Top Ten Reasons to Hate Urban Dictionary

The Top Ten

1 It's an Adult Website
2 They Like Mr. Meaty

That show is gross and creepy!

Scariest and most disturbing show of all time. - Croy987

3 They Hate iCarly

To be fair, iCarly does kinda suck.

4 They Have Words That Don't Make Sense
5 They Make Fun of Amazing People

That's true. It just pisses me off. - ShyChick

They make the best jokes!

6 There Are Likes and Dislikes
7 They Like Cymphonique
8 They Are Stupid

They are stupid perverts. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

9 They Swear a Lot

I sometimes cuss when nessessary. Urban Dictionary, on the other hand, cusses ALL THE TIME just because they want to.

10 They Misspell A Lot

The Contenders

11 They Can't Write
12 They're Offensive
13 They're Overrated

Extremely overrated. - Croy987

Yep they are. People are like "I read this on Urban Dictionary". And I'm like "Bitch please, it ain't Wikipedia". - ShyChick

14 They Hate Teen Titans Go!

Actually, Take This Off The List, Now, I Understand Why They Hate Teen Titans Go! Because it turned the Teen Titans into Idiots!

Actutally, They Deserve to Hate It.

Guys don't be urban ditconary supporters. it's wrong. plus, I really don't think hatred of this show is necessary,

15 They Get Rid of Real Words and Replace Them With Useless Adult Junk
16 They're Hateful
17 They Hate Family Guy
18 They Reject Any Word You Publish
19 Their Disney Channel Definitions Are From 2006, 2007, and 2008

Those Years Are When The Good Live-Action Disney Channel Shows Were Airing.

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20 They Don't Have a Definition for Benthelooney
21 They Think Everything Sucks

When they hate stuff they just write "It sucks.", so you have to flip many pages just to get a clear definition. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Yeah, But it's ruined by more dislikes than likes

22 They Like Austin & Ally
23 They Don't Have a Definition for Jessie (The Disney Channel Show)
24 It's name is bad

Urban means city but this is on the internet not in the city - Officialpen

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