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21 Leonardo is narcissistic

Not really... It's not him that narcissisistic but it's Raphael... I've never really saw him conscious of his appearance

Especially in "Rise Of The Turtles" and "The Gauntlet."

Want to make a bet. Mainly around karai. What a joke. So high and full of it. Bitch she is. His sister to god. What incest. Sick bastard.

No always around karai leo is a loser for it. Mikie calls her sister. What a lot if incest. Saying I like you to her brother sick bitch.

22 The show is depending too much on mutagen

Ok Nickolodeon we get it, there's a liquid that mutates earth creatures into different kinds of creatures called "mutagen" (or ooze) and it's the reason splinter and the turtles exist.
So, we DON'T want to keep watching this fact being shoved in our faces by mutating every character in the series every episode, it's not fun anymore stop mutating everyone!

Every now and then a character interacts with the ooze and mutates into an uglier and worse character, I was enjoying Bradford and Xever as human antagonists before they got mutated, not to mention the other characters like Kirby O'neil, spike, Timothy the pulverizer...the list goes on

23 They are unnecessarily increasing the story

TMNT 2012 is just a drama The story never ends it has been 4 seasons and the turtles never win we never have satisfaction. In 2003 at least the turtles defeated shredder in this series they have never defeated shredder. They just keep losing. The horrible theme song should be like
"The bad guys win and the good guys lose"

In this I have to admit that yes, they are putting too many characters in the story and reducing the import of others that have already appeared, not to mention that from a certain season the drawing takes a "mystical" course that sincerely not combined with the Tmnt theme (mutant turtles resorting to miticism to get stronger is ridiculous too)

Both 1987 and 2003 gave us satisfaction but this 2012 is for people who are debating for bad guys

24 Casey Jones sucks

Casey Jones doesn't sucks

Casey jones is ugly

Casey is cool karai kissed him not the other way around. Bitch she is. One in heat.

I mean the worst version of casey jones he is the character everryone wanys to kill. That douche kissed karai and grabbed her(poor leo)
Flirted with april (poor donnie)
Bullied raphael
He always runs into problems
He has no muscles
That caseyjones is the worst version of tmnt just like this show

25 There's No More Pizza In Every Episode

Where is the love I mean pizza pizza. No wonder fans hate this tmnt. Hope the reboot is better. Might have fans loving the turtles again eith light hearted ways. Instead of incest and horny turtles.

What no pizza. God this version is the worst. A lot of fans stop watching after frist season. See why. No pizza. God.

26 The animation is so weird

New York City looks so Polluted in this Animation. Where are the blue skies and clouds?

CGI and Anime... What was Nickelodeon thinking?

God hate it hope the reboot. Is a lot if fun then this incest show. Nick will have to save the tmnts. Or no more watchers.

27 Hamato Yoshi and Karai fates are unknown

Only the Nickelodeon's producers know when we will hear about Splinter and Karai again and I am really sure that we will not see them until the beginning of Season 5...

No... We will hear about them again.

Watch Beyond The Universe. The Turtles go back in time 6 Months ago to avert the whole Earth's, Karai's and Splinter's Demise.
You will not be disappointed.

Karai should if died nit her real father. She is nothing but trouble. Leo and karai incest bull.always after the other one. She should of died.

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28 They always run away from shredder

They fought him and defeated, and killed him in season 4. So I like this show.

Its true they never fight him in every episode

29 Never fight shredder
30 The episodes aren't getting planned properly

Anything that comes their way is what they deal with. Nothing new is happening and its just getting boring. I mean, now they in space? Its just stupid.

No they are not. All filler stuff. And to Much goong to one thing to the next. All my friends say it is to over tge place. 1987 was fun. So wss 2003. This is a train wreck. Oh and the incest come on now. No God think of the kids.

31 Mikey has crushes on girls

Yes this Mikey has a crush thing is kinda stupid he is the party dude!

Yes come on he suppose ti be the cute funny turtle! And yes that thing destroys mikeys fans and lovers heart

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32 Kraang Prime

Dude, this Kraang is going to give you Nightmares.

So Grotesque and Unknown Gender.

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33 Donatello is emotionally unstable

Donatello was never so emotional in the 1987 and 2003 TMNT Versions. In this version, he freaks out at the most minor occasions (Like in "The Invasion" when all Kraang did was blow up his van's tyres and Donnie overreacts screaming MY BABY! ) All I can say is "CHILL Donnie. It is not like he blew up the whole van."

Donnie has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which makes him Emotionally Unstable.

34 Turtles bully Michelangelo

It is bad enough that he is the only comic relief character who actually cares about his bros (New Girl In Town)...

This gets so old after a while. Also, they never credit him well even in the episode that's about crediting him.

"Mickey Gets Shell Acne."
"The Gauntlet"

35 This Shredder is the worst

I believe that the Directors should have used Utrom Shredder (Take Away Ch'rell and you get the best Shredder Incarnation.)

Or Tengu Shredder (Without The Demon Powers.)


36 Similar to DreamWorks's Home

Watch Dream Works Home and "TMNT 2012 Annihalation: Earth! " Then you will know.

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012" Is A Dark PG-13 Blend of the 1987 and 2003 Incarnations. How is it similar to "Light Hearted Child Friendly Home"?
Explain Please.

Home Is Amazing But Very Underrated
TMNT 2012 Is Good But Tiny Bit Overrated

Here Is How:1. Boov Is A More Colourful, Purple And Child Friendly Version Of Kraang.2. Gorg Space Ship And The Triceraton Space Ship Are Both Triangular.3. Both Boov And Kraang Invade Earth And Try To Get Rid Of Humans In A Different Way (See

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37 New York is so grey and dull

What happened to the New York. This show makes New York look so polluted (New Friend Old Enemy.)

Why did Nickelodeon not show the Sunsets. This 2012 Turtles Show makes New York look like China.

The animation and art feels colorless (too many dull shades) and lifeless (not enough people animated in street)

38 The Kraang Army

1987 Krang Was Originally Only 1 Evil Monster From Dimension X Who Works With Shredder. (See "The Invasion Of The Krangezoids.")

2003 Utroms Are Originally Peaceful Aliens Trying To Return To Their Homeland. (Watch "Search For Splinter" And "Secret Origins", "The Journal" And "Wedding Bells And Bytes".)

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012" Takes The Utroms, Blends Them With 1987 Krang (For More Evil) And Creates A Disturbing Evil Utrom Army Who Want To Mutate Earth Into Another Dimension X.

39 Similar To Dream Works Home
40 The Intro (From Season 1 To 3)

Personally, I love the 2012 intro. As soon as I hear it, I get my turtle party, battle awesomeness, boyakashatastic happy face on, and run around dancing. Sing it word to word I do, it's hard work, and stops people from getting fat. Love it!

The 1987 Intro has Awesome Singing and is Memorable (Especially the Closing Credits).
The 2003 Intro is Awesomness Overload with the Electronic Guitar and Rock And Roll Theme...

2012 has the worst Rap that I ever heard and is Extremely Out Of Tune. How can people like this intro?

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