Top Ten Reasons to Hate the Utubetrollpolice


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1 They claim that they're anti-trolls when they are trolls
2 They call good users trolls
3 They don't arrest trolls
4 They always say "We are thy law"
5 They're immature
6 Their logo
7 They're bad users

No they aren’t - Hummingbirdf

8 They upload ridiculous stuff


9 They're a fake police group
10 They hate fans of markiplier or pewdiepie

Pewdepie has the most subscribers out of anyone on YouTube - Ihateschool

In recent years the top YouTubers have been cinnamontoastken markiplier jacksepticeye PewDiePie and smg4 to my knowledge because I don't know a lot of YouTubers but they claim that people who love those YouTubers or just retarded or autistic people who have mental problems and should go to mental institution are just plain butt monkeys

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11 Hating on fans of my little pony or five nights at freddy's

Cause they both stink and are overrated.

This is why the utubetrollpolice is not a good organization and more likely bunch of assholes

12 Calling people autistic
13 They claim anime and American cartoons are the same thing

If you have watched anime you know they show blood we're an American cartoons there are some for adults and adults only where they show cartoons of blood and I know children of America watch that stuff but what the utubetrollpolice claims that American cartoons and anime are the same thing I would agree with them if I didn't hate them from the bottom of my soul but American cartoons do show blood but only if they're for adults 414 + but with the utubetrollpolice claims is that there is no difference anime and American cartooning are different

14 They say Roblox is better than Minecraft

Due to the success of Minecraft a game from Mojang studios and 4j studios with tons of YouTubers contributing to Minecraft there has been many games that are copycats of the copyrighted game including Terraria and roblox roblox is a utubetrollpolice game which day love and this is another reason why they claim people with autism play Minecraft

15 They're anti-brony

I know not a lot of people like my little pony except for bronies but what they are saying bronies are the reason for autism retardation when clearly that the fans of my little pony are not all little girls but some of them are adult males and women to Me My Little Pony is a cartoon of all ages seriously they can't agree on which generation is better and this is why the utubetrollpolice hates them in many fanarts of other people who hate bronies are the reason why most of us going to hiding and do not come out because we're scared of people hating us because of what we like

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1. They claim that they're anti-trolls when they are trolls
2. They call good users trolls
3. They don't arrest trolls


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