Top 10 Reasons to Hate Third Wave Feminists

I am sick and tired of these people, calling me sexist, wanting all men to die, and insulting me! I WISH THIRD WAVE FEMINISM NEVER EVER HAPPENED!!!

The Top Ten

1 They want all men to die

You are not welcome into the feminism family if you are sexist. You can crawl back into the man hating squad, but we don't take sexists.

Thanos: It's a simple calculus. Both genders are needed for life to continue. If one gender were to go extinct, life would cease to exist.

They need to learn

To hell with female sexists! How the hell would you they like it if men want all women dead?

2 They make too many rape jokes

Gimme a break, Boris! Trump's no better than third wave feminists.


3 They're sexist

Just Because there are some men who are sexist, DOESN'T MEAN TO HATE ALL OF THEM IN RETURN! - BorisRule

Hell yeah, they are. And that makes them no better than male sexists.

They need to be holocausted

4 They hate men and male animals

Without males females wouldn't exists - ElSherlock

Male animals? What did bulls, stallions, roosters, etc. EVER do to them? Well, they have been attacked by a male animal, but a female animal can do the same. That's taking male hating to a whole new level! - BorisRule

While this is outrageous, I actually find it silly that they are afraid they could be raped by a rooster - SpectralOwl

5 They like female animals
6 They are radical vegans

Ok, so that's messed up! How can they hate male animals when they loved female animals and hate meat?!?! Not fair! - BorisRule

7 They support Tumblr
8 They ruined video game experiences
9 Some of them even said that a man who gets raped is a rapist because he couldn't defend himself from a woman
10 They think just because you are a woman, you are a victim and just because you are a man, you are a rapist

Yay, let's empower women... saying all of them are weak little babies in need of protection! - RoseWeasley

They need to know that females can be a rapist, too. - MrCoolC

The Contenders

11 They don't understand people did not chose to be male

Nature decides which gender is for baby. - BorisRule

12 They are egoists
13 They hate cisgender people
14 They ruined The Powerpuff Girls

They actually made PPG Reboot even worse - BorisRule

No wonder people hate the PPG reboot!

15 Their statement "Teach Babies Not To Rape!"

Pure idiocy! Babies don't even know how to speak, let alone they don't know the definition of the word rape. - BorisRule

THIS is what happens when you exaggerate the statistics of Rape - SpectralOwl

16 They made Father's Day a women's day

Shame Father's Day didn't exist when my grandfather was alive, he died in the 1970s.

17 They are not feminists

They are misandrists and thus, do not deserve the title of feminism.

18 They want all male animals to die

If all men and male animals die, life on Earth is impossible - BorisRule

If they hate all males, They are better off so the stupidity does not reproduce - SpectralOwl

Third wave? More like third grade due to not knowing how important it is to have animals of both genders! - SpectralOwl

19 They hate male fictional characters
20 They hate men
21 They hate girls who enjoy boy shows

Kind of reminds me of Anti Bronies, but much worse - BorisRule

22 They refuse to acknowledge problems other than sexism that negatively affect society, such as racism, homophobia, etc.
23 They refuse to understand there are things worse than sexism, such as war and murder

I forgot to add ".etc", as there are terrorism, drugs and others - BorisRule

24 One of them cried rape because she was arrested by a male police officer
25 They are the reason that Grand Theft Auto V got taken off the shelves of Australia.
26 Their "Birth Rape"
27 They are the references of Teen Titans Go episode of Boys vs Girls

I hope TTG never exist - BorisRule

Sexist - BorisRule

28 They support male castration and male genital mutilation
29 They want all men in the world in concentration camps
30 They get away with murder of men
31 They hate girls who are tomboys

SHUT UP! There are good reasons to be tomboy! I might bit uncomfortable with girly boys sometimes, but still, that is NOT sexist! - BorisRule

32 They are idiots
33 They make rape victims look like liars
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