Top Ten Reasons to Hate the Teen Titans Go Fandom

BEFORE YOU COMMENT READ THIS! Now listen. I used to be a fan too, but I started hating it. Now, if you're a fan, and I'm talking about a SANE one, one who would never do any of the stuff listed here, I respect your opinion.

The Top Ten

1 They try to force others to like Teen Titans Go

This is the biggest reason why I HATE the fans. When PhantomStrider (one of my favourite Youtubers) put TTG on his Worst Cartoon Network show list, a lot of people kept forcing him to like it for no darn reason. Look in the comments of his video and just see the idiotic fans complaining at him about TTG being good (which it isn't).

No! You ain't turning me into a GoFan - Neonco31

Exactly, There Is A Youtuber TtgMinecraftBoy37 And This Is That Guy Who Keeps Forcing People To Like Ttg - VideoGamefan5

2 They like Teen Titans Go and think that other shows are garbage

Yeah. My brother who likes TTG hates the original teen titans. Better sure he has no taste in cartoons.

3 They threaten to kill people who don't like the show

I hate this (please don't kill me! ) - Neonco31

4 They make fun of the original Teen Titans
5 They may watch Teen Titans Go porn

There is lots of TTG porn on the internet. I was once looking up pictures of Starfire for my Quotev profile picture, and I saw a TTG image of Robin and Starfire naked on her bed. She was touching his penis and he was looking at her bare chest. It was so disgusting!

Yuck! - VideoGamefan5

6 They fantasize over having sex with one of the characters
7 They post Teen Titans Go porn on the internet

I saw a picture of Robin and Starfire naked in her room, she was touching his privates and he was looking at her chest... O-O creepy.

8 They scream all the time
9 They only watch one thing: Teen Titans Go
10 They masturbate to TTG porn

That's gross! Why would anyone masturbate to porn anyway? - Chromium

That is disgusting - Neonco31

I’d rather masturbate to underged boi porn than this

The Contenders

11 They don't understand the Teen Titans Go critics' arguments

I've been on TTG's Wikia page and I'm fairly certain that most of them are too young to understand them anyways. Even the mature-sounding ones rely on strawman arguments and other fallacies to get their points across like the TTG writers.

To any TTG Wikia members, maybe instead of judging reviewers based on a few arguments they made that you don't agree with, maybe you should try digging a little more and see where you went wrong. Hell, I at least try to see the TTG fandom's point of view on reviewers like Mr.Enter or Pieguyrulz. I'll be honest, usually whenever I read a discussion/comments page on that site, it has more fallacies and biased statements than a femenist blog. - alphadan12

12 They rely on straw man arguments when arguing with Teen Titan Go critics
13 They ruin good shows, movies, and games with their TTG mashup garbage
14 Makes fun of every other show that is not teen titans go
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