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21 She Has Too Many Bad Relationships with Other People

She dated with too many guys! And she write dumb songs with fun music which seem to people nice. But it is just foolishness! You know I used to like Taylor Swift until 2011. She was my most favorite singer until 2014. Now I hate her and She seems so fake and acts like sweet. But she isn't sweet. She seems a cat who hides nails. Now I don't like to listen her simple tiny voice and dumb music. She is definitely overrated because of her white skin, blonde hair, tall and thin body. Just listen her songs. Her voice is not good.

If she was a good person, she would not have that many bad relationships. Yes, we all have a person that dislikes us, and some people get hated on for being socially awkward. But Taylor brings this all herself, she doesn't forgive people, she kicks people out of her squads, she insults anyone she does not find cool, and starts drama over the stupidest reasons. - AnimeDrawer

She recently just broke up with Calvin Harris. can't she have a better relationship, I mean she broke up with too many people.

At first I liked Taylor and gets hurted when people hate on her(I was immature back then, But I manage to be a mature person). And she dates so many men from the past. She just broke up with Calvin Harris, as It was said she left him for another man.

She's like Ellie Goulding now(who I also dislike now for cheating) - MLPFan

22 The Only Reason She's Famous Is for the Guys She Dates

Absolutely true. She is an attention seeker. She just use famous men to diss them later and write a breakup song about them. She is heartless. Katy Perry was right that Taylor is like Regina George.

Can't beat the truth

She used Loki and Jacob for her own attention seeking.

That's true cause when she always break up with someone,she will write a song.I wondered if she didn't date,where would she found her inspiration?

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23 Her Body Sucks

That is no reason to hate someone.

This just shows how brainless Taylor Swift haters are. I mean, Body shaming? You've got to be kidding me. - Bubblelover

Stop making fun of her your own body might suck

It's her brain not her body she's a 28 year old woman for God's sake yet has a mind of a teenage brat

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24 People are Always Defending Her

OK, maybe it's the people, NOT HER

What morons

I agree

Media always defending this bitch

25 She Ruined Calvin Harris

She only used Calvin for her next breakup song I am sure she will made it to the number one spot. Next year she will diss Tom and again write a breakup song that'll become worldwide bestseller. Wow! She use people to write her breakup songs. I hate her.

If they ever break up, 1 month later, she'll make a big hit about it

I don't understand. Why does she date so many guys who are famous and look okay. Then she breaks up and writes songs. The songs list in No1.

Really? She can't even use the song she wrote with him anymore because he left and gave it to Rihanna. - Bubblelover

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26 She Inspires Annoying Top Ten Lists Like This

She doesn't understand how people hate her for being so fake and other dated many guys, very simple voice but overrated. So she sings Haters gonna hate hate hate. Hey Taylor Swift Realize that people hate you and don't like your fake personally. Fakers gonna fake fake fake. It is you Taylor.

Lol good one, but so does literally every celebrity in this industry, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Tori Kelly will probably Ben have one in a few years time! It's because people have different opinions and then decide to make lists like this, that's what inspires them not just Taylor swift

She is just like that annoying Twilight girl, Bella Swan

I absolutely agree that Taylor Swift is a faker. Faker gonna fake, fake, fake, fake.

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27 She Dated Harry Styles for Publicity

And he's not the only one lol most of her relationships are fake. It's actually quite sad to be that obsessed with your image and only focused on making more money

Wrong. Completely wrong. If you new the whole story, you'd know that they broke up BECAUSE of publicity. And even if it was true (it's not), why only blame Taylor? What about Harry? Oh, and the little factor of EVERY OTHER CELEBERTY. Literally every celebrity does it, but you you chose the one who doesn't to pick on? Harsh. - Bubblelover

Well it sure wasn't a romance because wasn't he overheard in London saying she's a pain in the arse


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28 Kourtney Kardashian Was Part Of Her Squad


29 She's a Fake

Whenever there's an interview, she only answers what she thinks people want to hear, not her honest opinion. - AnnaOfArendelle332

I am tired of her so fake generosity. If she really wants to give back and be generous, go ahead and do it, but don't publicize about it...all fake and only for marketing purposes. I have known people who give back even when they don't have enough and the media is not all over them to make it public. A true act of generosity should be from the heart and the entire world doesn't need to know about it.

Yup. If you looked up fake in the dictionary you'd see her face in there. She was never really there for Selena, it was just a publicity stunt. She called Selena "fat," and now Selena is thin. This Taylor is now causing girls to have anorexia. It's evil and mean. Her donation to Ke$ha was also a publicity stunt. She's mean to Demi. She lies and pretends to be compassionate. None of her songs are deep and meaningful, they're just about her exes.

She pretends to be nice and sweet and she fakes her generosity, when in reality she is a mean girl. She is just like Regina George.

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30 She is Ugly

Do you think she is ugly? Well I wish I could be as ugly as her

Taylor swift so ugly she went in a haunted house and came out with a job application!

Lets face the truth, she look totally ugly without makeup.

Wouldn't say she's ugly but she has really mean eyes really creepy

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31 A Couple Used Her Song In Their Wedding and She Had It Taken Off YouTube Because She Didn't Receive Money for It.

She has stopped caring about her fans and doesn't make music anymore with the true intentions to 'help' people she has become a crazy greedy psychotic freak I mean come on you are already one of the richest people of the world are you gonna take all of it on your chest when you die or what? other singers might not be as rich as you or may not bash the top singles on the charts but as a human they ain't fakers and greedy like you taylor swift.

True. She's so into money now. I don't know what happened to her.

She's so greedy and self centered.

What the heck is this wom an! f at cat!

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32 She Can't Play Guitar But Pretends She Can

She ca surely play a guitar and it was also among the top 10 reasons to love her.

What? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! She cannot play guitar whatsover, Billie Joe Armstrong, Slash, and Tom DeLonge are far better guitarists than Taylor Swift. - AnimeDrawer

33 She likes Kanye West

Didn't she get into a huge fight with Kanye and Katy Perry in one of her songs?

34 She Disappointed All Her Fans

I am a swiftie a true fan but she has yes truly disappointed me and others may try to defend her but she ain't god or something please think of her as a human yourself not a hardcore fan because all she wants is her blind fans to have her back and then ultimately rob them clean she doesn't give a damn about their love and care most of it is fake.

Its true. That why I stopped being her fan.

Kinda true, knowing I'm one.

Yeah. Take Selena gomez for instance. She LOVES her fans. Selena is SO much better than Swift. #SELENATOR4LIFE

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35 She's Pretentious

Lol nobody said anything cause there like "what does prententious mean? "

36 She is Racist

As shown by her objectification of black women in the "Shake It Off" video and her romanticisation of colonialism in the "Wildest Dreams" video, she is nothing but a racist.

That's true. She never truly respected Nicky Minaj.

She was rude to Nicki Minaj when she was pointing out something good, about black women getting more recognized in the industry. Taylor got offended and had to be mean. At least she apologized. - AnimeDrawer

she's sick

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37 She Took Legal Action Against Her Dedicated Fans on Etsy

Because she is obsessed with money. She don't love her fans.

38 She's a Republican

She have friends like Ruby Rose and Cara Delevingne who are lesbian and bisexual respectively. Now see the hypocrisy. She is a total hypocrite. Now I realized they are her fake friends.

I don't get how she can be friends with lesbians like Ruby Rose and Cara Delgiviene and still vote against gay stuff?
How can anybody who looks so sweet be a Republican. And I just trolled the Swifties by telling them that

39 She said No to Charlize Theron joining the Taylor Squad

Wow, excluding people? That is just rude, I would have wanted to say yes to anyone who wants to hang out with me. And Taylor Swift said she was excluded, yet she is doing the same thing, hypocrite. - AnimeDrawer

40 She is a Kardashian fan

She will flip you the bird if you hate a Kardashian, her best friend Ariana Grande or Jacob Sartorius. :(

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