Reasons to Hate Twerking


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1 It's gross

Exactly, very shame. Twerking is a main dance in the music videos anymore. - 05yusuf09

You sissy boys don't get it

Urrghhh my 8 year old sister likes to twerk and it's disgusting! - PrincessKiana

2 A butt is for pooping, not dancing around with it

It's for sitting down. - ParkerFang

That depends how good you are at it (er, dancing, not pooping) ;P - Britgirl

No it's not. - CamAsff

3 Unnecessary

I don't know, how Nicki Minaj can twerking? - 05yusuf09

4 It's boring
5 Nobody wants to see it
6 It won't attract others

Exactly! shaking your butt won't attract men/woman. It just won't. They want class, not a butt. Deal with it. - TheAlbinoWolf

I don't find it attractive. It could even drive a person away from you.


7 Stupid
8 Miley Cyrus does it

And she sucks at it

9 It's dumb
10 It's idiotic
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