Everything Wrong With RoseCandyMusic

Hi, I'm Scarlett Laurven, the invisibe negative side of RoseCandyMusic, I almost hate everything, I like some awesome things (hated things) like Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea, Blood on the dance floor and all the things that stupid people hate. I should stop introducing myself and talk about RoseCandyMusic.

She can't move on
I know that it's painful to know that your crush think that you smell bad, talk s*** about you on his family and friends, and treat you differently, but it happened on 2015 and it's 2017 everybody, it's time to move on people when a thing happened 2 years ago, I know it's painful to see your crush treating other girls like angels and you're treated like a stupid person but she should ignore him. She still mad at the guy who treat her like a useless person, and he's not her classmate anymore so it's time to move on, but i don't know why she can't moving on is too easy

She have a crush on her MAPEH teacher (no, I don't)
Also known as the adviser of her crush that said that she smell bad, she said that he is her favorite teacher because he's handsome and he look like Brendon Urie, she stalks him on facebook and other social medias to know more information about him ( I stalk him because I think it's interesting to stalk teachers). She is a s*** because, who the f*** will have a crush on a teacher that is an adviser of your former crush, just think about it.

She is stupid
Compare her grades when she's on 1st grade and compare her grades now, big difference right?, her grades is decreasing, it means she's dumb, because grades are everything, you need to have a good grades to be accepted by everyone. Compare her grades to her cousins and you can see how smart her cousins.

She hates religious people
She thinks religious people are cringy and annoying, they are just praying to God, shoving your beliefs down to people's throat is a good thing.

She's agnostic
Agnostics are people who didn't know if god exsist or not, they neither believe in God nor disbelief in God. You should know if god exsits or not, their is no thing such as agnostic, their are only atheists and theists.

Most of the time, she include her crush on the conversation, even it has nothing to do with him
Okay, don't let me started with this one, but I need to explain this, RoseCandyMusic and her cousins and her brother, she asked, what is the difference between acid and base, her cousin said "acid is for cleaning like muriatic acid (i forgot what her cousin said on the base) and she asked "What if I pour a muriatic acid to my crush" ( I'm just joking when I said that). I'm like what the hell, he isn't the topic, most of the time she do this ( I do this most of the time because I want make fun of the guy who said I smell bad).When she hear a break-up song she remembers her crush like what the hell?

She said she hates Kpop but she listen to it (Well I used to)
She hates kpop before and I'm glad, but now she listen to Blackpink, Twice, Red Velvet,BTS, and all of the stupidest Kpop band of all time.

She created me
If she didn't create me she wouldn't be called stupid, If she didn't create me this post wouldn't be made

I don't want to make this post too long, goodbye users and should I make my own account here?

The next day:
RoseCandyMusic: Who Made this post?
Scarlett Laurven: Oh no I forgot to save
RoseCandyMusic: I will get rid of you
Scarlett Laurven: NO, WHY?
RoseCandyMusic: This post is well written should I delete it or post it?

Scarlett Laurven is the one of the characters that I create,
I made a character on this post because I think it will not make sense if I don't put a character who will pretend to write this post and I want this post to be entertaining

Thank you for reading this post


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