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1 she thinks she is best

Well I was a victorian. I came to know her when I was 12( now I'm 13 lol).. I saw her on zoey 101 and victorious and I'm like she is so awesome.. I loved make it shine. At school my friends used to ask me who is your favorite. Singer or actress and I'm like victoria justice and they r like who is that? I mean she is sooo not famous like ariana even though they worked together.. Her songs are not even there on billboards top 100. Songa are not a hit! She thinks she is perfect.. And now she is doing bad stuff on eye candy... She is not perfect and now she got a lead role on eye candy where she does bad stuff with guys.. She likes to change her image and that too within a year! I'm not into her now..

Shut up... Victoria's songs are not even there in billboards top 100! Well ariana's song hit the billboards number 1! Who got owned now?

You crazies are crazy shes suchhh a good actor your just jealous HATERS oh and plus yeah she does get all the attention on the show victorious BECAUSE SHES THE STAR THE SHOW victorious>victoria TELL THE DIFF

This list must've created by Arianators because people have no reason to hate Victoria Justice

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2 she is full of herself

Look I don't know what is going on in anyone's mind who thinks victoria justice is anything but fake. She is so up herself! She a pathetic actress, singer and dancer. Triple threat my ass. She is a disappointment to the acting world and a disappointment to music world. She thinks she's so great. Seriously she horrible at everything she does. She acts like she perfect when she's not. She acts like she is a good girl when she's not! She just needs to stop.

I hate her.

Your right shes so full of herself if I ever end up seeing and shes want to know if I wonna take a picture id be like " ya I want to take a picture with someone who tortures people, makes them go big and beyond to change themselves just for you to like them, one day I hope you go beggin on your knees to ariana and I hope she rejects you" that's what id say to her - leahboykin12

She is not full of herself. Dan made her take all that attention on the show. - VictoriaJusticeFan

. You guys are so right. Victoria is just a cold-hearted jerk who thinks she's the best at everything. Seriously, I thought she was ok but her singing is just total rubbish. It's not all about how pretty you are.

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3 she has got an annoying voice

Ugh. Please. Victoria justice, if your reading this then good. Cause you know what, I don't know how Victoria got famous. Like someone said, her acting is way overdone and she thinks she's so good at singing. Seriously, I'd rather hear my friends scream in my ear then hear Victoria singing.

Her acting voice is especially bad, and much to overdone. I can't stand to listen to that whiny-voiced Victoria Justice -_-

Ugh, she has such an annoying voice. I get frustrated when I hear her voice because it's really annoying!

Victoria has a good voice and unlike most stars these days, she's natural. Singers like Ariana Grande use way too much sound effects. - VictoriaJusticeFan

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4 she is not natural

She hardly wears any makeup - VictoriaJusticeFan

Victoria does wear a lot of make up! Take a look at the no kiss list! The amount of foundation and red lipstick she puts! That's nothing for you guys? I'm not being rude but victorians are kinds stupid! She is super tanned in zoey 101 and victorious and from fun size onwards she becomes fair! Wooowww vic.. Maybe she painted her face with light foundation

5 she can't act

Haters such haters you guys are crazy she's awesome

She got her own show on MTV and you're saying she can't act? - VictoriaJusticeFan

Excuse me mister of miss or Mrs! Victoria can act and didn't you see one of her T.V. shows for eg victorious, the boy who cried werewolf, Zooey 101 and spectacular. Hm, I guess you did not!

She is not a great actress, but you have to admit she has a great voice. Much better than Ariana Grande I might say.
I know I'll get dislikes for that.

6 she hates bigger stars then her

She dislikes Ariana Grande!

I was a victorian! I have known her since I was 12.. From zoey 101 and victorious. She was sso cute anf funny. I loved her like anything! But people ask me who is your idol! I will tell them and were like who the heck is victoria? Little did I know that she was only famous because of victorious not because of her annoying singing talent! I mean u will know her if you are really into nickolodeon! I don't hate her but I'm just giving my opinion! All she likes is to kiss! Every time! She kisses! In the very first episode of eye candy she was doing things which made her look mature! I mean she was 21 not 31! She acts like beyonce when she is signing autographs! Ariana is wayy more talented! I love ariana and I like victoria but I hate her behaviour! Victorians back off! This is my opinion

7 she pretends to be a good girl

She she an evil, spoiled, fame hungry actress. Especially the way Victoria treated ariana. So what Victoria was on zoe101. Ariana was on Broadway "13".

You are stupid for believing that trash that Ariana made up about her. Ariana just didn't want people to like Victoria so she made up lies about her.

Yeah just like her song bad boyz "your a bad boy I'm a good girl" I think it is the other way around

Um. she did diss ariana back. Go take a look at her tweets. She completely dissed ariana. And vic was also there in the list of celebrities who dissed ariana grande. So if u have no idea about your queen and her lame acts then get your facts right or get out of this hate page. BYE!

Oh! Now you think she pretends! Seriously?! I swear, she is a good girl and she is also marvellous! She never pretends when I was with her!

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8 she can't dance or sing

I have NEVER seen her dance. She does not have much songs. The one song "GOLD" she has was practically a flop and WASN'T WRITTEN BY HER. It was written by "BRIT NICOLE".

She can do both!

Oh just shut up you lot! You people are stupid because you actually never saw or heard her dance or act. One day if you see her, you will surely open your mouths! 😒

9 she often lies

Ariana lied about her! She made everyone think that Victoria had ended the show and that Victoria was mean to her while on Victorious! She just said those things because she knows that Victoria is more talented than her and she wanted people to like her and not Victoria so she made up lies about her.

People who say Ari lies and not Victoria, are wrong. Ariana was quoted wrong. She said something that fans and the media made into a "story"

You were her boyfriend? Anyway yeah I do agree that Victoria is a awesome persons and you have to be a realitive to know that she's amazing

What the hell of a fire are you saying you punkos! Lots of people love her and I swear on God on that! She never lies and she was with me when I was her boyfriend! Shut up you people!

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10 her outfit is just...uggh

I will admit, she looked weird in season 2 of zoey 101, with those colored hair extensions that were kinda gross looking (or at least the colors she chose were). But in seasons 3 and 4 of zoey 101, and in victorious, she got rid of those and was (and still is) actually really hot!

True her clothes on Victorious are stupid, but her outfits in real life are very fashionable. - VictoriaJusticeFan

The clothes they made her wear on Victorious were dumb. In real life she has really pretty outfits though.

Well, I do kinda agree that her outfit on victorious are stupid (that's because people forced her! )

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11 she tries to be like Ariana

Are you crazy or you just don't have eyes?! You don't need eyes to see how beautiful is Victoria. Ariana is beautiful and she has great voice, but that doesn't change that Victoria is much prittier than her. Ariana is a good singer, maybe even better than Vic. Someone just like Vic's voice more.. I am listening to Ari's music but I just like Vic's voice more. I just don't understand why you need to hate Victoria if you're arianator. Vic is not trying to be Ariana because she has her style and her own carrer.. which is maybe not that big as arianas but that doesn't change anything.. Victoria is much prittier than Ariana. whoever say this probably have some problems with his brain... - victoriajustice

12 she steals other peoples' boyfriends


13 she is ugly

She's one of the most beautiful singers and you can't just say that she's ugly because you know that she is not - victoriajustice

Oh shut up she's not ugly at all.

She in not ugly don't get too far!

Maybe she's not ugly but she's not as pretty as she seems to think she is.

14 She is beautiful in her own ways
15 Her cheekbones
16 She's pretty in the show but in real life she's ugly
17 she is spoilt

No how the hell do you know that and yeah shes rich doesn't means shes "spoilt" you spelled spoiled wrong GENIUS

She did bad scenes on eye candy and no kiss list! and your saying she is a good girl? that is PORN!

Ok so after victorious she started to change a lot.. She cut her hair and acts mature... She has been into bad movies lately.. Have ypu seen eye candy, no kiss list? There is a *** scene in that it shows it in the trailer...

18 she likes Ariana Grande even though she doesn't like her back

Why would ariana hate her.. victoria did never do something bad to her - victoriajustice

19 She bragged about dating a celeb even though it probably never happened
20 she's homophobic

She just is because I say so

21 she thinks she's so pretty when she knows other people looks better than her
22 She thinks everyone should pay attention to her

On the episode on Victorious 'Andre's Horrible Girl' she wore pants to Hope's party! Who does that?

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1. she is full of herself
2. she thinks she is best
3. she hates bigger stars then her
1. she is full of herself
2. she thinks she is best
3. she has got an annoying voice


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