect You to Be Perfectionists
27 They Give You the Creepy Stare
28 They are Bossy
29 They Think that Everything that the Students Do Revolves Around Them
30 They Induce Stress in Students
31 They Make Students Feel Suicidal
32 You Make One Tiny Mistake and They Act Like It's the End of the World

In my high school special ed class, my teacher forced the whole class to "take a test on following directions" by giving us a worksheet that tells us to do stuff like "color this item green" or "draw a line under this item", etc. It was so easy, even a kindergartener could pass it. However, the entire class (except me) failed. A few other students only got like 1 or 2 wrong. After grading them she then proceeded to give us all a long lecture on how she was disappointed in us that we all failed a kindergarten worksheet (including me who had a perfect score). She even told us that the students who got like only 1 or 2 wrong is considered as "struggling or having trouble following directions"

33 They Can Be Unpredictable

You never know when they will snap or randomly appear in your other classes. BEWARE!

34 They Ban Nearly Everything Like a Sin

No talking, no bathroom, no computer, no phones, no fun, no laughing, no distractions, etc...

35 They Lower Students' Self-Esteem

"Oh what's the point in life? I'll NEVER satisfy my teacher, no matter how hard I try! " :(

36 They're Everywhere

Preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, colleges, you name it.

37 They Make Students' Lives Miserable
38 Schools Literally Worship Them Like a God

They just LOVE to hate on us innocent children and teens and they want lots of strictness so we can be afraid and dare to obey them and also to bow down to them like masters

39 They Terrorize Students

I was so afraid of my high school special ed teacher that I was actually in tears before I had to face her questionings sometimes.

40 They Make Threats Towards Students

If you don't follow me right now, I'm going to grab you by the wrist and drag you to where I want you to go

41 You Can't Escape Them

They not only monitor you in the classroom, but also in the cafeteria, the hallways, the restrooms, and even in other classrooms!

42 They Act Like Supernanny When They Communicate with Your Parents

Supernanny teaches parents how to discipline their kids, and she speaks to kids in a harsh manner. She also puts kids in timeouts. Strict teachers do all of the above.

43 They are Perfectionists
44 They Treat Gym Class Like Military Boot Camp

Your warm up is to run 1000 laps around the gym, then do 5 billion push ups, 4000 chin ups, and swim 1 million laps!

45 They Don’t Let You Have Fun

Once my high school special ed class went to a mall. I saw a coin operated horse and decided to ride it. I got on and a few seconds later my teacher told me that I wasn’t supposed to ride it and told me to get off >:(

46 They Have Anger Issues
47 They Demand Total Obedience

Break ONE RULE and they’ll go insane.

48 They Haunt You for the Rest of Your Lives

I still have visions of my mean and strict teachers from my school years stuck in my head and I’m 26

49 They Lie that They're Not Racist to Certain Students

My high school teacher constantly picks ME as her target. I get in trouble with her the most often, and I was the ONLY ASIAN KID in the class, so one day I got sick and tired of it and told her that she was being racist to Asians. She gasped and was very shocked at it. She got mad and said that she is not racist towards Asians.

OK, if you're not racist towards Asians, then explain to me why are you constantly getting me, THE ONLY ASIAN KID IN THE CLASS, in trouble for nothing, huh? >:(

50 They Think that School is All Work and No Play
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