Top Ten Reasons to Hate Universal Studios Florida


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1 They get rights from movies that are not from Universal

They have rides about Harry Potter (Warner Bros. ), Spider-Man (Columbia), and Transformers (Paramount). - Connor360

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2 They are planning on closing ET

This is the last classic ride at Universal to survive. This is also the last ET ride standing since they closed the ones in Hollywood and Japan. - Connor360

3 ET is getting replaced by the Smurfs

The Smurfs suck, ET is a Universal classic. - Connor360

Why is ET getting replaced by a bunch of creepy blue blobs

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4 They got rid of Jaws

Why? Why replace it with some ripoff of the spiderman ride from islands of adventure. The ride was epic, the shark looked like it was in movies 2-4, easily fake! - DapperPickle

I'm really glad I got to ride this before it closed. It was one of my favorite parts of universal studios.

Yes, That ride May had tech problems, but they should have hired more mechanics with PhDs. - Connor360

5 They got rid of Back to the Future

Like Jaws and ET this was a classic. Although it is replaced by the Simpsons. - Connor360

6 They refuse to tear down the Barney show

I wish they would have knocked down that show years ago. - Connor360

The nightmare will torture more generations to come.

7 They got rid of King Kong

Like the others this was great, but The Mummy looks good too. - Connor360

8 Their slogan is Ride The Movies which we can't do anymore

See? They got rid of the classics like King Kong, Back to the Future, Jaws, and next on the list, ET. - Connor360

9 They refuse to bring back classic rides

Bring back Jaws, King Kong and Back to the Future. Please, I'm begging you. - Connor360

10 They pissed off Steven Spielberg

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11 They got rid of Ghostbusters

This was an awesome show - Connor360

12 They are rude as hell
13 You have to wait forever in a long line
14 You need to pay extra to get front of line
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1. They get rights from movies that are not from Universal
2. They are planning on closing ET
3. ET is getting replaced by the Smurfs



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