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21 No Crossovers

Yes the rabbit is all most here. We see in oz they are not showing when worlds collide that God. They look like going to the shows we all want. We think they were fillers so everyone has there girls with them. Mona is on earth now. And karai tells leo I like you. What a sick incest show.

Seriously, where is Leonardos best buddy Usagi?


Nick season 5 sucks. The last arc is the worst. Rushed bull. All out if order on T.V.. And out in dvd. The arcs all suck the only one Iwe enjoyed was the one eith leos best bud in it. The others are filler crap. Leo and karai make us sick with the shipping. About 90 percent of fans hate it.

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22 They just make up stupid plots for episodes instead of using Shredder

First 8 episodes for season 3 is mostly fillers. There are other episodes in season 1 and 2 that are fillers as well.

Shredder probably fights them 4 times in 3 seasons.

No. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward Is Full Of Stupid Filler Episodes.

Dude, this Shredder has so much scars and is terrifying. What happened to the 1987 or 2003 or Mirage Comics Shredder?
And why are the Kraang so Evil?

23 The Kraang Army

This show could of been good. But no we had to wreck it with all the shipping. Bulling and incest.

1987 Krang Was Originally Only 1 Evil Monster From Dimension X Who Works With Shredder. (See "The Invasion Of The Krangezoids.")

2003 Utroms Are Originally Peaceful Aliens Trying To Return To Their Homeland. (Watch "Search For Splinter" And "Secret Origins", "The Journal" And "Wedding Bells And Bytes".)

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012" Takes The Utroms, Blends Them With 1987 Krang (For More Evil) And Creates A Disturbing Evil Utrom Army Who Want To Mutate Earth Into Another Dimension X.

God this show is dumb. And all wrong what the krang and everything else is the worst. show ever should never of been made. Put us out of our living hell. Karai incest. Hate it.

Kraang army wow. This could if been a great show. Bit you guys wreck it from all the shippng. And teenage drama. Karai is so nasty.even calling the 87 turtles bugged eyed. She needs ti die. And leo has become a nasty little ass because of his sistet karai. She saying I like you. To leo has made him cocky and hateful just like her. She is toxic. And only cares about her self. She doesn't luke mona Lisa you can tell ftom her body langage and what she says. And how she acts at the end of worlds collide. By putting her hand to her head. And shaking it the bitch.

24 They always run away from shredder

They fought him and defeated, and killed him in season 4. So I like this show.

Its true they never fight him in every episode

Wish this show would ran away leo and karai incest to. Bully bitch she is. Hope she dies.

Season 5 sucks karai is a bitch bully. They had not much time against him. Run that's all they did. Hope the reboot is a lot of fun. Not this INCEST bull of a show. Kill karai off Please. All of the fans ask.

25 April is a Mary Sue

Not just her but there butch sister karai hate her so much. God no incest with Leo. They are saying one dies hope its her. In the last 50 years from now show to end this sick tmnt. Incest incest incest.

No karai is leo saving his snake bitch. And her being a bully

Well April does not bully. The way there to faced sister karai does. APRIL US NICE KARAI IS A BITCH. SGE MAKES THE TURTLES WEAK. NOTHING BUT BSD TOXIC BLOOD.. Made someone a mutant wanting to sell leo off to a lab. Also calling him freak. And telling bull to him. And also the rest of the family. Bitch hooe she dies. April is better we can stand her. KARAI is a bitch.

She's dumb, annoying, bratty, self centered and overall a Mary Sue OP character with an unrealistic story and too many abilities. How is she able to pick up new skills so fast? She's the worst character on the show and I despise her more than words can say. She leads on Donatello and Casey and their love story/triangle is complete bull. I could go on for years about why I hate her. She's too powerful and the show is making her too special. She had the potential to be likable but she's just arrogant, very annoying and a dumbass hoe bitch slut. April O'Neil is a terrible character and deserves to die a painful death.

26 There's No More Pizza In Every Episode

Where is the love I mean pizza pizza. No wonder fans hate this tmnt. Hope the reboot is better. Might have fans loving the turtles again eith light hearted ways. Instead of incest and horny turtles.

God why all the pizza in the last season to late we say oh and we love the horny turtles and incest leo karai get a room you to are loses. That's what most of us are thinking.

What no pizza. God this version is the worst. A lot of fans stop watching after frist season. See why. No pizza. God.

Love pizza. Hate the turtles. My friend's and I say they have had their day. Incest leo and karai don and april get a room. Mona and her boy toy. Mikie AND renet. Oh yer where are casey and shinny. Just no. Leo is a dum ass to.

27 Turtles are too serious

2003 Turtles are Very Serious in a good way because they care about each other.

These turtles 2012 are too serious and they do not even care about each other.

The 2003 Turtles blend Humour and Serious (Especially in Back To The Sewers.) These new turtles (Except Michaelangelo) do not know when to have fun.

At least in 2003 TMNT it was clear they loved and cared for eachother. In 2012 it just seems like they're roommates that hate eachother.

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28 Similar To Dream Works Home

Have to agree about everything on this whole top tens list. Karai and leo are done to death and home us way better then this crap.

Thank god if this show is so good why only 124 why a reboot to a more friendly version. Karai is gay.

Home is way better. Tmnt the worst reboot ever. And a new one on the way yes we think karai is gay to or bi. Ehy the last 3 only on nick toons. What a joke. Incest crap to.

Home rocks they do a version like this again people are going to sue. Nick hope the reboot. Is a lot of fun. Keep the adult stuff for the comic books and karai and leo are dine to death. Get some one new for lovely leo. Not thus gay bitch.hiw has no morals at all.

29 The Intro (From Season 1 To 3)

Personally, I love the 2012 intro. As soon as I hear it, I get my turtle party, battle awesomeness, boyakashatastic happy face on, and run around dancing. Sing it word to word I do, it's hard work, and stops people from getting fat. Love it!

The 1987 Intro has Awesome Singing and is Memorable (Especially the Closing Credits).
The 2003 Intro is Awesomness Overload with the Electronic Guitar and Rock And Roll Theme...

2012 has the worst Rap that I ever heard and is Extremely Out Of Tune. How can people like this intro?

They should have horny turtles in it. And incest to. Season 5 suxs so bad.

Agreed with the incest crap should have thst in the last to sessons of the intro. Karai is still a bitch ho and die.

30 They are unnecessarily increasing the story

TMNT 2012 is just a drama The story never ends it has been 4 seasons and the turtles never win we never have satisfaction. In 2003 at least the turtles defeated shredder in this series they have never defeated shredder. They just keep losing. The horrible theme song should be like
"The bad guys win and the good guys lose"

In this I have to admit that yes, they are putting too many characters in the story and reducing the import of others that have already appeared, not to mention that from a certain season the drawing takes a "mystical" course that sincerely not combined with the Tmnt theme (mutant turtles resorting to miticism to get stronger is ridiculous too)

Both 1987 and 2003 gave us satisfaction but this 2012 is for people who are debating for bad guys

Yes they are leo and karai are doing it in season 5 don and april mikie and renet raph and mona.. last ep is taken 50 years from now can't wait to see gge freaky kids. Yer and leo and karai INCEST enough said

31 Too much sexuality

Casey so many times touches April's ass I hate that thing in one scene where there are two many april's she hits her booty into mikey.
In one raph actually touches mona lisa's chest and these things go on and on it never ends seriously I am confirmed creators of Nickelodeon are sex addicts
tmnt 2012. Is it really for kids

Yes we hate it we say it is not good. My boys wont watch it any more and they hate karai and leo.they love the 80s turtles. And the 2003 for older viewers don't mess with the classics or not even the comics for that matter.

Hell yer. Not good at all touching bottoms and breasts. No.also shinny and karai akways getting there own way with there looks no we think they are both ugly and both bitches. The way she treat leo. Then now says I like you because her other bros like din and raph and even april don't like her you can tell from there body language not good. She is a nasty two faced bitch.

April is such a stupid oversexualised bitch. They purposely made her ass look like an inflated denim cushion and have had so many scenes where they focus on it and her waist is so damn tiny. She's such a terrible character and an ugly ass slut

32 The episodes aren't getting planned properly

Anything that comes their way is what they deal with. Nothing new is happening and its just getting boring. I mean, now they in space? Its just stupid.

No they are not. All filler stuff. And to Much goong to one thing to the next. All my friends say it is to over tge place. 1987 was fun. So wss 2003. This is a train wreck. Oh and the incest come on now. No God think of the kids.

No they are not karai leo no. Like you
God incest get a room. I think they are doing it. With his own sister God no. Don and spril to. Can't wait to see the freaky kids from all of thdm raph and mona to mikie and who ever. God no worse show ever.

Yer and all out if order. Why nick why so we don't get in trouble with the leo karai incest incest bull. Worlds collide is before the rabbit and before rat and lone cubs. Karai tells leo I like you in worlds collide. Come on nick to make everyone happy. She is a bitch he is to nice for her. And you can tell april don and raph don't like her. Next thing leo and her are having a baby. God no. Incest. Mikie calls her sister. Come on now. God no. Incest Incest incest incest incest. Said it enough for you all. Nick is trouble again. Ha

33 The animation is so weird

New York City looks so Polluted in this Animation. Where are the blue skies and clouds?

CGI and Anime... What was Nickelodeon thinking?

God hate it hope the reboot. Is a lot if fun then this incest show. Nick will have to save the tmnts. Or no more watchers.

This whole tmnt is to craxy. With the soap dish shipping. God they are so weak and horny. No 2003 way better. Same with 87. Just cool
Leo is a sick boy incest with his bitch sister and the others god no. Get a room

34 Donatello is emotionally unstable

Donatello was never so emotional in the 1987 and 2003 TMNT Versions. In this version, he freaks out at the most minor occasions (Like in "The Invasion" when all Kraang did was blow up his van's tyres and Donnie overreacts screaming MY BABY! ) All I can say is "CHILL Donnie. It is not like he blew up the whole van."

Donnie has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which makes him Emotionally Unstable.

Yer ihe is so bad. After april. Leo and karai Incest.

Don and leo in front of there bitches. Yer god no. Snake karai incest with leo. And aoril with her krang dna beastily crap. No mote in s kids show come on Nick. The incest incest incest bull.

35 Leonardo is narcissistic

Not really... It's not him that narcissisistic but it's Raphael... I've never really saw him conscious of his appearance

Especially in "Rise Of The Turtles" and "The Gauntlet."

Want to make a bet. Mainly around karai. What a joke. So high and full of it. Bitch she is. His sister to god. What incest. Sick bastard.

No always around karai leo is a loser for it. Mikie calls her sister. What a lot if incest. Saying I like you to her brother sick bitch.

36 Casey Jones sucks

Casey Jones doesn't sucks

Casey jones is ugly

Casey is cool karai kissed him not the other way around. Bitch she is. One in heat.

I mean the worst version of casey jones he is the character everryone wanys to kill. That douche kissed karai and grabbed her(poor leo)
Flirted with april (poor donnie)
Bullied raphael
He always runs into problems
He has no muscles
That caseyjones is the worst version of tmnt just like this show

37 Mikey has crushes on girls

Yes this Mikey has a crush thing is kinda stupid he is the party dude!

Yes come on he suppose ti be the cute funny turtle! And yes that thing destroys mikeys fans and lovers heart

God him and leo incest with karai. There sister come on dummy leo. Mikes crushes were cute in 87. So was leos it stopped with his one when he knew it was wrong. This leo makes us say what a loser. He and karai are they doing it in season 5. Sick incest.

Ok its not a reason to hate the show.Personally I am giant crazy tmnt fan and I love the show.All shows have someone that loves someone else,but come on its getting boring when all the main characters have a crush on someone and have girl friends and stuff.At the beginning it was fun with Donnie and april and I accept Raphael having Mona as a girlfriend cause she is an old character,but now mikey? I hate that mikey has a crush on Renet and now I have heard he will fall in love with a new character and it is true.I wanted mikey not to have a girlfriend because for me, mikey is the cute, naïve turtle that haven't mature.And I am a giant Mikey fan.And I think that this ''Mikey has a crush'' thing destroy all Mikey fan lover's hearts.And its stupid to see all turtles having a crush (and we all know leo likes karai) especially mikey.

38 Kraang Prime

Dude, this Kraang is going to give you Nightmares.

So Grotesque and Unknown Gender.

That face. 0_0

This show is dead to me. Like the kragg. Incest leo and karai. She has made leo turn bad. Like her the bully. Sister snake to them fans hooe sge dies. Calling the 87 turtles bugged eyed.she us so ugly inside and out and nasty to.

39 Hamato Yoshi and Karai fates are unknown

Only the Nickelodeon's producers know when we will hear about Splinter and Karai again and I am really sure that we will not see them until the beginning of Season 5...

No... We will hear about them again.

Watch Beyond The Universe. The Turtles go back in time 6 Months ago to avert the whole Earth's, Karai's and Splinter's Demise.
You will not be disappointed.

Karai should if died nit her real father. She is nothing but trouble. Leo and karai incest bull.always after the other one. She should of died.

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40 Turtles bully Michelangelo

It is bad enough that he is the only comic relief character who actually cares about his bros (New Girl In Town)...

This gets so old after a while. Also, they never credit him well even in the episode that's about crediting him.

"Mickey Gets Shell Acne."
"The Gauntlet"

Yer not good in 87 it was fun and stuff. 2003 yer they did but in a good way. Here he is so sad. Love him much so he is the only one I love watching leo incest loser. Raph and his ciugar don and the krang mutant brat. Love mikey he should have his own show. After all the bulling here shows kids the wrong thing. to pick on people to make themselves feel better. No karai does it all the time and gets away with it all. No morals bitch she is.l leo is a joke liking her. Bad bitch go and die.

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