Reasons to Hate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012

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41 This Shredder is the worst

Yer and karai is a bully. She calls the 87 turtles bugged eyed and hurts there feelings. And Leo has became mean and nasty just like her she is just bad blood for the family. She is toxic for the family the nasty sister she is. Hope she dies.

I believe that the Directors should have used Utrom Shredder (Take Away Ch'rell and you get the best Shredder Incarnation.)

Or Tengu Shredder (Without The Demon Powers.)


42 New York is so grey and dull

What happened to the New York. This show makes New York look so polluted (New Friend Old Enemy.)

Why did Nickelodeon not show the Sunsets. This 2012 Turtles Show makes New York look like China.

The animation and art feels colorless (too many dull shades) and lifeless (not enough people animated in street)

It is so dead looking not happy at all. To dark leo and karai incest to.

43 Similar to DreamWorks's Home

Watch Dream Works Home and "TMNT 2012 Annihalation: Earth! " Then you will know.

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012" Is A Dark PG-13 Blend of the 1987 and 2003 Incarnations. How is it similar to "Light Hearted Child Friendly Home"?
Explain Please.

Home Is Amazing But Very Underrated
TMNT 2012 Is Good But Tiny Bit Overrated

Here Is How:1. Boov Is A More Colourful, Purple And Child Friendly Version Of Kraang.2. Gorg Space Ship And The Triceraton Space Ship Are Both Triangular.3. Both Boov And Kraang Invade Earth And Try To Get Rid Of Humans In A Different Way (See

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44 Lack of family love and care

When was the last time they sat down for Christmas or just as a normal family?

2003 turtles had so many lovely family and brotherhod moments that made us emotional (see the holiday episodes or when Leo was healing from his injuries at Casey's farmhouse in the episode after "return of the shredder" or "same as it never was"), meanwhile the 2012 turtles are always taking any chance available to annoy, irritate, embarass, physically/verbally abuse and make fun of each other.

If there is one thing that the 1987 and 2003 had was the Family Love. 2012 has none.


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