Top 10 Reasons to Hate Third Wave Feminists

I am sick and tired of these people, calling me sexist, wanting all men to die, and insulting me! I WISH THIRD WAVE FEMINISM NEVER EVER HAPPENED!!!

The Top Ten

1 They make too many rape jokes

You sure they're the ones making the rape jokes? All the third-wave feminists I've seen completely lose their minds when they even hear about the slightest hint of a rape joke. - Zach808

2 They want all men to die

They're idiots. They don't realize men and women are equal, and also, if all men died, how would life continue? - TwilightKitsune

Considering the fact that they want all men to die, they really act like Nazis which is even worse - Zombieguy745

3 They're sexist

Just Because there are some men who are sexist, DOESN'T MEAN TO HATE ALL OF THEM IN RETURN! - BorisRule

They need to be holocausted

4 They hate men and male animals

What did bulls, stallions, roosters, etc EVER DO to them? Well, maybe they've been attacked by a male animal, but a female animal can do the same! That's taking male-hating to a whole new level... - FireWasp2004

5 They are vegan and hate meat

Ok, so that's messed up! How can they hate male animals when they loved female animals and hate meat?!?! Not fair! - BorisRule

6 They like female animals They like female animals
7 They support Tumblr
8 They ruined video game experience
9 They ruined The Powerpuff Girls

They actually made PPG Reboot even worse - BorisRule

No wonder people hate the PPG reboot!

10 They are egoists

The Newcomers

? They don't understand people did not chose to be male
? They get away with murder of men

The Contenders

11 Their statement "Teach Babies Not To Rape!"

Pure idiocy! Babies even don't know what rape is! - BorisRule

12 Some of them even saying that a man who gets raped is a rapist because he couldn't defend himself against a woman
13 They want all male animals to die

If all men and male animals die, life on Earth is impossible - BorisRule

14 They hate male fictional characters
15 They hate cisgender people
16 They are the reason that Grand Theft Auto V got taken off the shelves of Australia.
17 They hate men
18 Their "Birth Rape"
19 They are the references of Teen Titans Go episode of Boys vs Girls

I hope TTG never exist - BorisRule

Sexist - BorisRule

20 They think just because you are woman, you are a victim and just because you are man, you are a rapist
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