Reasons to Hate Today's Mainstream Music

Note that list is only about today's mainstream music, not today's underground music.

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1 It's unoriginal

I'm actually getting tired of seeing these kinds of list. Can we accept all kinds of music now, even though it's crappy? - JaysTop10List

There's lots of experimental music from underground artists, so it's illogical to judge music only by mainstream radio.

That's like complaining that your dating life sucks but you don't go anywhere except bars to meet people - marmalade_skies

Look at the title and description. This list is only about mainstream music.

For example, many EDM songs (not all of them) have nothing unique about them. :(

EDIT: I regret making this list. If I could delete it, I definitely would.

2 The songs are plagued with bad lyrics
3 It's overrated

Well, overrated doesn't mean bad.

Not really. It's become quite popular to bash current music. - marmalade_skies

4 Many of the songs use Auto-Tune
5 Bland melodies
6 Annoying choruses that make you want to scream
7 Poor mastering
8 Encourages kids to talk about dirty acts

The argument that music used to be morally pure is crazy.

60's and 70's bands pioneered the culture of drugs and promiscuity, yet people don't mind that. - marmalade_skies

9 Melodies are often stolen from classics

And unfortunately, many teens are unaware of this.

This happened during other eras too. - marmalade_skies

10 It's extremely annoying

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11 It's boring
12 Too many sexual themes
13 It lacks clarity
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