Top 10 Reasons to Hate Taylor Swift


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61 She Said She Has a Crush on Adam Levine
62 She Overreacts About Everything

Katy Perry gives three dancers a choice to dance on their tour and gives them contract.
Taylor gets angry and badmouthing Katy to the public.

I meant overreacts sorry.

I agree 100%

63 She's Mean

That's so true. She is ACTUALLY a nightmare dressed like daydream.

Absolutely she is mean. She donate her money to show off how rich and charitable she is. She never actually made any difference or cared for those people whom she donated. Her generosity is totally fake.

How can you tell she didn't care? Is there any evidence to back up your claim? - GrimmShady

Yup. She wasn't there for Selena Gomez. She called her "fat."

She donates millions of dollar to help the ones living with cancer

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64 She is a Total Wannabe V 1 Comment
65 Poor Role Model

She's not a role model. There is nothing good to learn from her. She is really cunning and manipulative. Don't get fool just because she dress modestly and play the victims. Young girls will learn negetive things about boys if they listen to her songs. She is not a gender equalist. She don't really empower young people to be strong and independent.

Still better than a a lot of your idols

Agreed just listen to her songs. 'He's bad, but he's so tall & he does it so well! '

Taylor slut motto: screw personality. Looks & sex is all that matters. No wonder she gets the awful guys that makes her have so many break up songs.

66 She Was Home Schooled

But her songs don't have any grammar mistakes!

No, she wasn't. And why would that be a reason to hate her? She was bullied in school.

You belong to me.

67 You Can't Escape Her
68 She Supports Peta
69 She Betrayed Country Music
70 She kicked Kendall Jenner out of her "squad"
71 She said Caitlyn Jenner is not a feminist
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