Top Ten Reasons to Hate Universal Studios Florida


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1 They get rights from movies that are not from Universal

It doesn't really matter, what matters is that they get the rights to the best movies. - Byler

They have rides about Harry Potter (Warner Bros. ), Spider-Man (Columbia), and Transformers (Paramount). - Connor360

I agree! I even want Paramount to bring their parks back! If content from other movies are featured in Universal’s parks, why plaster Universal’s name all over? I myself don’t really like the Universal Studios company, but like a few of their movies (I love Paramount Pictures), but this has gone too far. - VanillaFlare

Don't forget Shrek (Dreamworks).

2 They are planning on closing ET

I feel like they will end up closing ET in Florida soon but that alone is not a reason to hate the park. - Byler

This is the last classic ride at Universal to survive. This is also the last ET ride standing since they closed the ones in Hollywood and Japan. - Connor360

No they wouldn't! It's false!

3 ET is getting replaced by the Smurfs

That’s not true at all since the smurfs is even older than ET and they want new rides at Universal so people will actually come to their parks. - Byler

Fake news

The Smurfs suck, ET is a Universal classic. - Connor360

Why is ET getting replaced by a bunch of creepy blue blobs

4 They got rid of Jaws

The Jaws dude looked extremely boring, unimpressive, and there were many safety harzords. The closing of this ride was for the best. - Byler

Why? Why replace it with some ripoff of the spiderman ride from islands of adventure. The ride was epic, the shark looked like it was in movies 2-4, easily fake! - DapperPickle

I'm really glad I got to ride this before it closed. It was one of my favorite parts of universal studios.

Yes, That ride May had tech problems, but they should have hired more mechanics with PhDs. - Connor360

5 They got rid of Back to the Future

That one looked like fun, but again they have to replace old rides with new rides so people will actually come to their park. - Byler

Like Jaws and ET this was a classic. Although it is replaced by the Simpsons. - Connor360

6 They refuse to tear down the Barney show

The Barney show does not sound appealing. I think they should take this show down and replace it with a more relevant children’s show. Which they will probably end up doing in the next couple of years. - Byler

I wish they would have knocked down that show years ago. - Connor360

The nightmare will torture more generations to come.

They’re closing this along with Woody Woodpecker’s Kidzone this year to get ready for Super Nintendo World! Thank god Barney’s leaving soon!

7 They got rid of King Kong

However they did replace it with a newer version of King Kong. But kongfrontation was far more impressive than this new 3D ride. - Byler

Like the others this was great, but The Mummy looks good too. - Connor360

8 Their slogan is Ride The Movies which we can't do anymore

That is not an accurate part. Because all the rides at the park are themed after movies. Just because they got rid of the old rides doesn't mean you can't ride the movies anymore. - Byler

See? They got rid of the classics like King Kong, Back to the Future, Jaws, and next on the list, ET. - Connor360

9 They refuse to bring back classic rides

Yes this is because bringing in newer movies gets them more money. If they only had old rides they would lose out on so much money and they could potentially have to close the park due to the lack of funds. However in Hollywood on the Backlot tour they have a part on the ride themed after the Jaws ride. So it’s not gone forever. - Byler

Bring back Jaws, King Kong and Back to the Future. Please, I'm begging you. - Connor360

10 They are rude as hell

I found that the workers at Universal are very nice and kind. They are way more nice than they are at Disney. A lot of people at Disney hate their jobs and act like they don't want to be there. However the Universal people are very friendly and helpful. - Byler

Awful customer service and can't seem to get any information right

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11 They got rid of Ghostbusters

Once again not a reason to hate the park, they have actually created many new amazing shows to watch. - Byler

This was an awesome show - Connor360

12 They pissed off Steven Spielberg

That once again is not a valid reason to hate Universal. It was bound to happen because his rides in the park cannot last forever. They have to bring in new rides to make more money. - Byler

I bet you Steven Spielberg was p***ed when they closed Jaws, and so am I. He would be very p***ed if they closed ET, and so would I. He would be extremely p***ed if they closed Jurassic Park, an so would I.
And FYI, Spielberg told Universal to keep ET at one of the Universal Parks, and the one in Orlando is the last ride standing. - Connor360

13 They closed Dragon Challenge

Dragon Chalkenge looked like such an amazing attraction and I’m sad that I’ve never gotten to visit this attraction. However they are working to replace this attraction with a newer roller coaster that more people will enjoy. - Byler

14 They have too many motion simulator rides

That is very true but complaining about that on a list of “reasons to hate Universal Studios” isn't gonna change anything. We have to get a hold of the company and let them know about our opinion on this. But like I’ve stated before Universal will be making new roller coasters soon. - Byler

15 You have to wait forever in a long line

It depends on what time of the year you go. If you go in February it’s not crowded at all it’s a very slow season wait times ranging from 3-30 minutes for less popular rides to 40-120 minutes. However most popular attractions don't reach 120 minutes in this season. It is usually only the Harry Potter rides and occasionally King Kong. However the Kong wait time usually isn't in the 100’s. If you are in long lines buy and express pass. I don't see a reason to complain because Universal has significantly shorter lines than Disney. - Byler

16 You need to pay extra to get front of line

It is like that at every theme park. If you want to be first you have to pay extra. There’s so many people at the parks that it’s hard to be first. If you want that privilege you have to pay. And Universal’s lines aren't typically that long. - Byler

17 They got rid of Terminator 2!
18 They got rid of Twister.

Twister honestly looked like a very boring attraction. As well as it wasn't getting many visitors and wait times were getting extremely short. It was a waste of money because they weren't getting good use of it. So they took it down so something more popular will get more visitors. - Byler

19 Metal Detector Overload

The only metal detectors I saw were walking into the park, and maybe at specific lockers. I didn't see metal detectors anywhere else and that is definitely not a good reason to hate the park. If anything it should be a reason to love the park because they care about the safety of their visitors. - Byler

20 You must put your items in lockers and the cost adds up

This is a very good point. Especially if wait times on attractions are long. With popular rides (thrill type/ roller coaster) you will have to put your items in a locker so your items will not be lost or damaged. That idea is great! However there is no need to charge people for these lockers. It seems like a money hungry concept to me. But what do you expect from such a big corporation. You could argue that Universal doesn't want people hogging the lockers when other people need them to go on the rides. That is a good point but I don't think that would be a common occurrence seeing as most people would not leave their phone and wallet behind. Because that is what Universal makes you keep in the locker, every single thing you have on you. It’s a big issue because in the Summer some rides have wait times of 2 hours and the lockers charge you for every hour you are using it. Instead they should make you put all your belongings in lockers in the room right before you get into your seats ...more - Byler

21 The food sucks

I would of rather ate dirt than the tasteless bacon and tasteless sausage

22 They got rid of Hanna-Barbera and added crappy IPs

The Hanna-Barbera section was pretty awesome! Then,they got rid of it to put..Nickoleon? Really? One of the worst channels in the world,and UNiversal has to put it in... Wow...

Then there's the crappy Harry Potter section. Yay. A section dedicated to the most BORING franchises in the world...why they couldn't of kept JAWS and King Kong,I don't know. Just be prepared to be annoyed by rabid squealing PotterHeads who think the world revolves around a boring boy wizard.

Then you have the Simpsons. Why? Just...why? They could of chosen a better and funnier show,like South Park. But No-they chose an unfunny show about a crappy "family" featuring a stupid mother,a physically abusive drunk of a father,a juvenile delinquent son and 2 annoying daughters. This show is bad enough to make Beavis and ButtHead cringe.

So-if you want to go to a FUN park-go to Sea World instead.

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