Top 10 Reasons to Hate Veggietales

This show is brainwashing our children with Christian values and messages! Keep your kids away from this at all costs so we don't have anymore Christians in the world!

The Top Ten

1 It's a Christian Kids' Show

And that Christians stole stuff from other religions. Roman Pagans and Pagans holiday was turned into Christmas for being too popular to be banned.

Seriously! Who teaches kids to worship Jesus anyway? Teach them to worship the true God Satan instead!

2 Vegetables Have Nothing to Do with Christianity

They have nothing in common at all! Whoever thought this was a good idea probably smoked high amounts of weed.

3 The Characters Have No Arms Yet are Still Able to Pick Things Up

It makes no sense! You don't have any arms. How the hell are you still picking things up?!?

4 The Songs are Written Poorly

I've heard better songs from Deicide than from that stupid cucumber Larry!

5 The Characters are Annoying

Just like any other character in any little kids' show!

6 The Characters are Boring

Nothing memorable about them at all.

7 The Animation is Bad

The cheapest CGI I've ever seen! Doesn't even look remotely finished!

Didn't the first Veggietale come out in 1993? Most cartoons then where still hand drawn.

8 It Rips Off Other Bits of Entertainment

Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Oz, I could go on!

9 There's Nothing Memorable About It

This show is so forgettable that I forgot that it even existed.

10 The Name is Bad

Why's it called VeggieTales when it should be called ChristianTales? You want people to know you're a Christian show don't you?!

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11 Bob and Larry are not vegetables they are fruit.
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