Top Ten Reasons to Hate Urban Dictionary

The Top Ten

1 They Get Rid of Real Words and Replace Them With Useless Adult Junk

Don’t search up lingle, just don’t.

I searched up qawzsexdrcftvgybhunjimkolp and then the urban dictionary had some disturbing entry that was about a man putting his “thing” in a woman’s “thing” and then the woman started bleeding.

2 They Reject Any Word You Publish
3 It's an Adult Website
4 They Like Mr. Meaty

That show is gross and creepy!

Scariest and most disturbing show of all time. - Croy987

5 They Hate iCarly

To be fair, iCarly does kinda suck.

6 They Have Words That Don't Make Sense
7 They Make Fun of Amazing People

That's true. It just pisses me off. - ShyChick

They make the best jokes!

8 There Are Likes and Dislikes
9 They Like Cymphonique
10 They Are Stupid

They are stupid perverts. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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? They Ruin Your Childhood

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11 They Swear a Lot

I sometimes cuss when nessessary. Urban Dictionary, on the other hand, cusses ALL THE TIME just because they want to.

12 They Misspell A Lot
13 They Can't Write
14 They're Offensive
15 They're Overrated

Extremely overrated. - Croy987

Yep they are. People are like "I read this on Urban Dictionary". And I'm like "Bitch please, it ain't Wikipedia". - ShyChick

16 They Hate Teen Titans Go!

Actually, Take This Off The List, Now, I Understand Why They Hate Teen Titans Go! Because it turned the Teen Titans into Idiots!

Actutally, They Deserve to Hate It.

Guys don't be urban ditconary supporters. it's wrong. plus, I really don't think hatred of this show is necessary,

17 It's name is bad

Urban means city but this is on the internet not in the city - Officialpen

18 They're Hateful
19 They Hate Family Guy
20 Their Disney Channel Definitions Are From 2006, 2007, and 2008

Those Years Are When The Good Live-Action Disney Channel Shows Were Airing.

And They Called Raven Symone a "Peppy Slut". "Slut" is a very offensive word.

21 They Don't Have a Definition for Benthelooney
22 They Think Everything Sucks

When they hate stuff they just write "It sucks.", so you have to flip many pages just to get a clear definition. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Yeah, But it's ruined by more dislikes than likes

23 They Like Austin & Ally
24 They Don't Have a Definition for Jessie (The Disney Channel Show)
25 It is bad for kids
26 They Have Highly Detailed Explanations Very Adult Things

I wish that google could make the urban dictionary illegal, you might as well watch's the exact same thing.

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