Top Ten Reasons to Hate Tommy from the Rugrats


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1 He gets everyone in deadly adventures of doom
2 He is a doormat
3 He whines too much
4 He looks up to his nut job parents
5 He destroys everything in the universe
6 He obsesses about Reptar
7 He makes huge messes
8 He always breaks out of his play pen
9 He never grows up
10 He's fat

He is fat in rugrats by eating too much cookies but he lost weight in all grown up because mom doesn't want to waist all the cookies tommy pickles got skinner then he died rip tommy pickles

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11 He cries for no reason

What did his parents even do to him?

12 He's gullible and naive
13 He has an extremely annoying voice

He sounds like a screaming baby mouse to me

14 He's ugly

Once there was an ugly tommy pickles he was so ugly that everone died the end

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15 He always asks questions

Tommy:Can I Ask You A Question? Me: no. Tommy: Can I Ask you a question? Me: no! Tommy: can I ask you a question? Me: No! Tommy (Screaming): CAN I ASK YOU A QUESTION!? Me: NO! (Jumps Into T.V. and strangles tommy) Tommy(In A Beet up voice) can I ask you a question? Me ^Slaps Myself^. I killed him

16 He's stupid

Lol we also can't see his brain

17 He says nakey a lot

Tommy: Nakey Is Good Nakey Is free Nak- Me: WILL YOU SHUT UP! I'm TRYING TO WATCH SPEED-MAN THE FAST ANIMATE SHOW! Tommy (Screaming And Whining) NAKEY! WAAH! Me: ( Shoots tommy pickles with a gun) Haha! He's Dead!

18 He has an egg shaped head

Hey everybody! lets eat tommy pickles head

19 He is a loser
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1. He gets everyone in deadly adventures of doom
2. He is a doormat
3. He whines too much


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