Reasons to Hate Sword Art Online


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1 The main character is a Gary Stu

Have you seen the new SAO spinoff series that just began? There's no Kirito, no Asuna and so far there isn't any retarded villain like Sugou. It's already better. - styLIShT

2 It's cliched
3 It has too many plot holes

The plot itself is basically a big hole - styLIShT

4 The protagonists have zero personality
5 Every single female character falls in love with Kirito

Sexist - Dovewing303

This doesn't sound good. X_x - BorisRule

That's a problem. They should at least dumb it down by you know... A LOT!

6 The bad guy is pathetic

I actually like SAO, but then I disliked it after the ALO part. Yup, they have really stupid bad guys.

7 Kirito is ridiculously overpowered
8 Kirito treats Klein like crap

R.I.P Klein screentime - styLIShT

9 It supports many kinds of radical ideologies, such as Nazism.

This is proof anime is a sin and SAO is the biggest sin - DarkBoi-X

I think this is a troll item - TwilightKitsune

HOLD ON! How could Sword Art Online support Nazism?! I've proofwatched the anime, and no references to Nazis were found! Do you think Germans these days would let the authors get away with it if SAO do support Adolf Hitler?! They've would straight out ban the anime if SAO is pro-Nazis or something like that! - Xentrick-The-Creeper

Whoever added this is an idiot! Germans today would not let this slide if Sword Art Online did include things from the Nazi era! And Israelis would see SAO as anti-semitic propaganda and completely ban it! Do you really want to make Sword Art Online even worse, to the point, where it became a controversial issue?! - BorisRule

10 Most episodes are filler

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11 Wasted potential

It’s a shame Abridged done it better than the Original. - MilkTae

So true. I love the Abridged version- it's one of the only good things to come out of SAO

12 Sugou Nobuyuki rapes Asuna scene

May I speak gibberish? - BorisRule

This is main reason I hate sword art online. The main villain licked Asuna? Seriously? That's disgusting! Also I am really sensitive to rape scenes

13 It uses too much plot armour and bad writing

Yes, Asuna is thick... but is she as thick as the plot armour though? - styLIShT

14 Lack of character development
15 It's extremely boring
16 Bland character designs
17 It's just one big ad
18 It's Too Long
19 They Say Bad Words
20 It supports all kinds of evil and greed
21 It's The Five Nights at Freddy's of anime
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1. The main character is a Gary Stu
2. It's cliched
3. It has too many plot holes


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