Top Ten Reasons to Hate Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson

Well I hate this song with a passion. So I thought "why not make the list about hating Uptown Funk? "

The Top Ten

1 No creativity

Sounds like an insult to real disco. The lyrics do not make real sense, or say anything worth listening to. When people use the word Hallelujah out of context, it's completely disrespectful. What makes it so much more frustrating is seeing young people listen to this song like if it has a beat or sound they've never heard before. It's sad they have missed out on really great music. I'm 26 yrs old by the way.

It's one of my favorite songs, actually. But I can respect your opinion. - Therandom

This list was just an excuse for SelfDestruct but this song has creativity. Every music is creative (except Pop music nowadays). Go listen to Baby, Anaconda, and other crappy songs out there.

Uptown Funk is a masterpiece especially my man name Bruno Mars.

2 It's just ear piercing noise

Worst song I have ever heard.

How can I call this a song when all it is is just ear bleeding noise! - SelfDestruct

This is not ear piercing as this is based off classic
70s song and made into a perfectly upbeat song. Also
I'd like to see you make a song, it is REALLY tough!

SelfDestruct, that is not a reason, its just an excuse. Ear piercing noise? Where in the whole song you hear "EEeEeEEEAA"? - CasinLetsGoBowling

3 Unoriginal
4 Stupid dance moves

You don't have to say that stupidly made comment. Now I can see you are just making excuses

5 Extremely overplayed

It hurts my ears

6 Annoying enough to give you a headache
7 The music video
8 It made it into the Triple J Hottest 100, even though Bruno Mars features on it
9 Poorly executed repetition
10 As horrid as Shawn Mendes

It's overplayed just like Life of the Party

Is this just me or is this a stupid reason - BigBrotherSucks

Accaly this songs better then shawn mendes (i have never liked any sm songs)

The Contenders

11 Encourages drinking
12 Repetitive Lyrics

It's just the same words over and over!

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1. It's just ear piercing noise
2. No creativity
3. Unoriginal
1. Extremely overplayed
2. It made it into the Triple J Hottest 100, even though Bruno Mars features on it
3. Stupid dance moves


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