Top Ten Reasons to Hate Teachers


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1 They give you too much homework
2 They are mean

One teacher I had for middle school was worse then mean. I can't say her name however I will tell you a experience I had with her. This was when I was in seventh grade I wasn't 100% mature then. So I was in one of my least favorite class rooms, one student in particular was annoying me and kept saying weird stuff. I whispered to him "You're full of s***". Naturally some told him to tattle on me. As this teen I didn't like tattled on me my teacher in my class asked if I said "obscenities in her room". Next thing I know I'm told to go back to my special ed homeroom. One of the aids there grabbed onto my hard painfully and I swore a lot. So by the time I was at the class room, I didn't want to enter cause someone I didn't like was in there. So what does my main special ed teacher do? Drag me into the class room against my will of course! I legitimately knew the situation was getting worse. And I attacked my special ed teachers, cause I wanted the hell out of there! ...more - BoredJeff02

I don't think they are mean, They just want us to achieve our goals they help us in becoming a good person, I don't care if someone dislike me for this but actually Teachers love us as their own children - Righteous

Mrs. Boyer, Mrs. Juday, Miss Dunham, Mrs. Neese and Mr. Day - Bikerninja1997

3 They put you in trouble
4 They can use their phones but you can't
5 They are bossy V 1 Comment
6 They don't care about anything but work
7 Take away your gadgets and toys

Yep. It's just like them to take away your fun things so you can actually learn something. - Britgirl

I would suggest leave them at home? - Bikerninja1997

8 They take away your phones
9 They make school boring

Nah... This one is wrong. I respect my teachers & they didn't make school boring even My mom is also a teacher and I'm so proud of her. Love you Mom - Righteous

10 They don't know what fun means

I don't think this is true, my teachers have very sweet & great personality but they all are funny also - Righteous

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11 They don't really care if someone is bullying you
12 They take points off of your test grades for no valid reason

Early At School I was Waiting For my grade at tle When I Look At The Paper,It's Blank I Was Like,"What,I Passed All The Project My Teacher Said What Is Your Score At Unit Test I Said 50 My Teacher Gives Me 75 Grade At Tle I Passed All The Projects Though

13 When they pick you to answer a question yet you didn't raise your hand
14 They complain about the class
15 They teach you pointless stuff
16 They can bring a drink in the classroom but you can't
17 They give you packets just to introduce yourself at the beginning of the year
18 They give you homework on the weekends
19 They push in front of you in the lunch line
20 When they bend over to help someone their ass sticks in your face
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