Top Ten Reasons to Hate Van Halen

These guys are the epitimy of everything that is wrong with rock n roll

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1 The songs are terrible

Alright, so I get that this is an opinionated list, but it's full of just insulting statements to the band without any sort of reasons to back them up. It's fine if you don't like Van Halen, I understand people aren't going to like every band I do, but please just say that you do not like them, not that they're some awful band. There are a few bands I don't like that other people do, and while I may not care for their music, I'm not going to tell everyone they're a terrible band. So when you say Van Halen's songs are terrible, please either provide a real reason for your opinion, or say that you don't care for the songs though they may be good, rather than broadcasting your opinion of them being terrible as fact. Many people, including myself, like Van Halen, and I would prefer if you actually gave a logical and reasonable list for this, or stop making lists like this. I could deal with this list much better if you gave actual reasons for disliking them rather than just making generic ...more - Element119

Trolls need to shut up.

To each his own...

Exactly there songs are terrible and everyone knows it - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

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2 The singer can't sing more than one note

This is very untrue. Listen to the singing on any Van Halen song, and I can assure you that you will hear more than one note. Where did you get this item on the list from anyway? If you can hear pitch, there is obviously more than one note being sung in any of their songs. - Element119

Rap is monotone. Rappers do not sing. Rap is "spoken word".

Plus, sometimes he screams like he's getting killed. That's not music. Also, his stage act is beyond ridiculous. - KoolGuy2218

Yeah, and people talking about how much money they have is music. - Songsta41

3 Eddie Van Halen is the most overrated guitarist ever

Do you play guitar? I seriously doubt it. The "guitarists" you mentioned as being good are at best average. Eddie on the other hand reinvented and revolutionized rock guitar. Do a little research. Listen to rock guitar before 1978 when VH'so first record was released and then listen to rock guitar after it came out. Literally everyone started to copy his techniques. Ed also changed the way guitars are built. He owns two patents for his inventions. Give credit where credit is due. Why is it that you even feel a need to comment on a subject you clearly know very little about? Here is another thing Eddie Van Halen has that you could learn a little about... He would never start a list like '10 reasons to hate (pick any musical artist) " He has class, clearly you do not.

Eddie Van Halen is a very talented guitarist and not overrated. There are many other guitarists who are highly praised who are a lot less talented than he is. Listen to some Van Halen songs, and I think you will be impressed with Eddie Van Halen's guitar work. - Element119

He's not even half good. I listened to "Eruption". I tried hard to like it, but all I heard was a buncha notes. People say he's great for playing fast and doing the "two-handed tapping" or whatever. Have you EVER seen good guitarists like Kurt Cobain, Jack White, Justin Bieber, or Lil Wayne do this "technique"? NO! - KoolGuy2218

Whether you like him or not is one thing. But he is one of the most generally loved guitarists on the planet. That's a fact, you just can't argue. - Songsta41

4 They are the Hard Rock version of One Direction

One Direction was founded much later than Van Halen, I've already disproved this item with that. But also, I can assure you that Van Halen's talent and their songs are much better than One Direction's. Not even in the same field of talent whatsoever, and One Direction is a pop boy band, while Van Halen is a hard rock are you trying to compare them when they have nothing in common? - Element119

Have you heard Unchained? That song is very heavy. The most metal Van Halen song.

No... one direction are the girl version of they

seriously morons, learn of history of music

5 All their songs are about partying and girls

I can think of several Van Halen songs that aren't really about partying or girls. But anyway, how is this a reason to hate Van Halen? I would like reasons for these list items. - Element119

Funny because The Seventh Seal, In a Simple Rhyme, Humans Being, Dirty Water Dog, Mean Street, Right Now, A Year to the Day, Crossing Over, and many other Van Halen songs all beg to differ. - Simba_Lennon

You said on your idiotic rap versus metal list that rap is good because of these things.

Nobody wants to buy that - KoolGuy2218

6 They ruined 1980s hard rock

Alright, I am tired of these list items just insulting the band with no reasoning. Please give reasons, because the list is just giving opinions without any sort of reasons. - Element119

Boo. Another troll list. Boo. - MontyPython

They invented 80'so hard rock, you idiot.

7 They are posers

Why else do they have bubblegum pop songs? Think about it. - KoolGuy2218

8 No rapping

Well, you can sell a CD without rapping because not everyone likes rap music, and anyway, there are thousands of bands and artists that sell music...without any rapping. And not having rapping doesn't make a band bad, in fact, if all Van Halen did was rap their entire songs, I probably wouldn't listen to them or like them. - Element119

"How do you expect to sell a CD without rapping? "
Van Halen managed exactly that. As did every music artist, because rap isn't music at all. Which came first, rap or music?

How do you expect to sell a CD without rapping? - KoolGuy2218

This has to be a troll. Not everything needs to be rap to be good, how is this even a criticism? - Simba_Lennon

9 They aren't popular

Popular does not mean good. There are many bands that might not be that well known, but are awesome. And popular artists may be terrible as well. Please do not use this as a reason. And anyway, Van Halen was popular. Just look at their album sales. - Element119

What I should say is that they aren't popular ANYMORE. People used to like them. Then they stopped liking them when they realized that they were stupid. It's called Human Evolution. - KoolGuy2218

10 All their albums sound the same

III was their only good album. - KoolGuy2218

I thought you said all of them sound the same, if they were the same thing then why put one above the others? - Navylexi

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11 Sammy Hagar ruined it

Van hagar was awfull...

12 They are immensely overrated.

Sorry, but it's true.

Van Halen isn't a bad band by any means, but they certainly aren't the best. Eddie Van Halen is an amazing guitarist, but a band has four members, and Michael Anthony and Alex Van Halen in particular are crap.

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