Top Ten Reasons to Hate Teachers

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1 They give you too much homework

Teachers are nothing more than arrogant, old pricks who don't want us to have fun and put us a ton of homework!
What matters is NOT doing our homework, what matters is spending time with our family, friends and doing WHATEVER makes us happy! Homework doesn't even make us smarter! It only makes us slaves, takes us away from the things that make us happy, increases our stress level and can even cause health problems! Homework can kill you! For Pete's sake teachers, someone ban homework! Do you teachers really want to kill us or WHAT?!?!?!

I've tried to commit suicide over 10 times, because of homework, family fights that homework causes and my bad thoughts that homework caused! Now my bad thoughts can't go away because of homework and my hatred for it!

Thank you teachers!
Well done, for ruining a lot of kids' lives!
Kudos! (Sarcasm)

At the beginning of the year, my eighth grade english teacher said we would be getting 3 hours a week of homework and how it's a lot of homework, but she ends up assigning about 15 hours of homework a week, from that class alone. I have 4 other classes(not including PE) that combined give 3x less homework than that one class. It takes away time to practice sports, I lash out at my parents, and I have no time anymore.

I've got into a lot of deadly fights with my parents because of homework!
My whole family could've been dead by now! It's a miracle my family and I are still alive.

Roberto Nevilis, you'll pay dearly for this disgrace!


2 They are mean

One teacher I had for middle school was worse then mean. I can't say her name however I will tell you a experience I had with her. This was when I was in seventh grade I wasn't 100% mature then. So I was in one of my least favorite class rooms, one student in particular was annoying me and kept saying weird stuff. I whispered to him "You're full of s***". Naturally some told him to tattle on me. As this teen I didn't like tattled on me my teacher in my class asked if I said "obscenities in her room". Next thing I know I'm told to go back to my special ed homeroom. One of the aids there grabbed onto my hard painfully and I swore a lot. So by the time I was at the class room, I didn't want to enter cause someone I didn't like was in there. So what does my main special ed teacher do? Drag me into the class room against my will of course! I legitimately knew the situation was getting worse. And I attacked my special ed teachers, cause I wanted the hell out of there! ...more

I don't think they are mean, They just want us to achieve our goals they help us in becoming a good person, I don't care if someone dislike me for this but actually Teachers love us as their own children - Righteous

Not me, my teachers are cool

Should being number 1

3 They put you in trouble

My high school special ed teacher does this to me ALL THE TIME, and most of the time, I didn't even do anything! >:( I got in trouble the most in her class. Also out of the entire class, I was the ONLY ASIAN. I am convinced that she is racist and hates Asian people.

Yeah my teachers asistamt got me in trouble

4 They can use their phones but you can't

They are mean and care about work and I got sent back to a class for playing with a chair

My teacher will tell a kid in my class to put away their phone, she'll give them detention and then 30 sec later, she'll be texting in the middle of teaching a lesson!

Yup. They use their cellphones in front us, even in classes. So why can't we use it during at least breaks? :(


5 They are bossy

I remember when I was in kinder the teacher would always be nice to me but in 1st grade I got a mean teacher, in 2nd grade I got another nice teacher and another one in 3rd grade but in 4th and 5th I got another mean one, I hate life, I hate food, I hate breathing, and I really want to die! End my life right now!

They are very bossy indeed and they are annoying at it


Need I say more?

6 They don't care about anything but work

What? No! My teacher is NOTHING like that! Nothing on this list is true!

True - CartoonCriticizer

Very true, I was being bullied by a group of muslim lads for being white and the teacher flat out said to me “there's no such thing as racism towards white people”

7 Take away your gadgets and toys

Yep. It's just like them to take away your fun things so you can actually learn something. - Britgirl

My 3rd grade teacher took away this kids' toy in the class. She then said "My kids love hot wheels, I'll give it too them." In my mind I was like "lady is this yours? " She kept it on the wall to torture him, though. - CartoonCriticizer

I would suggest leave them at home? - Bikerninja1997

8 They take away your phones

Why take our phones if you have your own? Also if you want a new phone so badly, go buy one yourself! >:(

9 They make school boring

Nah... This one is wrong. I respect my teachers & they didn't make school boring even My mom is also a teacher and I'm so proud of her. Love you Mom - Righteous

10 They don't know what fun means

My science teacher allowed me to tell a periodic table joke in class. - CartoonCriticizer

I don't think this is true, my teachers have very sweet & great personality but they all are funny also - Righteous

My math teacher last year was the best she made jokes every five secs best lessons ever!

My teachers are fun

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11 They don't really care if someone is bullying you

When I got bullied, they didn't pay attention. Yet, when I got reacted, I was the one who got punished.

The bullies were often the all-American academically and athletically capable students, so they got away with it. I even contemplated dropping out because I was forced to sit there and take it.

Another reason why I don't want to support these pimps of tax dollars.

12 They take points off of your test grades for no valid reason

I agree I could have made a 100 on something but they give me a 60 to make me look stupid

Early At School I was Waiting For my grade at tle When I Look At The Paper,It's Blank I Was Like,"What,I Passed All The Project My Teacher Said What Is Your Score At Unit Test I Said 50 My Teacher Gives Me 75 Grade At Tle I Passed All The Projects Though

13 When they pick you to answer a question yet you didn't raise your hand
14 They teach you pointless stuff

They are garbage at teaching things

In my special ed math class in high school we were taught kindergarten math (eg. What's 1+1? What coin is this? What time is this? ). COME ON WE ALREADY KNOW THIS STUFF! TEACH US SOMETHING HARDER, LIKE ALGEBRA! >:(

15 When they yell at you and put you in trouble over one small thing you did

Yupp like I didn't answer a question and she made me feel so bad about it...She said such horrible things about me not being able to answer questions in class and blah blah to such an extent that I cried so badly

Got myself into trouble after a little joke in history. I mean a little joke. She took it too seriously.
I just hope she burns in hell.

YES! My high school special ed teacher is EXACTLY this. She YELLED at the entire class, including me, over a "bullying incident" (which is really some joking around by a few friends) AND I DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING! >:( I cried and told her that I didn't do anything, but she didn't care and told me that I am not allowed to cry.

This is why I wanted her to be dead and rotting in hell forever! >:(

16 They can yell at you but won't allow you to yell at them back
17 They give you packets just to introduce yourself at the beginning of the year

My teachers made us interview classmates, do surveys, and repeat other students' names after telling everyone else our names.

18 They give you homework on the weekends

They gave me homework on Winter, Spring, and Summer Vacation. I was like, "Please just give us a Christmas Gift of no Homework? " - CartoonCriticizer

And summer vacation, too

19 When they bend over to help someone their ass sticks in your face

Happened to me ALL THE TIME. - CartoonCriticizer

Sometimes the teachers would FART while their butt is near my face and I could SMELL IT! >:P

20 When a few kids are misbehaving they put the whole class into trouble

This dumb kid in my 3rd grade class did that to us. The teacher put a timer for when we were allowed to go to recess. We were in the classroom by the way. She had to repeatedly reset the timer and put 5 more minutes each time, because all the kids were talking and being goofy. So the teacher said, "2 more minutes until recess." And at the last minute, this dumb kid got up out of his seat. He went to this other kids' seat, and said "Can I have my markers back? " We all yelled at him so hard. He said, "What?." The teacher was mean for doing that to us too. - CartoonCriticizer

Like there's no way to put the whole class in trouble if a few kids do something bad

I hate collective punishments, it's torture!

21 They can be racist

My high school special ed teacher constantly picked on me, THE ONLY ASIAN IN HER CLASS, for no reason! >:(

22 They never understand
23 Favoritism

My high school special ed teacher hates me and likes the other students more. To make it worse, I was the ONLY ASIAN in the class.

My teachers used to give all the opportunities to their favorites. Once I prepared a speech but I couldn't speak properly and my teacher took my speech and gave it to her favorite student.

24 They complain about the class

They complain that the class is wasting time by giving a 1 hour long lecture on how time is important. We could have been doing work

Fr though y’all ain’t never lied spending half the class complaining what we did wrong and saying how we wasting time talking about pointless things. When they talking bout pointless things. 🤦🏾‍♀️

25 They push in front of you in the lunch line
26 Force you to show your work

My mean teachers do that ALL THE TIME! I hate showing my work! And whenever I don't, they mark me down.

What’s 0+0? Show your work.

27 When they don't take any late work

Once I did my homework then turned it in before the due date as usual. Then my teacher graded it as a “0” and claimed that it was “missing”. I TURNED IT IN! When I turned it in again and emailed her about it, she wouldn’t check it OR change my grade. So stupid! >:(

28 They won't let you go to the bathroom because somebody else is out and you have to hold it until that person gets back

They actually don't let you go AT ALL...

They want us too pee on ourselves. - CartoonCriticizer

29 They sometimes make the due dates to huge projects too early
30 They just torture you with work

And tests, too

31 When they give you lunch detention

I got one in 7th grade AND I HATED IT

32 They always listen to the teacher's pet

Yes, and also freshman.
In my class too, even I didn't do anything he said: " no excuse" for some reason

33 They can be jerks

Some teachers ARE jerks!

34 They're terrible critics
35 They can bring a drink in the classroom but you can't
36 When you turn up late for class they always say "it's not a good excuse"
37 When they keep you after the bell

Once my high school special ed teacher summoned the entire class back to her homeroom to yell at us over a harmless joke.

Teacher: (yells at us for over 5 minutes)
(Bell rings to indicate to let us know it's time to go to our last classes)
Me: finally this torture is over! (gets up to leave)
(she yelled at us for 10 MORE MINUTES, which lasted until after the late bell rang)
Teacher: you are now allowed to leave
Me: FINALLY! >:(

38 When they give you tests after a break
39 When they give you pop quizzes
40 They want you to respect them when they don't give you respect
41 They think they have the rights to take away your devices
42 When they force you to read out loud in front of the class
43 They stress you out with work
44 They try too hard to be nice
45 They're annoying

Yes they're so slow like you're needing help on something they're like I don't know how to do this honey. Like wow how could you be so slow and dumb?

46 When the class is talking they always tell everyone to be quite
47 When they have you do crappy projects
48 When they give you detention for stupid reasons

Once I was threatened to get detention for looking up images on the computer to use in my classwork.

49 They complain about the class talking but yet they're talking
50 They ignore you
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