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21 Beast Boy and Cyborg are annoying

Cyborg is super annoying because he talks about jink, movies, and beast boy. And beast boy he is not brighter he has a small brain and also he brainless he doesn't know why the sky is blue. It like his brain is like 0.1% small!

In the old teen titans cyborg and beastly less annoying in the go version they are super annoying

In the original teen titans they were annoying but not as much as now

Beastboy is always trying to get in ravens pants. Its annoying

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22 The Writers are Doing It for the Money

Yes, I'm pretty sure they wanted to aim at stupid ass young kids instead of older ones creating this monstrosity

23 Episode Titles Don't Make Sense

I've got to give them points for coming up with these titles. Where do they come up with them?

I can come up with better titles while having alphabet soup

The TTG titles are always named after something what somebody says in that episode.

Is it just me,or is every single episode is what they say? Does anyone agree?

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24 Beast Boy is Stupid

In one episode he was sitting on Raven's bed in his underwear, gesturing her to come to him and have sex with him.

Well beastly stupid so what that's his character

Beast Boy Only Wants Attention! Who Likes A Demon!? NOT ME! Beast Boy Is Like Justin Bieber Breaking Up With Terra! Terra And BeastBoy Are Much better!

25 Annoying Fanbase

To any TTG defenders reading this who like to use the "It's for kids, not for adults" defense, let me remind you that everyone who worked on this show is an ADULT. I'm curious, if cartoons are for kids, why is it okay for an adult to WORK on something aimed at kids but it's not okay for an adult to CRITICIZE something aimed at kids?

Also, maybe the reason why so many critics hate TTG isn't because they're nostalgia-blind, want cartoons to be like Family Guy, or just immature. Maybe it's because they know better than the writers in terms of knowing what works and what doesn't work in a show like TTG. - alphadan12

26 The Boys vs. Girls Episode

I'm a girl and I'm sick of girls saying girls are better than boys. That is racist sexist and mean. Everyone should stop testing which gender is better. I wish the gender testing stops.

People should stop basing of other people by gender. Both are awesome.

It doesn't matter. People can't help the way they were born.

Reminds me of the THIRD WAVE FEMINISM! D8 < - BorisRule

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27 It Ruined Raven

She smiles in every episode. Don't forget the fact that now she's weird and dumb.

28 The Jokes Are Not Funny

Some actually make me laugh a tiny bit but most are bad

29 They're Bullies

Totally on April fools day they hurt each other been jerks into each other and even made robin think his parents were alive

I agree, this is why I never let my little cousin's watch the show, I don't want them to be bullies. This show has very bad morals, I don't understand why some kids like it

They think it's funny when they see there friends in pain

Cn says that bullying is bad and not cool but the characters in teen titans go bully each other all the time,what?

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30 It's the King of All Stupid Shows

No,Caillou is the king of stupid shows! - Jay12

Yep, I think its ironic that it has bad morals, potty humor, and violent action. Uggh, why would anybody with that? I now watch WBB. Please watch we bare bears if you hate TTG.

31 Raven is a Brony

Tara Strong voiced many characters like Timmy Turner, Twilight Sparkle, Bubbles and all the other characters she voiced.

Yes, I know Tara Strong voice Twilight Sparkle and Raven.

Raven cannot be a brony because my little pony friendship is magic does not exist on teen titans go

Raven should not be addicted to an show that was suppose to be for little kids. - RobertPrower

Wait she voiced timmy turner? For real? I don't know that

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32 The Friendship Episode

This episode just crapped all over Raven's character!

Hea I like this episode andi M a brony whats are going to do about it sucker

33 The Writers Ran Out of Ideas

Like they had ANY ideas to begin with...they wouldn't know good writing if it came up and bit them right on the butt!

34 Robin is Extremely Violent

In that episode Hot Garbage, when everyone passed out, Robin hits and smacks Raven in the Face...

Robin has control issues and beats up beast boy

During the end of "The Streak Part 2"
Robin takes his staff and breaks kid flash's other leg, just so he can win an award?

35 It Airs All Day Everyday On Cartoon Network

They should air GOOD shows like Steven Universe (my favorite show), Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Regular Show. (I'm neutral over Clarence by the way)

This show should be cancelled and killed with fire I'm sick of having to race to the remote to change the channel from this abomination of a show.

They should just call it Teen Titans Go Network! They already changed New Thursdays to New Titans Thirsdays!

I still watch it because T.V. is just bad these days I don't really pay attention I only go on my phone

36 It Steals Material

It does it really does.

Life begins to shine is in an episode about the song

Don't forget they stole scrooge mcduck

I saw an episode of my favorite CN show, The Amazing World Of Gumball where they were explaining the origins of the characters. So what happened was Gumball got a pet fish (aka Darwin) and they become, like, super close. Sadly, Richard accidentally flushed him down the toilet. He made it back because, you know, the power of love and crap. Okay, fine. It wasn't my FAVEORITE episode, but it was above average.
"I will Find a way, love always finds a way.", Darwin said.
So then I saw this episode of TTG almost immediately after called "Fish Water". So what happens is Star gets a fish. The other Titans feel bad for her and tell her it probably won't make it. Just like what Nicole and Richard to Gumball.I didn't think much of it until she said:
"The power of my LOVE will keep the fish alive for many years" (for the record, Darwin is 10 years old and is still considered a kid) gets REALLY attached. Then it croaks, and she helps it find it's FAMILY. Good God. She flushes the fishes ...more

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37 Bad Morals

Not even just bad morals, morals so bad, there practically fake! Morals like reading is dangerous, and its good to keep your room filthy, I'm not joking, those were actual morals for a couple of episodes, and there's much more! - puncity

This show is horrible to the max. It's like totes annoying and sups lame. And don't get me started on the morals, books are dangerous? It's good to keep your room filthy? There was literally an episode they taught its more fun to be evil than good. And I thought it couldn't get any lower.

I HATE let me just make it clear HATE! This show.


Robin and the other titans think its okay to cheat and abuse other people and they often act more like villains.

Live life to the shortest! ( yeah that was actually a moral) - johntheaddictive

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38 It Got Nominated For KCA 2015 For Favorite Cartoon

No. It was SpongeBob! You guys are wrong!


Yeah they won by sueing them if there show didn't win I bet

C n must be paying them money

39 They Ruined Terra

Terra I actually kinda like because she hates and hurts beast boy Who is the grossest and most annoying character in the show

I know that a lot of people never liked terra, even in the original show (probably because they saw her as a traitor, was horrible in the comics or she just gets in the way of bbXRaven, but she was still my favourite character. Now look what Teen Titans Go has done to her.

They made her to stupid chick

In the last episode of the original Teen Titans,Things Change, I mean Things DID really changed in Teen Titans Go!

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40 Boys vs Girls is Sexist

It's the worst episode!

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